Acne In Early Pregnancy - The Main Symptoms

Updated on 12 Oct 2009,
Published on 12 Oct 2009

Pregnancy is a period where women go through changes in their skin because of the change in their hormones. They tend to experience a lot of skin problems and acne is one such skin disorder that pregnant women go through either during pregnancy or early pregnancy. Not all women are as lucky as those handful lots whose acne clear up during pregnancy. Hormonal changes in expecting mothers generally occur in early pregnancy that leads to acne flare up. This does not however mean that there is something wrong with you. It is very normal to get pimple flare ups in early pregnancy.

The symptom of pregnancy induced acne usually goes away as the pregnancy advances and the hormone level stabilizes. But there are some women who tend to have the symptom throughout their pregnancy. Those women who are pregnant, experience the worst phase of acne in their first trimester. It is impossible to predict who will get acne and who will not but those who have had previous acne problems and are more prone to the outbreak suffer from it during pregnancy. Following are some of the symptoms of acne in early pregnancy:

1) Inflamed and painful bumps and pustules

2) Red spots

3) Whiteheads

4) Blackheads

5) Oily skin

The hormones that trigger acne in pregnant women can also cause other symptoms such as change in the mouth saliva, sense of smell, exhaustion etc. There are a number of topical and oral treatments that is helpful in addressing pregnancy-induced acne. But it would be a wise decision to avoid any oral treatments as it could have side effects on the fetus. You must be very particular while choosing the topical cream as well. However, the best way to deal with pregnancy-induced acne is to take preventive measures by taking proper care of your skin.

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