Acne on the Jawline - What Causes it?

Updated on 14 Oct 2009,
Published on 14 Oct 2009

Jawline acne is usually a symptom of a something else going wrong in the body. To be more specific, it could be the imbalance of hormones like androgens or male hormones. Acne may occur in different parts of the body but the primary cause of acne is always the same. As far as the causes of acne on the jawline is concerned, there are a number of causes. There are a number of contributing factors. This type of acne can cause great pain and embarrassment, suffering from it. Women during their early twenties most commonly suffer from jawline acne and are a symptom of the onset of adult acne. This acne is different from the teenager acne that occurs nearer to the skin.

Jawline acne may look like mild acne but it may lead to serious conditions. Most of the people are not well aware of this problem as this form of acne is not as pronounced as those that occur on the face. There are a number of factors that contribute towards the development of jawline acne some of which may be habitual. Frequent touching, resting hands on the face, absently picking on the spots, your hair constantly rubbing on your jawline etc. are some of the habitual factors that largely contribute to its development. Facial cosmetics are another factor that causes jawline acne. These cosmetics tend to clog the pores leading to the development of acne.

Stress and excessive sweating are other major causes of acne. As far as the treatment for this form of acne is concerned, there are a number of ways. But avoiding the causes of acne is the most effective treatment. Apart from this, there are other treatment options such as topical anti acne treatments, antibiotics and following a healthy lifestyle. Topical acne treatments may get rid of acne for the time-being but it recurs after a short span. Thus if you have opted for topical acne treatments, then it may be necessary to use antibiotics to effectively treat the condition. Practice a healthy lifestyle and resist that strong feeling of touching your face on and off, pricking etc.

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