Alcohol Allergy and Skin Reactions

Updated on 11 Aug 2012,
Published on 06 May 2011

Alcohol allergy can cause immediate and unpleasant reactions like hives, red face, flush and itchy skin. It is a condition in which a person’s body is unable to break down alcohol. There are times when this reaction starts because of the presence of some of the items from which it is composed. This includes grains, preservatives and chemicals.

Alcohol However, in the series of so many symptoms that occur due to these reactions, skin allergies are one of the most common displays. Thus, have a look at the different sorts of skin problems that arise as a result of an alcoholic reaction. Though this doesn't happen in all the cases, but yes, most of alcohol lovers, suffer through one or the other allergic reaction. Here are the details :

Alcohol Allergy and Skin Symptoms


These are the red and bump like rashes that outburst for different periods of time. And they often appear on the most sensitive areas of the skin such as chest and forearms. Due to over-drinking of alcohol, dysfunction in the nervous system gets hit. This increases the heat level of the body and thus the blood sugar ratio gets affected too. And this state gives rise to the problem of hives.

Red Face

As the skin is not able to remove toxins and wastes properly, a lot of skin inflammation occurs. As result of heavy drinking, the body's system gets disturbed and there is no healthy excretion of wastes of the body. Due to an unequal metabolization of fats and sugar, redness and irritation on the skin of palms and soles arises.

Itchy Skin

Pruritis or itchiness occur out of the habit of too much alcohol consumption. Because of this routine, a lot of dehydration and dryness appear in the body. Therefore, poor blood circulation and the formation of lumps of fat arise due to the inability of the liver to metabolize fat in the alcohol.   

Flush Reaction

A heavy drinking results in the breakage of capillaries and blood vessels. This happens  because the blood lacks nutrients and it reaches out at the outer most surface of the epidermis, skin.

Thus, guys do keep an eye on all these skin signs or hints, if you ever get struck in them, due to binge drinking. So, take care of your health as nothing in this world can buy you more happiness and relaxation than the state of a fine health. Good luck!!!

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Hallo, Thank you for your nice article. There are many useful information. Thanks
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