Apple Cider Vinegar Mole Removal

Updated on 01 Oct 2009,
Published on 22 Jan 2009

Since time immemorial Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV has been used as one of the most effective treatments for moles and warts. It works effectively in the treatment of skin growths. ACV has been used not only for the treatment of moles but has also been used as a weight loss solution.

This particular vinegar is actually a sour tasting ingredient that is specifically meant for kitchen purposes. Some people experimented with ACV for the treatment of moles and found the result to be unbelievably effective.

Generally there are three types of mole removal methods namely, surgical methods, over the counter medicines and mole removal home remedies. Depending on the size of the mole, its color and the danger it poses to your health, the dermatologist will tell you which one would be the best treatment. And yes it is essential to discuss about it with your doctor before you take up any type of treatment.

For the Apple Cider Vinegar mole removal you need the following things:

1) Apple cider vinegar

2) Cotton balls

3) Band aid strip

Take a cotton ball and soak it in the apple cider vinegar. Then place the soaked cotton on top of the mole and put the band aid strip on it, to keep it sticking for longer period. Repeat this process atleast three times a day. Replace it with new cotton balls soaked in vinegar. Those who wish to remove protruding moles must see the result after two weeks. It acts fast and makes the mole shrink, reducing its size and finally layering it off the skin.

ACV may also have certain side effects as it is acidic in nature. If proper care is not taken while applying, it may burn the surrounding skin and may lead to the formation of dark spots. So make sure to apply an ample amount of Vaseline on the skin around the moles before you dab the vinegar soaked cotton on the moles. This will prevent the vinegar from spreading to the skin.

A number of people have tried the apple cider vinegar treatment for mole removal. Majority of them found the ACV treatment effective whereas a handful of them claim that the treatment did remove the moles but it came back after a couple of weeks.

However, apple cider vinegar does not prove effective to all the people. Different people have different skin types which react differently. Yet people should not believe the statement that, ‘all sorts of home remedies for mole removal may not work’. But always make sure to consult your dermatologist before you go in for any home remedy for the removal of moles.  

Apple cider vinegar cannot always help with the removal of moles. There are certain limitations. For instance, if the mole has turned to melanoma then it needs to be removed from the underlying cells. Confirm the size of the tumor through a biopsy test. Yet removal of the mole cannot assure you that the mole will not recur. While going out always protect your skin from excessive exposure to sunlight to prevent moles and melanoma from growing back to your skin.

Also, you should be well aware of the warning signs of melanoma (cancerous moles) for early diagnosis, so that proper treatment could be considered as early as possible.

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Worried Soul
Has anyone tried it? I would like to know what the immediate outcome was.
Yes even I’d like to know the same.
I did try but wasn’t pleased with the result though a friend of mine who tried it found it effective and the result was quite satisfactory. So it depends on how your body and skin in particular reacts to it. Btw nice information!
There is this bunch of pimples on my face and I am pretty worried abt trying the ACV. Won’t it leave behind any scar? Somebody pls help.
John P
I tried the ACV, it seem to work but left behind a big red spot. This is horrifying. How long will it take to go away =(.
Whoaaaa!!!! To my utter surprise it worked. Thanks guys
less moles the better
I have removed one from my arm. I did it as it describes, it only took a week. I have several on my face that i am doing less aggressively with excellent results so far. I have been doing 1 to 2 hours per day and if they get to irritated they get a couple days to recover. I don't use vaseline and have only had temporary redness around the moles. There is no pain just a slight tingle during and briefly after treatment, it just shows it's working. My face ones are lighter and flatter after only 2 weeks. You could do an over night one while you sleep to get things started and go from there as you please. Hope this helps?
It works. Moles are hereditory for my family. I keep mine treated all day for up to four days, changing them two- four times a day. If the skin gets red and irritated I leave it for a day. It works for both raised and flat moles. I use AV gell to prevent or lesson scarring while healing. I have sensitive skin so vaseline is crucial or I end up with burns. It's a great remedy but care is needed, especially when applying to the face as the area has a high risk of scarring- but it can work. When it comes to the face it's good to be more cautius and apply diluted ACV over a longer period of time or use the ACV for the first couple of days to form the scab before moving on to less risky but slower working treatments such as iodine.
NO! NO! NO! NO! how many times do i have to say NO! do not do this i will leave an ugly red scar!! i did this about a year ago and it left a horrible red scar on my face!!
I'd rather have a little red scar (that WILL heal over time) than a big ugly mole that won't.
PAINFUL method proved to be fairly effective!
I just started the acv treatment I have started with two moles one on my face,one on my chest,I am not suffering from burnt skin and have been doing it relentlessly for 48 hours,so far both moles have turned black ,and they started skin toned and were raised and one smaller than the other,I know they are suppose to turn black have read that in other testimonials,I keep them covered in cotton ball soaked with acv and a bandaid,so far to early to tell,will keep you all informed.also I do allow my treatment a few hours rest to allow area to dry a bit.
P.S. Brittney hun,I read you was suppose to start a vitiman E treatment as your mole was peeling away,did you do this?for those that did not know I bought me a cheap lil bottle of liquid Vitiman E and when I get to almost the end of layering off I will start treating my skin with that to avoid scarring,but truth is I,m with justin a small scar is better than a mole anyday.
Okay I,m back,promised to keep you informed,last night as I typed my previous comments I was even then using the acv treatment,unfortunatley I had run out of vasiline and my cotton had slipped a bit so yeah you will get a burn if your not careful,not a problem no worse than a first degree burn or sunburn,Think chemical peel gone wrong folks. now what I should tell you is that right now I,m allowing the surrounding skin to heal but I am using a cheap Q-tip to dab the moles which I,m happy to say are smaller black and has the feel of a scab,I cannot stress this enough,,do not pick or irritate the area,I think that is why most people scar is because we have the tendancie to pick.the one on my face is three times smaller rough to the touch its dead folks just need to allow for the healing,the one on my chest is the same,but I feel like I may have to continue that one for one more day.both in the beginning reacted diffrently,think body parts your skin is diffeent on your face than your chest or back,so be patient and far I,m pleased all seems to be going the way others have described and right now if there were five stages I feel I,m at the fouth,also I did use a needle to raw up the moles a bit,so keep that in mind.(helpful tips)buy a box of very cheap Q-tips for small moles and just snip off the very end it works great,wish I had thought of that before the burns,also play close attention to the size of the mole.that was another mistake, I was working from same size rolled up peices of cotton never noticed the way my moles had shrunk up,also feel your mole,before you start treatment and remember that feel,the mole on my face was raised,now even though it is scabbed over I can tell there is no raise to it, it also had the look of soaked skin for the first day ,you know white filmy looking skin then it turned black as it started drying form the inside out,it is suppose to turn black do not panick ok ,its part of the far I,m very pleased but like I said I still have a bit to go and will continue to keep you informed..also I was born with a large mole behind my ear,if this works I will try it on that one and will take picures of how it looks day from day,if interested I will later post an e-mail you can go to and I will send you the pics I,m also okay with posting them here if the site itself is interested.Will come back tomorrow and i promise to be shorter in explanations,FYI use the vasiline will protect the surrounding skin.
Hello agian I am now on my fourth day both moles are small scab like and doing what they are suppose to be doing which is getting more rougher,dryer,I told you before that I did suffer the burns that most had warned us about,I am treating those with straight vitiaman E all is well I,m just waiting on things to heal up.also I have decided to continue with the acv in another aspect and that is as a expoliant I have read up on this to some degree and have found that if used right it can be one hell of a skin lightner,but be advised there are other things you should think on adding to the regime if you chose to go this route,I myself have alot of freckles and age spots,now I know you cannot totally rid your self of all of these but you can lighten them and give your self healthier looking skin,so I am making a home style facial to go along with the cotton ball soaked with acv,I will be using an avacado and a cucumber,with a table spoon of Vitaman E added to this to give back noursishment that the acv strips away with the dead skin,I will also keep you posted on this if you like,I start tomarrow ,I need to chack into one other thing for my face mask I,m making I will be happy to pass all this on if it works for me.thank you for listening and I will be back..
Well folks I am very pleased the mole on my face,GONE all thats left is a small dry patch and a bit of pink skin,I started the treatment 6 days ago and all has worked out well,and the one on my chest is mostly gone still healing ,skin is more tender there so I will keep you posted,all in all the acv treatment works and I got rid of two moles for about five bucks!As for the facial treatment I,m using I started that one thursday with the acv and other organic items I took before pics and will take them every three days to see how I feel about how its working,as I said before, anyone that wants the pics just say so here and I will post my addy so you can send me your email to send them to.
i tried it, i had a small rasied mole i applied ACV 3 times a day and before i go to sleep, no results untill today i rubed my hand over it and it fell off and no bleeding
Hello rose can you email your pictures please I'm 13 yrs old and I have a mole on my nose I think bigger than an eraser it's on the side of my nose.can you also send me directions and should I buy Chris gibsons book.
Hello Rose, read your blog and it really interested me. I have 4 moles on my face and have just started to look into ways on maybe removing them. I am going to purchase some apple vinegar cider and try that method, you said there was pink skin left has that gone now and does it look better than the original mole? thanks
Hello Saad I have not read Mr gibsons book,,sorry,I have however tried the applevinager treatmeant and was fully satisfied,I had one on my face slightly raised and the size of a eraser tip,gone ,nothing left after a few weeks but a slightly barely noticable pink area,I also had one on my chest it to is gone but I did burn myself with the vinager,totally my fault the cotton ball had slipped and I was at work and did not notice it,that is a bit more pink,I however leel like in time that to will fade.I also have one behinf my ear that is large and I have had since birth i will one day do that one as well,I should mention that you need to pick a time ,say your vation holiday to do this ,that way it will be almost all healed by your return to first question would be,,are you totally satisfied this mole is not cancerous in anyway?if so like the directions above all you need is cotton balls vasiline for protecting the surrounding area and band-iads and a needle..! take needle and rough up the mole,you don,t have to make it bleed just raw,,then use vasilne to put around the skin but not on the mole,,take a peice of cotton ball the same size of your mole soak in the ACV then use bandaid to hold in place,,keep coton ball wet for at least 12 hours allow your skin to breath with out ACV while you sleep,start treatment agian in morning,Now beadvised the mole on my face turned a whiteish color for a few hours then changed agian to a brownish it also became hard and scaley like a scab,when this happens when you feel the mole and it feels like a scab,stop treatment,then start using a vitaman e oil this will help to keep it from scarring(optional)I,AM NOT A SPAMMER,NOR DO I RECIEVE ANY MONEY FROM TALKING ABOUT THIS,Please talk with your parents before trying this,as I am not a doctor and what I tried I did so as a adult accepting responsiblities for my own actions,,I ask that you as a young adult speak with your parents first..
Dont buy the Chris Gibson book. I bought it, and i posted it online. !!
Thanks for the reply rose and yes i am a young adult so have checked with the parents do not worry. I just have a few more questions though if that is ok to ask such as what ACV did you get and where from because your treatment sounds successful so I would like to do exactly the same. Can it be any different type of apple vinegar cider because I have recently bought some from Sainsburys or should I wait and get a different one? Just making sure also you say "rough" up the mole with a needle does that mean lightly stab at it to open it up so the AVC soaks into it or just scatch the surface? Thanks again for your help
Hi harding,,it does not matter what kind of apple cider vinager you purchase,,but if you can find organic over distilled i would get that,but agian it does not matter..choose one mole first just to see how your skin handles it,it took about all in all two weeks for a total heal and now I can barely tell =I had one there is a slight pinkish area on my skin that stayed there for about two months now I can barely tell it was there and a tan would erase even thatmI in fact did both to the mole on my face as fare as roughing it could also use an emory board to do it if possible and moles are not in a place that would not allow it,,just don,t forget to protect the skin around the mole with vasiline..I tried ot send you my e-mail but its not allowed sorry..sdo let me once again say that first you wantr to feel your mole just so you know the way it is,,once i strated treatment my mole changed colors,it went from a soaked whiteish color and was soft to touch then it turned brown still a lil soft but I could tell the feel of it was changing then it turned black felt rough like a scab one it got to that scab like feel I treated one more day then stopped and started applying vitman e oil to spot and placeing a bandaid over it till it came off the one on my face kinda peeled away layer by layer do not pick!! the one on my chest was smaller and came off all at once,the pink on my chest is still noticable but as i stated before that was my fault,,the one on my face was kinda flat almost as big as a pencil eraser and a very light brown,I had a pink spot (noticable for about three weeks) after that it healed up and now there is no spot at all..I would try the treatment on one mole at a time as I said before ,,,good luck hun hope this helped...
Hi Rose if you are still visiting this website i am 16yrs of age and would like to try the acv method to remove a mole on the side of my neck it is disgusting and everyone looks at it! Pls can you send me some photos of your success? i was thinking of cutting this thing off until i stumbled upon this website
Hi thomas yes I do come in here from time to time,I,m not allowed to post my e-mail have already tried once,but feel free to ask me anything here and I will keep an eye out for ya. put together these Items, apple cider vinager,vasiline, cotton balls and band-aids then go back and read previous posts its fairly easy,pick a day when you know you will be home all day as you will have to keep cotton balls soaked. also look at the mole feel it ,then proceed ,the reason i say this is all moles are diffrent some larger ones take longer and react diffrent I just removed one i was born with, was under my arm it is gone no problem but the location made it a bit harder to deal with,anyway just read my past blogs hun and then post any question you may have,do not forget to protect the skin around the mole(vasiline) and use vitman e- oil as the healing progresses..
Hello Thomas,no sorry hun I cannot send pics as this page will not allow it,but just read the above instructions,and remember if it is one that stands out it may take longer ,and the color change may freak you,but don,t worry it is normal,,I had one that turned snow white,and another that just went straight to black all peeled away ,just don,t pick at them..let me know how it goes hun,,see ya...
Hello Kitty
Hey, Thought id do a blog like rose. Recently came across this, so i thought id give it a try. DAY 1 - Got all the products from supermarket - Vinegar, Cotton buds, banaids and emery boardS Now, thought i would first start with a raise mole. Got the emery board to it, but decided to use a needle instead to make it raw. I then placed a cotton ball into the vinegar and placed on top of the mole, put a bandaid on it (but as it was on my stomach, it would not stay on properly) so decided to use tape instead. I then put a bandage around me to stop the tape from slipping off. I left this on for a bout 5 hrs before having a shower, and when i had taken it off i could see the modle has gone a very milky colour, and is starting to go black. It did not hurt in the shower, though, it did hurt when touching it. I have re-done the procedure, and im about to go to sleep. Will update reguarly (please post, so i know people want to know how it goes)
Hello Kitty
Day 2 Took the bandage and take off this morning to see my mole had lost its milky colour , and is now blistered, while having a black colour to it. It does seem to be working, but i have once again covered it before going to bed. Will update in the morning (note, i do have redness around the mole, due to not putting vaseline on it - This is my fault! Will be more careful next time i do it). BTW - I am applying a new cotton ball twice a day, one around 10 am , and one before i go to bed (10 pm).
Way to go kitty!! it took the one on my face about two weeks to heal totaly,the one on my cheast a bit longer,also did one just recently that was under my arm in my pit area,that one was ahard one not becuase the mole it self was hard but that it was in the crease of my skin when my arm was down,it is gone,no red spots nothing that one took about a week to heal.P.S anyone under age thinking of trying this please speak to your parents first,,,Hey Kitty can,t wait to hear your results and how you would rate the acv treatment...
Hello Kitty
Day 3 / 4 - Thank you rose! And im glad your having such success! The past 2 days have been a slow process. Today, i did not add a new patch at all (This is because i have school, and i would really not be irrated at school!) So at the momment, im only using night treatments, just before i go to sleep. So, you and i, shoudl expect the process to take longer. Although! The mole is showing some kind of scabbing, and it doesnt seem to be getting darker. Note - This mole was raised! Im not too sure what to expect from the avc treatment on my skin as of yet. But Rose, ill be sure to let you know =) I shall try and keep you all updated!
Hi kitty,I always let mine breath as well so your doing good,plus who wants to sit in math class smelling like a salad,,I have this one mole behind my ear I have not touched it is large and I have had it since birth,its not that I,m scard to do it but its kinda in a real hard place to deal with and it is large,hmmm wonder how I could do that one beings my ear is in the way.Think C < (my ear),the mole is right behind it on the crease?? still trying to figure that one out.
Hello Kitty
Day 5 , 6 , 7 Well, a little update, the top of my mole has finally scabbed of on day 6.though, there is still a big scab underneath that, and its still not flat. So Rose, am i meant to leave it while its still raised and scabbed? Or do i continue adding acv until its smooth? Thanks And also about your mole on the back on your ear.. im not to sure about that one to be honest. I mean, i have alot on my back that im getting a friend to help me with (shes the only one i feel comfortable around with this). So maybe if you cant see it properly and its hard to get to, get your bf or friend to help you out? Thanks!
If the mole feels rough ,hard,dead then yes you can stop treatment,you can always restart it if needed,the mole on my face peeled away in layers the ones under my arm and on my chest fell off in one swoop,each mole will be diffrent as the skin is diffrent on the areas of your body.I take it this mole was a raised one? if so it may peel for days before it completely goes..
Hello Kitty
Yea rose it was raised. Anyways, week 2ish. My mole is gone, all that is left is a red mark with a TINY bit of scabbing, which will disappear im sure. Very happy about this, hopefully will turn out fine and i can continue with other moles. Thanks to rose for the great feedback and updates through her process, really persuaded me to try it. Thank you. Will still keep updated!
Thats great hun,,,go to wal-mart to the pharmacy side and buy you a 4 oz bottle of vitiman E the oil form,I used this on my mole on my face there was no scarring,in fact you can use the oil once you are satisfied that no more acv is needed,just twice a day.
P.S. people using a half cup acv and a half cup water mixed makes for a great facial rinse to cut the oiliness and helps reduce pimples,use at night before bed and as a follow up to a mild cleanser for make-up removal,,Avenno makes some great opinion and as always I,m not a doctor just a consumer that likes to share her experiences..
Hello Kitty
Hey rose. My scab peeled off. But there is kind of scaring there. IT looks like its just a flat mole as it is the same colour. Will this heal over time?
there is still a mole there? or is it still peeling,healing,cause if its still pink and raw yeah it is going to peel some more,use the vitiman e oil i told ya about and let it go for awhile see what its going to do you can always re-do it won,t hurt anything.
hey rose. my name is sharon and i have a round little mole under my chin. its sorta flat. and i dont know if i should try the apple cider vinegar. im scared it might get worse. any advice?[:
Hello sharon,as long as your comfortable that it is not cancerous,every mole I have removed I have had since childhood no change at all in them,if you are a minor I agian stress speak to your parents.and as long as you follow the directions above you will be fine,just keep in mind it will change colors ,there is a small amount of discomfort sometimes none at all.rough up the mole with a safty pin or emory board soak a cotton ball with the acv making sure the cotton is the same size as mole,keep the ball moist for as many days as it takes to make the mole feel hard and scab like,when your satisfied your at that stage,stop treatment it may take a day or so,while it is healing and peeling away rub with vitiman e oil, all should be ok,,let us know how it goes ok,,any more questions just stop back in as I check here daily.Also Kitty is having satisfiying results she may have something to add,,,good luck Sharon..
Hello Kitty
Hey rose, the mole is gone. Its just a dark scar at the momment, it just looks like a flat mole, but it isnt a mole, its scaring. I will pick up some vitamen E oil tomorrow when i go into town, hopefully it should speed up the process and possibly clear it up alot more? Thanks.
Hi, im a little confused about the ruffing up with a needle part, do you rough it up everytime before applying the acv? and rose, you said you done one more treatment when it scarred so did you ruff up the scar?
Josh,,you only have to rough up the spot one time ,,,And Kitty you mean the Mole is still there but flat?? if so you can retreat it,but if you are good with the outcome as it is yes by all means add the vitiman E oil to it,,it kinda sounds like it is still peeling or ,that you needed to treat another day..
mop ead
with this avc thing...will the scar go over time? and look like it was never there? thanks
Hello Kitty
I think im going to ave to retreat it , it looks like its scarred, but also looks like a mole. I did look for some vitamin E oil, but couldnt find any in my grocery? Or at chemist. Im unsure where i can aquire this. Help would be great Kitty
Kitty yeah go ahead and retreat it do so till the mole shrinks and becomes a hard scab like feel to it,,and you can find vitiman E oil in the pahrmacy at wall-mart in the vitiman section,I have been re-reading everyones comments and it does seem like the process varys person to person, Let me re-state the mole on my face,I treated it till it looked and felt like a hard scab,when this happened I started the vitaman E treatment did that twice a day more if I wanted.I had a pink like spot after the peeling stoped ,but right now I have no scar or pink spot it was like nothing was ever there.but the one on my chest did scar I blame myself for this as I ran out of vasiline to protect surrounding skin,and I buned my self with the acv,but that mole is gone and I also feel like the pink spot will fade with time it seems to be doing so everyday,a good tan might hide it completely.I wish they would let me post a picture here,I could show you.Remeber using the acv treatment is like a severe chemical peel,do not pick at your mole as it is going through the process as that WILL cause scarring.
mop ead
Rose, are you being serious???? that is amazing news! no scar at all?????? :D :D :D You have just made my day, I'm being serious :) So can you confirm this is what I need to do? Put Vaseline around the mole, then get a cotton ball soaked in acv and put it on the mole (its flat), then put a band aid over it and leave it over night. Then do it the next night. Then itll go hard and fall off after a while. Then it will have a red dot thingy and that'll go if I put vitemine E cream on. is this right?? oh and I gotta "Ruth it up" aswell, yeah? thanks a hell of a lot! Mop 'ead
hi guys .i am silvia.i ve read all your advices from the above and decided to try it as well.i ve got 2 moles on my of them its on my chin.years ago i tried some solution and i burnt it,now it looks like a scar but its hard and not flat at all.i used mederma for scars but it didnt work:( Now i am confused should i still try the AVC? would it help me? Btw Rose you impressed me with your story and i am happy it worked for you.Do u have any suggestions for me?i would appreciate it !! thank you
TO Silvia and Mop'ead,yes just follow the directions protect the skin around the mole with vasiline make sure the cotton soaked acv pad is NOT bigger than mole same size or a bit smaller,the one on my face I kept wet all day stopped at night and re-started in the morning,when it got hard and scab like I stopped the acv treatment and started treating it with vitman E oil-and the one on my face peeled in layers of dryed skin,DO NOT PICK!! the rest of the ones I treated fell off on thie own..Good luck let me know how it goes..
P.S Silvia if the scar is two yrs old then no I don,t see it leaving,what was the solution?? you could still retreat the mole using the acv,but the old scar will remain I,m thinking..
mop 'ead
thanks rose :D much love from me :) Im gonna wait till I have a clear 2 weeks so I can do this without ppl noticing lol, its gonna be awkward, how do I explain that one??? haha thanks again :) Mop 'Ead
I work nights so for me it was easy,and also if it works why worry about how to explain it there are alot of folks out there with the same problem.
mop 'ead
Well I mean walking around with a cut where it was would look odd for me. I already have low confidence. Im 15 so its like i can let people know it bothers me really some people dont think it is a problem... anyway I got bored a few days back and tryed tee tree oil. It like burnt the skin, but its made it fade. Im really pleased atm with it, but its too good to be true the way things have been going lately. where i live i dont think they actually sell acv. what kinda shop would sell it?
ACV is a short way of saying apple cider vinager,you can get that any place that sells food like your local large grocery store,wal-mart bag n save what ever the chain is in your area..
OK i used the acv for a mole on my arm and its gone. All that remains is some pink skin where the mole once was. What I am wondering is if this pink skin will go away. (its been this way for a good 3 weeks) and if there is anything that will make it go away faster.
Try vitaman e oil hun nothing but vitiman e
Hey, i tried this for a mole on my face (next to my chin/jaw) its not all flat but slightly raised and a few mm diameter. I roughed it up for like 2/3 mins using a toothpick, put the vaseline around, soaked cotton ball into acv and put on the mole with cellotape over it. I had problems with this as the acv juice will drip onto the tape and lose its stickyness...any alternatives? Also it dried very quickly as i left it on overnight but only for about four hours.... The thing is it did not turn into a soggy white patch but part of it seems to have turned black straight away but is not as hard as a proper scab yet... Should i carry on, is this normal? Should i ruff it up more since only part of it turned black? Also, rose, since you said you kept it wet all day how often did you change the cotton ball with ACV? This is the first day by the way ..
Josh I used a ball the same size as the mole I kept it wet by re-dipping use a regular bandaid and it turning dark is normal keep going!
Im not sure if its scabbed yet, but its got to the point where it kinda feels like one so i cannot rough it up again....and when i put a acv soaked cotton ball on it there isnt much stinging ... I think i should stop applying ACV now and let the scab fall off...if anything i can start treatment again if the mole is not fully killed, right?
Hi Rose, I have recently started this ACV Mole removal method. Prior to that, I bought a Chris Gibson book that stated to use castor cream...been using it for literally 4 months and was just pathetic. the color faded but the mole was still there I could tell. I stopped using the castor cream as it was too pathetic and went on this ACV method. It's been my second day, but the mole has not blackened or anything. When I apply the ACV, the mole tuns into a creamy color =S I don;t even know how to describe it. Is there a way to find out if this ACV method is actually getting rid of the mole?
Hi Nora;When I treated the mole on my face it first turned I pastey white color almost like what you would expect from something that has been in water,.I treated my mole for ten hours straight allowed it to rest no treatment while I slept and then resumed the treatment I think I did that for like three days the mole did turn black became hard like a scab I stopped treating it at that time and it just kinda peeled away in layers over like two weeks I might add I used vitman E oil while it was peeling away trhis helped minimize any scarring of which I had none on my facial scar. JOSH you are most lilely ok to stop treatment use Vitman e oil on it while it peels or just gets ready to fall off,thats what I did.and yes you can always re-treat if you think you need to.
Hi Rose, Thanks for all the details! Well it's been about 5 days and my mole turned into this weird yellowish color, nowhere near black. I'm going to keep going with this for about two weeks and see how it turns out to be. Thanks Again!
Okay so, it did turn black, and when i removed the cotton it peeled the black scab off, and its like really white inside!! like white stuff and then my skin, and when i put the vinegar on top it STUNGGGGGG so bad!! Is that supposed to happen!!
One question, when the mole is entirely black... like does the blackness go away for peel off, or do i peel it off?? Helpp!
I would give it a week or so to heal see how it looks then,and yes it would sting hun its an open wound now.thender lets say.
I am been applying acv for the past week, it scabbed over but when the scab fell off it was basically still there just alittle lighter and still slightly raised. Should I keep applying?
Rose or someone, Here is what I did: 1)Took a cotton ball soaked in ACV 2)Taped the cotton ball to my left cheek where the mole is 3)Left it on for about 30 min. 4)Removed it because it was starting to burn pretty bad I did not apply vaseline or anything else. Now the spot where I put the ACV turned red and today(a day later) it is now brown almost like a purple pigmentation. I've been putting Emu oil on it but the spot doesn't seem to be lightening up at all. And the mole is still there with no change. (It is a flat mole) What should I do?? Help PLEASE!!! Thank you
Wow let me take each question need to really keep caught up in here lol!! Nora yes its suppose to sting it is like putting salt on an open wound,I would stop and let it heal up for two weeks.remember the one I had on my face peeled for almost that long before the whole thing dissapeared. Mandy ok so it turned black but did it also feel hard and scab like? if so stop treatment allow it to heal on its own do not pick!! use vitaman E to help prevent scarring healing will take about two weeks. Steve it will take longer than a half hour,and you may have sensitive does have a certian amount of discomfort though The one on my face I made sure the cotton ball was only as big as the mole and kept it on my face a total of two days,leaving my nights bare skinned while I slept the mole turned colors three times,it went from a filmy white to a dark hard scab like feeling when it reached that feeling I stopped treatment and allowed to heal,it peeled in layers but the mole was gone,your dealing with a flat mole ,Is it more like umm above skin or flat as the skin? if it is flat as your skin you may lighten it some don,t see it going away though I have not had any leway with that type,,,allow to heel naturally when done treating do not pick!! and treat with Vitiman E oil while it is healing,,hope this helped you guys...
Im currently trying it, but i havent felt any tingling or anything. Im using HEINZ acv is that okay to use orr??
for rose: when will i stop the treatment?
hi. i just started trying this. my acv has been on for probably 4 long will it take to turn the white color?
I did the ACV mole removal on a protruding mole on my back. I tore off one square of toilet paper, folded it up, soaked it in ACV and duct taped it over the mole. I resoaked a new toilet paper square 2-3 times per day to ensure moistness. At night I would let the mole dry out. After about 4 days the mole grew to be 3 times the normal size and turned black. Within the next 8 hours it shrunk to be half the size. Within the next two days it scabbed and peeled off. I still have a bit of pink skin underneath where the mole was. It has been going down in pinkness but has not completely gone away after 1 week. The mole, however, is gone. I suggest this process. It is not only environmentally safe, but safe for your body as well.
For long as it it apple cider vinager brand does not matter. for Kevin and Jen,white is the color it turns after being soaked with the acv treatment,it will then turn dark black and will fell tight and like a scab hard and rough,treat until this point when your sure or confident what you are feeling is hard no life to it so to speak.Then stop treatment let it relax a day and start using vitiman E-lotion on it you can find this in the pharmacy section at wal-mart where all the vitimans are kept,treat as many times a day as you want,and do not pick at scab let nature take its course,I have had some people say they just drop of and others like me say they kind of peel off in layers..but the treatment itself can take as long as 10 hrs to two days,the one on my face was almost two days before I stopped treatment just depends each mole and person are diffrent.
Hi i having very small mole on my face. if i put cotton ball on the mole it will touch the other part of skin & possibly create a scar . is it possible to apply ACV on mole & leave it(don't put cotton ball & bandaid) ? does it work? please help me.
Hey everyone, I started the ACV treatment 5 days ago. So far I have removed 6 moles (all 3mm diameter or less). I followed all the steps in this guide (many thanks to Rose :).) All of the moles I have already removed have scabbed and fallen off (pink skin in it's place) I am now treating the surrounding skin area with vaseline. The ACV i used was 5% acidity it may take longer than higher acidity's but is more sensitive on the skin. To those people worried about the red rings around their moles have no worries, when you "rough up the mole" the case with most people is that the skin around something that has been irritated goes red for a day or two, think of it like a rash. I still have lots of moles I'm currently removing but so far it's looking good. Even if some cause small scars, a small scar is better than a mole.
hey someone mentioned she has the chris gibson book uploaded online? link please omg! thankss
Danity; the Chris Gibson book is a waste of time for treating moles. The only difference to the ACV method is that he insists to use Castor oil, which for some people can treat moles quicker than ACV but beware Castor Oil is more acidic and if applied wrong could leave you with some bad burns :( My recommendation is using Apple Cider Vinegar with 5-8% acidity.
sean m
hey rose i was wondering how long has it been for each mole youve done and how big the scar/reddnes was and now what the scarring/redness is
To Vaishali,,yes to cotton ball and bandaid,,only use eoungh cotton to cover the mole itself,,use vasiline to protect surrounding skin.To Lewis way to go,,saved yourself a couple thousand there,,be advised that some moles if you do not completely kill them could return,,but your armed and dangerous now hun,,,lol!! To Danity No I do not have Cris Gibson uploaded he is a waste of time why send him money when you can read here how to handle it yourself,,BE ADVISED I am not a doctor ,so if you are unsure about a mole or it is new or has a funny color or bleeds GO TO A DOCTOR,,but if your like me know there ok cause you were born with them or already had them checked read all posts here and good luck.To Sean depends on the mole some are more stubborn than others also location on body has alot to do with it,,one on my face two weeks total time that includes healin,one on my chest a lil longer.Hope this helps all you,am enjoying hearing about the triumphs,although it may not work for everyone think there are one or two folks in here had not so good a experience as the rest of us,,which is why you should all read the posts...
I tried to get rid of a mole on my forehead using ACV (though not diluted, didnt realise you needed to do this) and it has gone but it left a big red mark around it. Thankfully Sudocrem helped reduce this but there still seems to be a pink/red mark in the area, and the cream doesnt seem to be helping anymore, other than lightening it and making it less obvious. Will this red 'scarring' go away over time, and is there anything to help it along?
I have never diluted my acv,,if you are in your teens yes over time it will fade,,next time read the posts hun,,you should have put vasiline around the skin surrounding the mole placed an acv cottom ball soaked and size of the mole on the mole then used a bandaid to hold in place,keeping it soaked for at least 10 hrs,then allowing to air dry while you slept,then retreating in the morning you should have done this till mole turned black and hard scab like ,then discontinue and switch to a vitaman E lotion while it healed..and I mean pure vitiman oil
Hey Rose, i tried this before and it kinda worked and it was on my arm... so now i am gunna try it on one thats like two or three mm and slightly raised... how black does it get? And how long will it be black? does it stay black until it falls off or will it turn a diff color... Thanx!!!
first make sure you protect surrounding skin with vasiline ,use a cotton ball same size as mole soaked with acv and a bandaid to hold it in place,it will turn white first the one on my face did,you know like fingers in water to long get that wrinkly white look,then it will turn black and get harder and harder like a scab when it gets to that point you can stop using the acv and start treating with vitiman E-oil it will either fall off or peel off in layers just depends on the mole,good luck Angie,,ps do not pick at it!
Does this just work on moles? Or can I use it to remove other small lumps on my skin. Thanks.
does acv work on a flat mole that's like really small. this is on my wrist and i tried acv for a few days but there doesn seem like there's a change. can u please tell me if this works on flat moles?!
does anyone know about how long it would take to put acv on every night and take it off in the morning for mole about the size of this O ? my mole is on my neck kinda near my collar bone, but is still sorta visible when i wear shirts so i dont wh=ant a bandaid there. if acv works i will be so ecited...i will wear tank tops and my hair can be up and i wont have to worry about UGLY moles!
Cameron I don,t think so,I tried it on a hard lump on my leg it was a small one but I tried it anyway the lump did go away but I was left with a dark brown mark so its up to you on that one..Guri,it has on some but usually it just lightens them some for most cases..Kayl,it will work and you should read the instructions on how to do it I would do it constantly over night for like three four nights protect the skin around the mole with vasiline use a bandaid to hold in place and make sure the cotton ball is no bigger than the mole,do it till the mole turns hard black and scaley do not pick at it,,when it gets to that stage discontinue the acv and start treating with a Vitman E oil to help prevent any scarring and allow the mole to die off ,in some cases it just drops off,in others it peels off in layers it should take at the most two weeks maybe three,with the treatmentr and healing included..
Hi Rose, (since you seem to be the expert here). I have one mole in my face, now I am affraid to scratch it before I put ACV. Will it go off if I don't scratch the mole first?
Every mole I have dealt with I have roughed up a bit ,allows the acv to sink in faster and start to work,,don,t forget to protect the skin around the mole with vasaline,and to use vitiman E oil once you are comfortable enough to stop that treatment,,also if you read all the posts you will know how to proceed what your looking for as to when to stop,,,good luck let us all know !P.S make sure the soaked cottonball is no larger than the mole itself.
Hi Rose, thanks for answering. I used the acv on two moles, one on my cheek, below my eye and the other on the chin. I poked it with a needle first, the one on my chin even bleed a little bit. The one under my eye has turned like yellow and only the midle is black. And the cheek has swollen around the mole. The other on my chin is black but not rough as you said, i don't know if it's gonna come off. I put some neosporin first on the swollen skin, and benadryl this morning cause it was worse. It's a bit better now. I don't think they're coming off :( This is my 3rd day. I'm not gonna put acv anymore cause my skin is too sensitive to it.
You know Bora it sounds like your skin is sensitive to the ACV it happens sometimes,the one on the chin sounds about right may need just one more day on it,,the one by your eye the skin would be more sensitve I,m not sure that one i would bother with anymore,,did you protect the skin around the mole with vasiline? also you don,t poke it hun,you rough it up you can even use an emory board to rub acroos the mole.
I have a raised colorless mole on the side of my nose and it isn't cancerous. My options were excision because it is a deep rooted mole. I would like to try acv treatment but curious to know if anyone else has used it for this type of mole? P.S I chose not to do the excision because of possible scarring, nerve damage and it would have cost $500
Rose, (or anyone who has become comfortable and knowledgeable with the method) do you ever respond anymore? Stupid question, I know, since if you DON'T visit, then you obviously won't be able to respond back to my comment. I am trying this right now, and after Day 2, it SEEMED like a scab. I'm not completely sure if I needed to do it again, but I thought it would be risky to do another round if it were a scab. It was rough, but also soft. My mole was raised and brown. Now it's flat and black---rougher, too. Nevertheless, it's a bit soft for me to be sure enough that it is indeed, a scab. I'm scared that IF it is a scab, and it falls off, there will be still a mole-colored spot remaining that would be permanent. :( Also, do more attempts on the SAME mole decrease the chance of it working effectively?
I've tried the acv method on a small flat mole on my face and it worked to my surprise. for the first three days i placed a q-tip soaked in acv on the mole for about 3 hrs each day with vasaline surrounding the mole to prevent the acv from spreading - resting when i was asleep. i then stopped for another three days because it was starting to scab. i resumed again when the first layer of scab fell off for another 4 days applying it 2 hrs each night before i went to sleep then on the 11th day another scab came off with the mole! now it's just bare pink skin on my face healing :) overall the treatment took approximately just under 2 weeks with a couple of days healing after that. it was pretty cheap considering it cost nothing because i had acv and vasaline at home already :D
Cris it sounds like its working well,allow to heal and see what your left with remember you can retreat if you need to. Dave tod ya!!! amazing is it not,mine took two weeks as well and pretty much peeled by layers when it was done mole gone no scars,,
thanks rose for responding. i cant tell you how relieved i was for someone to still post here! :D Should i keep putting the acv on like dave after layers come off? I cant tell if layers came off, but the scab is still there and hard. actually the borders of the scab have sort of lifted from the skin so it looks like someone just glued on a disgusting scab onto my skin haha the bad news: the parts of the scab that were "lifted up from skin" are every part except the mole. they were just surrounding skin that got affected by the acv. its like the mole is still growing underneath. its making me want to rip the scab off...even if it means just halfway just to make sure that there is no mole underneath the scab. but i dont want it to scar aghhhh
Uh oh...I tried the treatment on another mole. this was flat for the mostpart (it sometimes bulged out, but it usually stayed flat). Anyway, i tried the treatment and because it is small, it was impossible to get the cotton to be the size of it. I thought this was alright considering that the mole that is now scabbing had skin around it that scabbed in the proccess. i removed the bandaid off the mole that i have just began treating. there is no color change which worries me a bit since there was immediate color change in the other one. (its smaller than the other one too so i thought itd work faster). The acv just burned off a layer of skin where the cotton was, and the skin surrouding is red even though i applied vaseline before starting. Where the layer of skin was removed is now bleeding and the mole looks the same. :( The cotton ball WAS on the mole.
Hey Chris the same thing happened to me at first as well. the first layer of scab fell off but the mole was still there...but then i continued the treatment for another three to four days then another scab started to form on top with the mole attached to the scab. Then the day came when i placed a q-tip soaked in acv on top of the scab/mole and after about 30 mins later the scab fell off with the mole! so just keep on persisting and soon it will just form another scab and fall off with the mole. You must use vasaline to protect the surrounding area around the mole to protect it from further scarring other than that like what Rose has said Vitamin E oil is great in treating the pinkish skin left after the mole has fallen off. Another point is do not pick the scab. Just let it fall off by itself. Hope this helps!
Thanks Dave. My scab finally fell off on the first mole i tried. the mole is gone, but the fresh new skin that was there when the scab peeled off...has now formed into a scab itself? Its yellowish. Should i be worried?
You know I have tried it on only one flat mole and found it lightened but never really went anywhere,I have another that is a bit more raised i,m going to try to remove but am waiting till summer is over as its in a spot that is pretty open to veiw you know tank tops tiny Tee's so I,m waiting for my long sleeve season let you know how it goes.
Cris~~ naa don,t worry about the discoloration the one on my face was pink after last of mole peeled off and then had a dark skin tone color which I am pale it was like that for a lil bit now its fine cannot even see any scarring,,,but do use the vitiamn E lotion you can get a small bottle of it in the vitiamn section of any wal-mart it helps alot..
thank you for all the support dave and rose! i'll keep coming back here as im sure ill have more questions. i feel like i have some right now but cant think of them :P I have the vitamin e oil. the flat mole that i tested on now has a GIANT scab over it. i kind of doubt this scab is going to take the mole off, though :\ will try again there since i absolutely hate that mole.
Hey Rose or whoever else has some good advice... I'm thirteen and I've got 6 moles on my face!! They are all flat but about the size of a pencil eraser. I really wanted to remove them so yesterday I surrounded one on my forehead with tape and put garlic on it and i woke up today with it being all scabbed, not black and really really painful. The only reason its scabbed is because the skin that wasn't covered by tape was burned and it pealed. Is that a good thing or bad? Have any advice on how I can remove a flat medium sized mole? PLEASE HELP !!! :)
Hi Cris like I said I did not have much luck with my flat mole except it got flatter lighter ,but if you have a scab and are treating it with the oil I would be interested in hearing how it works out sounds like it has worked and you are going through the healing process let me know hun!
Hello Ashley Hun do me a favor and let your mother read all the commnets here and if she feels comfortable with it I wouyld sugest the acv treatment,I have never even hear do the garlic one but will research it to seewhat I can find out,till then ask your mom to read up in here.
I tried the apple cider vinegar and I also put vaseline around the mole and I left it for a whole day the next day my skin around the mole got burned....its been 3 days since and I still have red marks and scabs around the mole..Im not sure what I did wrong? maybe left it too long or maybe used the raw apple cider vinegar which might be too strong? Im not sure but I was really hoping this would work :(
Luisa~~ did you make sure the cotton ball was as big as the mole and no bigger than the mole and use a bandad to hold into place? the scabbing on the mole or skin is natural use some Vitiman E oil to rub on the area as it helps prevent any long term scarring,
I sent my girlfriend to get me some of this ACV and she came back with 2 different types because she didnt know which one was the right one? I reminded her that she has a mobile phone, but anyway... Which one do I use? One seems to be for cooking and the other is organic. My guess would be the organic one, but I thought I'd just check.. Thanks
LOL@ Barney~~your wanting the apple cider vinager don,t matter which one as long as thats what it is, it has a goldishbrown color.
Does it work on flat moles??
Hey Rose I'm not sure if you're still looking at this page or not but I just found it and I'm really excited. I've 3 moles on my face and have tried so many different things. Dermatend, Heal Moles amoils and even this(admittedly I didn't use vasaline because I didn't know to, so I just stopped until the burn healed and then tried again so the time lapse messed it up, I hope that's what happened atleast)but I'm only 16 and I've asked my parents but I still don't want to go to school with black spots on my face or burns, so I'm planning on doing it over Thanksgiving break or Christmas Break (I'm to eager to wait till summer break). But I'm still alittle cunfused on how long the black spots lasted. Like you said it went from mole, to white, to black then to a red mark but how long did each stage last? Does that even make sence?
@Patrick ~Hun the mole on my face turned white first like your fingertips get from being wet to long then it turns black and from there becomes a hard black scab like spot,when it feels like that,then you stop treatmment start doing the Vit E-oil it took mine two weeks and mine did not fall off it peeled away in layers(not all do this) ~~~DO NOT PICK!! for me it was two weeks ,but each person is diffrent you may have a light pink spot for longer,using the vitman E oil determines the healing and how long and bright that pink spot stays.
Hey, it is me again! :) So, update for Rose since she asked: the one that i did on the flat mole is gone! It seemed like a freckle almost, but I took the chance and tried the acv treatment. It is gone, but like the case with the raised mole, there is a pink spot that remains. Although I prefer this pink spot, the skin looks unhealthy...almost like I ripped off a scab (i didn't pick at it whatsoever!) :\ Like I said, I prefer pink spots than brown moles, but I would be lying if I said I was fully content. I just want the pink spot gone. I'm putting vitamin e oil on it. Another thing, I'm going to go risky...The next target area is on my fingertip! It is on the skin right below the nail. Less than an inch away from the cuticle. I fear putting acv near there (despite putting vaseline around it, it always somewhat gets burned on the outsides of the mole). I don't want it to screw up my nail, especially since I am not 100% sure it is indeed a mole. I have had it for all my life, and it darker than most freckles. It annoys me, because everytime I look at my hands I feel ashamed to look at one of my fingers---how pathetic is that? I need to try it.
Wish had found this way earlier, I used ACV, and yeah, i used no vaseline around the mole. It burned the skin and left a reddish spot. In the process of curing it with different oils. Any suggestions, Rose? Thanks
@ Cris keep treating the pink spot with Vitman E oil,you have to remember some people are just more sensitive to ACV than others,,I,m sure if you read all my posts you would have seen I had a bad experince with one I treated on my chest,I forgot to use Vasiline around the area and becuase I used the treatment at work the cotton had slipped leaving me with a burn,,while the mole is gone I did have a pinkish spot that lasted quite awhile,but in time IT WILL fade so just keep treating it all will be well.Also I would think one on the fingers would be easier to control and deal with,also a mole you notice but a scar on the hands is almost never noticed unless it is a big one.. @Vin this should work as well for you if your young it will heal you will lose old skin tan ect ect trust me in a few months none of this will be an issue.just depends on your skin type.VIT E oil from the pharmacy section in walmart is great,also I hear EMU oil is good but have not did alot of research or heard alot back on that particular oil as yet.
Thanks,Rose for the reply,so quick. Yeah, I am young, but the reddish spot is right next to my nose, I mean, it is very obvious. I do not doubt it will fade away eventually, but any suggestions on accelerating the fade-away process? Sorry if that may sound pushy, just concerned about that alot and trust you as an expert on this.
@Vin As long as your using the Vitman E oil and washing your face regularly you should be ok,I might suggest an apricot scrub it may help reove old skin layers quicker which could lighten the pink spot.
Thanks Rose for the reply. I've started a test on a mole on my hip. It doesn't really bother me at all cause no one sees it. It turned black and feels like a scab so I started to put the oil on. I'll let you know the final results. But I metioned I tried this once before and it did work on one of my moles on my face. I didn't use Vitman E oil so it burned and I picked it off so when it healed there was a big red spot on my face but less then 6 months later I hardly notice it anymore I used lotion and over the summer went to the beach and tanned so I think that helped alot. Just trying to help Vin and Chris, I really screwed it up and it still faded so don't worry about it.
the raised mole is gone, but the pink spot seems almost raised! I hope it will go away...I know you said it would, rose, but I'm still anxious about it. I have other spots around that mole, and I don't want my arm to be tattered up in pink raw skin patches... Luckily, I do not have many moles on my face. Just two, but one of them I am going to get removed by a dermatologist. The other one is far off on the side of my face, so I'm not all too worried of scarring as much as I am with the other one. I do have dark big freckles though that I want to put acv on. They mine as well be moles since they are isolated so stick out more on my skin... Is there any other treatment FOR freckles that WORKS that any of you know of?
@Cris Hi hun,look for freckles you can use acv as well I have combination skin,so I had to take the time to adjust and re-adjust,but the recipe is like three parts water and one part acv and you use it as a rinse after washing your face at night,I myself like to wash with a mild apricot scrubb then rinse with the acv mixture and I do it only before bed,because I have combination skin I had to play with how and when I used it,like at first I did it nightly but noticed while the freckles were fading my skin was going dry and flakey so I changed to every other night and added a good facial cream to offset the drying of the mixture. It works well for me and I do need to point out you can lighten freckles considerabley but they never fully go,only one way to do that and it requires a may all want to consider lotions with high sunscreen capibitys,and while most work on our younger posters can afford to go cheap on these lotions I would tell the older posters to not do it,google what you want in a product and whatyou can actually afford offset it agianst what actually works,,for me avon and aveeno has pretty good products ,I think Oil of olay is not as good as they want you to believe it actually makes me break out in dry patches so I would suggest that you try to stay as organic as possible.
Hi everyone I am writing this in regards to a concern that Cris is having,While I as yet do not think Cris has anything to worry about he has brought out a valid point I do think needs addressing,firt I think anyone thinking on trying this treatment should speak with their parents (if underage) I also think you should not just take our word in here I reseached the treatment read commnets from others and was totally confident the moles I was treating were not cancerous,however I,m also thinking that a test area should be tried Cris"s problem may be he was sensitive to the acv or he over treated,but remember acv is Organic,you are putting something organic on your body,so unless you are sensitive to acv in which case you can dilute it it will just take longer,,or you are not treating a mole or a healthy mole,which is why I will say agian I,m not a doctor what I did I did as an adult making a personal choice,and I do suggest having all moles checked before dealing with them at home especially new ones that just appear or ones that bleed for no reason change color for no I have read through these posts I have to say that the ACV treatment seems to be about 95% effective,so please if this treatment is your choice read all posts the ones that are dissatisfied are every bit as helpful as those that were satisfied,ask questions and when possible choose a test mole someplace only you can see and remember all the skin on your body is diffrent learn which is sensitive and which can take more and good luck to all..
Works on flat ones too ?
@Udit is it a flat mole or a dark freckle? cause if its a flat mole yes it does but if its just a dark freckle I,m thinking it may lighten it some ,but no.
thank you rose :) it means a lot that you typed that all out. I know my moles aren't cancerous. I have had them seen by a doctor. I have also read all the comments on here. I want to just do the acv on my freckles on my face theyre bugging me so much aghhhh
I have a small flat mole above my lip on the left side. That totally stereotypical type you see on sweatshirts and lipstick ads. Im 13. My mom said its gorgeous... But i get made fun of for it. I would loovvee to try this.. but since its on my face I feel it would leave a pink scar... that wouldnt be good. I read all these testamonials. Im just scared it wont work. Any advice? im considering doing it over christmas break
Hun your moms right there is something about that ,that makes people wild no I,m talking adults here kids are always lil ankle munchers and it will be that way till you get out of highschool.but if you want to see what your mother means Google Cindy of americas most famous models.
Whoa, I didn't really expect it to work. (Well im still waiting for the "scab" to fall off. But I read all of the posts about different experiences on the matter so I knew everything to expect. I have an annoying mole under one of my armpits, and it seems potentially easy to scrape it or tear it so i wanted to get rid of it. I didn't want to score it or even "rough" it up because moles kinda creep me out with their potential. So I got a cotten ball of ACV and stuck it there under my arm for hours. It swelled and turned that milky white but it didn't seem like it was done, so I got another one and slept with it under my arm. After it wasn't being constantly soaked in ACV and dried out it has turned completely black and looks and feels like a scab. I didn't protect the skin around it, however, I only ended up with minor burns that have since healed. When I look closely at it, it appears that the only thing that actually absorbed the ACV was the mole itself, the skin that it is connected to seems fine, but it feels like it turned black and hard even under the skin. It does hurt to the touch right now tho but I suppose dealing with that for a few days is a small price to pay. I'll see how it goes from here.
I have a legit question. Does this AVC treatment effect hairgrowht on the treated spot. Like for instance I have this flat mole on my sideburn. If I remove it with AVC, would that mean there will never grow hair there anymore. I never have or leave a beard but when I don't shave for a day or two you will see a little bit of sideburn, so that would mean you would see a bald spot there?
@John~~in all honesty I cannot say if it would effect hair growth I mean if you had it lazered off would,nt that have the same effect??
helloo... everyone day 1,2,3 nothing actually happened the mole was the same... its not even going light.. its basically the same..i used accurate procedure but still no improvement plzzzzz helppppp... i have it on my arm its big its quite small.. i have more but i thought try one out at a time and see if it workss.. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz helppp
@Rose Probably, but the question is, what is the effect? Since I haven't had moles lazered,I don't know. But I will look it up on the internet. Thanks for your reply.
Bianca some you have to be very aggressive with the ACV. The little one under my arm (which i didn't score or rough up at all) I first kept a cotton ball soaked in ACV for like 6 hours, (it was swollen after that which freaked me out, but looked slightly milky after that. then I soaked another cotton ball and went to bed with it on there. when i woke up the little sucker was completely black and hard as a scab, taking 3 or 4 days to come off on its own.
i had a slightly raised mole on my arm, by my elbow. I started the ACV treatment about a week and a half ago, the mole is completely gone, but there is a small crater where the mole was. There is also redness around the area where the mole was . I have been applying neosporin to the crater and it is starting to get smaller. So far it looks like its gonna work, i did the one on my arm as a test. I am going to do one above my lip in a few days (once break starts)...I am a little nervous because the skin above the lip is very thin, and scars easily. I'll let you guys knows how it goes wish me luck(:
I just want to get rid of my freckles! ACV didnt work. Rose: you said they never fully go away. does that mean i can never fully bleach them? acv doesnt bleach huh? is there ANYTHING i can possibly do to bleach it. im fine with a white spot on the skin i hate the dark spottssssss
@Cris I have freckles to I can get them to lighten but never really go away,you can rub lemon on them twice a day use a very strong sunblock while outside ,but there is nothing i know of that will totaly get rid of them,they are after all part of your makeup,your dna ,who you are,try taking a bath in shallow water pour acv in it then soak,do this three times a week more if ya want ,at night when you go to bed then you can shower the smell off in the morn,,REMEMBER to use a good lotion as acv will dry your skin,and don,t get it in your hair as it will make it turn red...
anyone come here still? The mole i did this treatment on left a pink raised is sort of like i just changed the color of the mole and didnt get rid of it. would it be bad to do the treatment AGAIN on it?
@Cris naa you can do it agian ,just remember acv while organic can cause scars if your not careful,maybe you did not do the treatment long enough,go back hun and read all the posts then try agian,also keep in mind some moles are more stubborn,I had one on my outer arm that while I was able to reduce its size I still have it I chose not to redo,but that was a personal choice.
Hey Rose I tried this on two moles so far but neither that i really cared about cause no one could see them. But I have three moles on my face that I really want to get rid of. The problem is after doing this on the first two moles I'm kinda scared to try it on my face. The moles did go away but they left a red mark behind that have still not faded(btw i did the 1st 2 moles over 2 months ago). But my main concern is that after doing all the steps the moles took almost 3 weeks to heal and turn into those red marks. i know about the Vitamin E oil and i'm gonna try these strips that fade scars so im not worried to much about the red marks but do u know if i did something wrong in the healing process? Is there something i can do to make it heal faster?
@Patrick,when i did the one on my face it took about two weeks to heal it was also a new mole no color to it at all,and when i did the treatment and it turned that hard black scab like way ,andI was able to stop treatment with the acv I used the Vitman E-oil immediatley,so while it was peeling daily I was putting the oil on it constantly,you must also remember not everyone heals the same.most likely first real good tan you get you may notice those pink marks gone,,as for your face I can only say its your risk to take,I took it and was satisfied,but that does not mean there are not failures out there we all have diffrent skin,also where on one part of your body it may fail ,another part it may work as on your own body your skin type changes as well,the skin on your arms may be more durable than that on your belly or face,,,,agian all i can say is it,s your choice hun.
How To Remove/Prevent Scarring
A famous healer/guru in santa, monica california recommends 2 parts fresh, raw papaya (green is even more effective due to higher enzyme content!) to 1 part oil (best quality coconut or olive oil you can find) combined and rubbed vigorously in circles on the site where the scarring is. This may be a great idea if you have the red mark after. It's important to note that olive oil, especially better quality ones, contain significant amounts of vitamin E. Olive oil is the best at removing scarring. Coconut oil is the best at removing vascular lesions (aka birthmarks and the like). Hope that was helpful.
How to prevent ACV from touching past mole
Just as you used a cue tip's tip to apply the ACV to a single small mole, you can take the other end of the cue tip, and take a thicker "stretch" of cotton from it. Dip this cotton in olive oil. Wrap this around the ACV soaked one atop the mole and apply the bandage to the whole thing (should look like a yellow circle around a central white dot). The key is that the oil-soaked cotton encapsulating the ACV-soaked one will repel the water-soluble ACV preventing it from touching the surrounding skin in the same manner that the petroleum jelly will (both are water-repelling/oil-based). And you won't have to apply a by-product of feul refinement industry to your face (that's what petroleum jelly is, it's literally made from natural gas/feul/petroleum; read the disturbing history on wikipedia for more info). Hope that helps, too.
so, I don't know what to do about my freckles. i got a bleaching cream but it is taking forever and am not seeing results. i asked dermatologist about my mole on my face, but they said they wouldnt remove it because it was too small and the scar would be bigger. i was too embarassed to say i just hate the mole and rather have a raised pink-bump but then it would classify as cosmetic so either way i was scared to do acv on my face, but really want it gone. I have already read all the comments thousands and thousands of times...idk what to do...its risky. Thanks for the replies rose i really appreciate it u rock
our dear readers, its for you all... whosoever wants to get before and after pics posted at this ezine, can email the pics to us at health [at the rate] we will definitely post your images along with your comment. regards, Healthcareveda Team
I think it's important to note that after speaking with dermatologists, even with surgical removal, some moles will come back. It depends on how deeply the mole is embedded in the skin. Secondly, someone asked about hair growth. Hair roots tend to be much deeper in the epidermis that the surface of the mole so chances are if you have hair there, it will grow back, which also means for those who have hair that grows from the mole, chances are that hair will come back as well. I'm trying the ACV on a mole on my forearm now. I have had all my moles checked and none were a cause of concern to any of the dermatologists I've been to. I do not have the money to have my most bothersome ones removed so I am trying this on a less conspicuous area first. Crossing my fingers for a successful run!
Mr. Needs Help
Hey guys, I've been doing the ACV treatment for just over a week now, and the scab on the mole fell off, but there is still a whitish filling inside the skin under the mole. Im wondering if this is the root of the mole or anything, and should keep applying ACV? I can send a picture and send through email if you would like, please let me know! I dont want to keep applying ACV if it is fresh skin but I dont want to let it heal if its actually still the mole! Thanks
@Mr.Needs Help Chances are that is the root I have never had that happen so cannot say I would go ahead and treat the wound now and not the mole since it sounds as if you got it,like a poster above has stated moles can grow back,but at least now you have a way to combat it..
Mr. Needs Help, I have had three moles surgically removed by a dermatologist. Each time there is a whiteish looking skin where they removed it. It's fresh skin. My advice is to start using vitamin E or neosporin and keep it covered until it is fully healed to reduce the appearance of the scar. Steph
Rose &/or anyone else that wants to chip in... Hi there! OK I am on day 5 over here. I kept the cotton soak on my mole for 2 days and let it "breathe at night" So the third day, the mole sorta got a little blistery and my daughter jumped up on my arm, popped the blister and now that part looks like a scab but the other part looks like the original mole maybe lighter and puffier. The area around the mole is swollen as well (irritated I guess). I stopped putting the soaked cotton on it and now just apply the acv during the day but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. It has been looking the same for the last two days, no change. SO should I start reapplying the cotton soaked acv for another day or leave it alone and see what happens? I'm so confused. I have a lot of moles I want to get rid of. I'm sure they will not be anything like this one. It was only slightly raised, the others are like the size and width of a pencil eraser or even slightly larger. Any advice you give me will be appreciated. Thanks!
hi rose! i see your being very helpfull here so i have a questions or two. i have applied the acv to a mole the size of a pencil erasor on my back yesterday night. i left it on over night and re applied this morning and changed the acv twice. its barely gone black and didnt go white. its slightly raised and i used sand paper to make it bleed ever so slightly before applying the acv. im worried its not working as it still feels smooth. i no its only been a short period of time but theres been no change and i really want this thing gone!
Hi rose ive started the acv treatment on a mole on my face and one on my arm the one on my face is light but raised just a bit its day two and it seems like the pigmint is pealing off but it never turned black does it sound like its working or not also it doesnt burn that much does this mean its not working or should I just be patient? Also im a stay at home mom so ive been leving it on practicly all day is it important to let it breath I look kinda stupid with a bandaid on my face all day but my husband has been very supportive I will be soooooooo happy if this works
Hi. I have been doing ACV for 5 days now on my slightly raised light brown mole about the size of a pencil eraser on my chin. The mole has become reddish and hard and cushy and dry but has not turned black. Neither has it ever turned white...Do I start treating with E , or do I continue the ACV? If you recommend the ACV, do you also think I should rough up the scab so that the ACV can get through? Thanks! Really looking forward to finishing this!
The mole on my arm fell off Yesterday. It took almost two weeks but it was a scab for a long time. I didn't pick at it. Now there's just a slight discoloration where the mole was but its faded quite a bit today. Hey guys it works! I'm going to start on one on my neck next! So glad I found this remedy!
hi! I have read all posts and it seems that majority had a successful result. I am now trying the ACV and it's only my first night,I hope I will have the same result as you guys.BTW I'm using heintz ACV is that ok?w/o the mother
@Steph I'm glad it worked for you. Can you please tell me exactly how you treated the mole on your arm. And how did you place the avc on it, how did you keep the cotton on it. Because I tried myself but I think I did some stuff wrong. I used the avc only by night when I slept. After the first night it was a scab and after a few days the upper layer of the mole fell off. But then it went soft again just like it looked before. And then I started to put avc on the mole every following night again, but nothing happened anymore. So can you please explane to me exactly how you did everything. Thanks much.
Ok I want to remove a flat mole on my face with acv but I need help with the steps to do so can any one help? I know you need to protect the surrounding area with vasline or petroleum jelly right? Please help
This is to all the new posters.All moles are diffrent as people are ,I found the mole on my face and on my chest behaved diffrently I can only say that skin on our bodys are diffrent as well, say skin on your face would be a bit better at handling the treatment as it is in the elements wind,sun etc etc ,BUT for me I found removing both a bit painful felt stingie and tight,If your mole is peeling I would treat one more day then use the Vitman E treatment give it a few weeks see how it looks,I am also of the opinion some moles DO need surgically removed I have one behind my ear that I would feel more comfortable with a doctor looking at I was born with it and it is large but not a big deal lets face it its behind my ear its no big deal I have removed three moles and each one has reacted diffrently,the one on my face was the one that peeled off it took two weeks to finish, the one under my arm pit actually fell off that one was just weird one day its there all soft and healing and the next day its on my wash cloth,the one on my chest I actually messed up a bit ,it did come off but I was not paying attention the cotton slid a bit and I burned my skin,the mole did fall off and the scar from that is now gone so all in all I have had good experinces using this treatment,,,but as with all things what works well for one person may not work well for others ,,as I have stated before I am not a doctor all I can say is YOU know your body better than anyone so only you can say if its working,,it is also why I encourage people to feel the mole before the treatment become familar with it ,its texture ,size,that way you can tell a bit better whats going on during the treatment,,,as always I,m here as well as others that have done well with acv just ask we will answer,,,AND btw as long as it is apple cider vinager the brand does not matter,,although I think I read somewhere that organic acv is the best ,,but still brand does not matter ass long as its APPLECIDER vinager,,the clear brand does not work,,,
TIP FOR FRECKLES AND SUN SPOTS:find your self a good facial scrub I use Nuetrogena or St Ives both brands are awesome I wash my face in the morning with this scrub and follow with Nutrogenas toning lotion and wrinkle cream,,in the shower I use the scrub and use 1/2 water 1/2 acv to rinse with I do the acv treatment every other day ,and after a few weeks I have noticed a lightning ,I have sun spots or sun damage so I was happy with the out come,,you will never totally free yourself from freckles but this stuff will lighten them and then all you have to do is make sure you wear a good sun screen REMEMBER people skin cancer is on the rise and for all you young folks yeah a tan look great till ya hit 28 and your skin starts looking dry and old this is skin damage,,make a choice young healthy skin for as long as possible OR you can look like one of the florida retirees at age 30! Add cranberrys avocados and virgin olive oil to your diets along with alot of green leafy veggies,,no kidding wish I had known or listened.
This worked great for me -- so excited. I had a skin tag on my shoulder. I used Bragg's ACV for about 3-4 days. I would use the treatment during the day and then nothing at night. It turned black, started to dry up and eventually scabbed. I stopped the treatment, and then it took about two days before it fell off. Now it's healing like any other sore. Looks like a chicken poc mark would, which will eventually fill in. I felt some mild burning with the treatment - no biggie, means it's working. And I did have a red area around the skin tag about the size of a dime, even though I tried the vaseline. That's because it was hard to isolate the ACV only on the skin tag. Again, no biggie. So glad this worked and can't wait to try the next one.
Thanks for the info! Really helped, I already talked to my parents about it, I want to try the acv over the summer and I kinda want to remove it quickly because I don't want to hide my face all summer due to the scab that comes after the treatment. any chance you can sum up the average time it takes to scab up and fall of? and any things I can do to make the process faster?
Do you think that it would still work if i only did it in the evenings as my mole is on my neck and i'd feel embarased to wear a plaster at collage becasue people would ask questions. I don't mind if it takes longer, i just wondered if it would still work.
@Josh summer would be a great time,is it on your face I would not care I would use one of those lil round bandaids and just tell people the truth you had a mole removed,,it depending on sixe can be from 5days after treatment ends to two weeks depends on the size how well you handled the treatment (meaning following the directions) and how fast you heal.doingit during summer is great because once you get to that smooth pink new skin you can go out tan and by summers end you will not even be able to tell USE SUNSCREEN...
PS.. some of you are young like not even in your twentys so scarring is an easyier issue to beat than for someone in the 30's or more ,follow the directions read all the posts so you can see what the triumphs as well as the mess ups were then go for it,don,t forget the Vitiman E.or neosporin
Ok, thanks Also does it matter what acidity level the vinegar is? Mine is 5%, but i read somewhere that people were using 7% acidity?
Great! But um so what directions exactly could I use a qTip instead of a cotton ball? And what time should I do the treatment
Hey rose alright i accidentally misused the cotton ball and it peeled of my skin so what should i do?
@ Adam I think you should treat the spot with vitamine E oil to let the skin heal
Hi Rose, Im 14 years old and i have two moles on my face about the size of pencil erasers. One of them is in the middle of my right cheek and is slightly red, and raised. the other one is in between my nose and eye, this one is flat and brown. would this method work for me? Im very self-concious about them because people always stare. I wanna feal beautiful and have the guys like me. PLEASE REPLY! Ill do anything for these moles to be gone!
Hello, i did the treatment both on raised moles on my face so far. the moles (brown part) came off in about 4 days. i had stopped the treatment and i still have the raised part though, should i be continuing treatment to make the raised part go away?
i should say first that i put my own spin on things since i didn't have any ACV around but this is what i had and used, i used using 5% distilled white vinegar with baking soda on them (had heard that works too) and did not have any redness around them without the vaseline, also, ive had them almost since birth, i'm 26 now. what are the chances they could come back?
Does the Apple Cider Vinegar have to be Filtered or Unfiltered?
I'm not sure if anyone still replys to this board, but I needed some reassurance: I have a mole a tad bit larger than a pencil eraser on my tummy. I started the acv treatment 4 days ago (all night periodically during the day) and it has turned into a scab. The only thing bothering me is that my mole was perfectly round, but the scab is not covering the complete mole (there is a very small part that appears the same before I started treatment). Will any part of the mole come off if the whole mole is not scabbing? I dont mind re-treating the small part left behind if it does, I just want to make sure I'm not wasting time with the scab I have now??
Dear Rose, Can I apply AVC on two moles that grew at my genital area? I went to a skin doctor and told me that are just moles.. Can this method be applied to such a sensitive area like genital area?
i have been trying the apple cider vinegar method and it has turned black,but i the black spot grew very sligtly,is this okay? im worried
help anyone!!! i got a mole on my upper lip not that big but just like a dot from a fat pencil, and when you look far,it looks big i tried the ACV method 2 days ago applied petroleum jelly around the mole (just slight) soaked a small cotton ball in the vinegar and put on top of the mole covered it with maskingtape(no bandaids) left overnight,i did this for 2 days and thinking up my mind if i'll do it again this is the 3rd day and there is something that happened to the mole,it turned a bit more black,had a few little reddish area around it-take note the mole is flat,not elevated,flat a bit small-give me advice,Rose anyone please IT'S AFFECTING MY LIFE!!!
I have a mole on my upper lip to, its raised. I started using the ACV method on Thursday. It is now Sunday night and in these few short days the mole went from being raised,to turning black,peeling off in layers,and flattening out on my skin. Now that i peeled the last amount of the mole off there is a TINY crater where the mole use to it. It has filled in a bit and in a another day or to im sure it will fill in. The ACV treatment worked very well for my mole. Although i did get a pretty bad burn around the mole it has healed up pretty quick. Hope this helps.
So I have been applying ACV to a raised mole on my leg and it has been working some. The center of the mole has scabbed and fallen off. But now its black around the edges with a crater in the middle. Do I need to keep applying the ACV to the mole or what? Is this normal or is it going to stay like this permanently now? Any advice is appreciated!!
Don't know if anyone still reads this, but just in case I'll share my own experience. I read the comments here and started my own ACV mole treatment about a month ago. I would characterize the results so far as wildly successful. I use Heinz 5% ACV and smaller size Band-aids with q-tips. Here are some tips, based on my own experience: 1) Thoroughly scrape the top of the mole. A sewing needle works very well. Just scrape in one direction and abrade the skin. You don't need to make it bleed or anything. 2) Vaseline around the mole. I never experience any irritation around the mole, but the vaseline had the added benefit of helping to keep the q-tip in place. 3) Use smaller band-aids. The reason being that you want the ACV cotton as tight as possible to the mole. I noticed much faster results after I realized this. It also does a better job of keeping the q-tip in place. 4) Re-soak the q-tip when it gets dry. If you have the time that is. I cut the tips off of q-tips and used a tweezers to dunk them in the ACV bottle and then stick them under the band-aid. When the q-tip got dry, I'd pluck it out with the tweezers and soak it again. You save a lot of time and band-aids this way. 5) You don't need to keep the treatment going 24 hours a day. ACV stinks and you probably don't want to raise any noses at work. 8-12 hours a day worked just fine for me. 6) Moles have taken just three days or so to respond. Mine began by getting black in the middle, began spreading out, and eventually becoming entirely blackened. Give them a couple days to scab up and then scrape them off. My flat moles were deeper and had roots. It took a big yank with tweezers to pull the mole scab off. 7) Use some kind of antibiotic cream like neosporin on the empty mole crater. It makes them heal up real nice with minimal scaring.
hey Erich, Healthcareveda Team honestly appreciates your genuine contribution to our blog. Members like you are always there to help others. Such a nicely patterned n informative comment you have posted here... it will surely help all our readers. thnx again and keep on reading our other articles on this blog too. You will definitely find a lot more helpful content. Regards, Healthcareveda Team.
Hi Rose, or anybode who knows.. I´ve tried the ACV method for one night now. Nothing has happened yet. My moles are flat and not very big. Have you done this method on moles that aren´t raised? Maybe it takes longer with this kind of moles? Thanks! -Joey
I've had a raised mole all my life on my left cheek, it made me feel un-confident throughout my life, I purchased apple cider vinegar for less than 1.50 at target..I did what was recommended to me. And voila after 3 days my mole scabbed up and fell off on it's own...Holy crap it worked!!!! I'm 28 and feel like a different person!!! The scab left a pink mark on my face (which in time will heal up) but the ugly mole is gone, I'm hoping it's gone forever, but if It does, I do still have my bottle of apple cider vinegar, Thanks a lot this treatment changed my life forever :)
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hi, i'm tayyloor, i'm 13 and i have a raised mole above my lip. My family loves it they says it's a (beauty mark) but that's not what i think of it. I recently tryed acv 4 days ago, now my mole is black like a scab. is this spoussed to happen? i'm freaking out because i don't know what to do. thanks!
Hi There, I have started this treatment on a raised mole under my breast. I started this treatment about 3 days ago and have had the vinegar on every night and part of the day. At the moment my mole looks more inflated - still soft mostly so I am going to give it chance to dry out a bit to see if it hardens. The mole is tender to touch though and the edges seem more prominent and circular - there is also a slight red ring under the mole. Is this normal? Should I let it breath before another nights treatment? At the moment I feel a complete mess. I have also tied a very raised mole/skin tag near my shoulder/bra strap as it was very easy to do and am waiting for this to have the circulation cut off and fall off - has anyone else ever tried that? My patience is very limited and I am tempted tighten it so much it breaks off! Any advice welcome.
I purcharsed this product and have been using it for 5 days now, the mole seems to be going down a bit , but i advise everyone to definatly apply vaseline before the apple cider! I didnt do this and I know have burn marks which I hope goes down and dissapears also! I shall keep everyone posted.
heey guys. i'm not sure if people still use this site buut I did the acv treatment. It worked for me. it first turend into a black scab, than it started peeling off in layers. it took about five days. The problem was is that when i did the acv treatment i didn't put vasaline around it. Now theres a BURN! i need help to get rid of it, it's kinda imbearrising but i aint got that ugly mole on my face no more. (:
hi Taylor, we really appreciate your contribution to this highly popular blog, quite evident from the quantity and quality of comments here. its great u have been benefited with this remedy bt as u said that u forgot to apply vaseline around the mole. DON'T WORRY Buddy! just apply this mixture over your scar- 60 gms of coconut oil mixed with 3-5 gms of camphor. you can crush the camphor before mixing it with oil. apply this 2-3 times daily and u will see the positive results in a few days. if camphor is not approachable for you then alone coconut oil will work. the fresher the scar is, the sooner will it heal... so here we wish u all the best dear! regards, Healthcareveda Team.
My moles disappeared within 3 days using ACV. Remember to use repair cream after the scabs comes off. Guys guys guys. I want to ask all of you something? Do you give up when you start feeling afraid that the mole maybe might come back and get worse? IT'S THE DEVIL GIVING YOU THAT UNCERTAIN FEELING,telling you its not going to work,its going to return,its going to become bigger,whatever you might feel. Listen up,oh Satan,he is an expert liar. Failure,sadness,depression, . .all these is from Satan. God says trust Him and He will help you. It says in Hebrews 13,verse 5 "I will never leave you,never forsake you" and in verse 6 "God is my helper,I don't know any fear". So the question you should ask yourself is, do you trust in God today? Do you trust that He can and will help you remove your moles? If so,may the Lord Allmighty bless you. Dont forget to pray to God to help you,also thank Him. I assure you, He will remove it, just as He did with mine. Nothing is impossible for God
It's not that you're a parent well if you do not! But we tend to tune a lot in our lives crowded.
If acv works so well then why did I use it six months ago and I still have a scar the size of a quarter from it? Yes I did put Vaseline around it and it STILL left a scar. People DO NOT USE ACV it will leave a huge scar that is ten times uglier than the mole. Because of acv, I can no longer 1) wear a bathing suit because if I do people will see the big ugly burn 2) change normally in gym, I have to stand in a corner so people don't see the burn 3) wear clothing that I want to wear because some clothing shows the burn and there's many other things I cannot do because of apple cider vinegar. Trust me, you are beautiful and god loves you no matter what you look like so DO NOT use apple cider vinegar, you're beautiful without it
If removing a mole is something you feel will benefit you and you are willing to take the chance of getting burned or scarred, then go for it. I did it on a mole on my arm and it took about 3 weeks to completely heal, mind you I did pick... I couldn't help myself, if you want it to heal faster and not scar DO NOT PICK! Mine left a tiny scar and I always used vaseline around it and vitamin E oil when it was healing . Depending on how sensitive your skin is and where it is, this acv treatment can be useful. I would not recommend using it on facial moles or if you have sensitive skin... if you dislike a facial mole that much, go to a surgeon who can remove it properly.
I have a raised mole on my arm and a dark brown raised mole on my face which I will try removing with apple cider vinegar :) I really hope it works cause everyone seems satisfied! So far I have been applying the apple cider vinegar as described to my arm for two days. The top of it has darkened and feels rough but the base is still tender and a bit painful to touch. I'll update after tomorrow :)
I have been using acv for the past four days. My mole has turned dark, but there is a filmy color around the edges. It is starting to get a little bit harder, but I am worried that my mole is too deep and will leave a large indent. Note: my mole is NOT raised. But, I am worried as to the fact that it is a little indented at the end of day four.
Does acv work on deep rooted flat moles? What about the scarring? Will there be a HUGE indent or something? I'm terrified at what I might have gotten myself into! Also, after the second day my moles edges turned white and the rest got really dark. It didn't feel scabby by the end of the fourth day even! My mole is flat by the way. Will there be an indent if it is deep rooted?
June 18 2011 I am using acv on a dark flat mole. The mole peels off in layers with each scab. It did not come off in one big mole as I had hoped. Mine has faded into a tiny speck of gray, which I think is the root. I have not experienced any scarring, only redness. I am going to keep at it until I get all of it, cause it will grow back if I leave it as it is.
hey rose im 17th years old i have mole on my nose plz tell what i do???????????????????????
Deb Newton
My daughter had a large raised dark mole between her upper lip and nose. After a week (two? three?) of rubbing ACV on it, it is now gone. She has a light spot where the mole WAS but it's gone. No more accidentally hitting it, making it bleed and causing pain. Good for her :o)
I used ACV on a wart successfully, but when I applied it to my face (to a mole on the side of my nose), it turned out badly. I used lots of vaseline around the mole, but the ACV still burned a ring around the healthy skin. The mole itself was flesh colored, but now it is an ugly dark brown with a white center. The browning of the skin extends beyond the mole and then the yellow burned flesh surrounds that. So I have this huge circle on my face that is red-ringed burned yellow skin, then dark brown skin and mole, then white and dry in the center. It does not seem like it will come off. The first day I applied ACV the mole turned brown but it was not black or flat like other people here described, so I re-applied and ended up with those burns. Now I am afraid to add more. I look like I have a flesh-eating virus on my face. What can I do?
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Thanks for your comment. I actually really like this. It makes my skin look so fresh and glowing. It additionally got low marks due to the fact it is not practical for facial mole removal. The reason is simply because you have to have a tied piece of string on the mole, that is not desirable for a facial mole.I am looking forward to taking a closer look at ingredients and discovering what the secret is! Thanks for sharing with us.
Hi, I m having very small mole on face , small means i can't put cotton on them , these are very small , so please suggest how i can get rid of them with the help of ACV. thanks
I want to share with you my personal experience with this method, it worked wonders. I see a lot of questions about small flat moles, which is exactly the same as mine. It was only about the size of this O but on my cheek and quite noticeable. I was very insecure about it and hated it so much. Anyway here's what I did, I bought ACV with an acidity of 5%, used a cotton bud to dab it on the mole and left it - I didn't stick the cotton to my face or anything. I did this about 3 times in one night, and then when I was going to sleep put a slight bit of ACV on a band aid and then put that over the mole. I left it on overnight. In the morning, the mole was bigger than normal and black, with also some discoloured skin around the edge (it was kind of a caramel colour) but this is because I didn't use vaseline, so it is a good idea to use it! I was very unsure about the mole being this dark and big, so I only applied the ACV once that morning. I had to have a day off because it looked pretty bad and a lot more noticeable than the original mole. I then left it all through that day, and as it had gone very rough I decided to moisturise it as much as possible - I applied moisturiser every hour. I also used witch hazel which makes the swelling go down. The next day it was still there but the mole had gone a very light brown colour and seemed to have shrunk a bit, still with a bit of discolour round the edges (my own fault, due to not protecting the surrounding skin). I kept on moisturising. Then I decided to keep it clean as I heard they can get infected (only in very rare cases, although better to be safe than be sorry). I took some cotton pads and warm water and just began to cleanse the mole. The once burned skin around the mole turned very white and soggy - as described before, like when you come out of the bath - and I noticed it had started to peel.. so I tried to peel it but I couldn't quite grasp it with my fingers so I used tweezers which I cleaned first to prevent infection, there can be a lot of bacteria on these kind of instruments! Then it just peeled off, like sunburn, with the rest of the mole! I was very impressed as I had not applied the vinegar as much as we are told to, I was so relieved when it came off! There was a tiny bit of blood but only about the same amount as when we pick or scratch at a scab or a spot. I am confident that there will be no scarring. I am going to apply some moisturiser or vaseline later to just soothe the skin. It is a only very slightly sore but totally worth it! At the moment I have put a band aid over it to stop it bleeding. In short: I bought the ACV at night, started applying at around 5:00pm and did so 3 times that night, not forgetting the ACV I put on a plaster which I then stuck over the mole. The next day I only dabbed ACV on once with a cotton bud and then didnt apply it after this, although I tried to keep the mole very moisturised as it was very rough. The next day, I kept moisturising from about 10:00am-2:00pm, when I then cleaned the mole with cotton pads soaked in warm water, which made the mole and a bit of surrounding skin soggy which then began to come off a bit, so I was then able to use tweezers to pull it all off. Now I have a plaster on it, and intend to moisturise it later. This might not work for you, but it did for me! I have sensitive skin as well, which is very prone to scarring but now the burnt skin is gone. Still I would advise anyone to use vaseline around the mole before applying the ACV, hope this may help :)
Hi Helen, thanks for such an informative n helpful comment. We really appreciate your genuine efforts in helping others and choosing this platform to provide the right information through your own experience. Keep in touch with us and our readers here. TC Regards, Healthcareveda Team.
Hi Is anyone still replying? I read this site and whooped with glee about the fact that I could maybe get rid of my moles on my face (one on my cheek, one on my ear lobe, one above my eye and one in the middle of my forehead) I started the ACV last Wednesday on the mole on my forehead and the one on my ear as they were easier to hide The mole on my ear has turned into a tiny brown dot (yay) and the one on my forehead was big and colourless and the size of a pencil eraser ... This is the one I have a problem with ... The mole seems like it has gone, I have a raised bump there and white stuff in the middle but the outer cirle is raised as if it will stay like that. Has anyone else come across this problem? Will I be left with a raised circle on my head?
Un-named :P
Alright, I got a bigish flat bugger on my boob... is it safe to use the acv on that, or will it sting?
I used it for a wart on my middle finger. The wart went away but now I have a HUGE chemical burn on my middle finger from the ACV. It really hurts =(
ok so i started using the ACV and it stings every time i put it on. i have been using it for a week now and no scab.
I have a mole on my face. I started doing this about 2 weeks ago, but did not do it every day. At first I applied a q-tip soaked with ACV a few times a day but got discouraged as i saw no instant change. I decided to do it again. This time the mole bleed a bit after poking it. The q-tip turned black in rubbing the mole with blood. Then it formed a little scab, I peeled it off. Now I'm applying it 1-2 times a day with just keeping it on the mole for aprox 5 mins. I don't think you have to keep it there with a band-aid. Now mine is red and raised, with the black off. I keep re applying and now it is a scab in the center. I will not pick on it and just wait for it to fall off. questions will be answered. thanks.
Hello Kitty
Im baaaaack! Currently applying the ACV to 4 different moles (they are clsoe to each other). I used a nail file to "roughen" it up - just slightly, not as much to bleed. I then applied vasiline around the mole (to stop the burning) and then I dabbed with ACV. Im on day 3, applying this twice a day. I only dab it in the morning, but at night i put a bandaid over my mole with a piece of cotton ball with ACV on it. The moles are starting to scab - will let you guys know how I go from day to day. Thank you Kitty
Hello Kitty
Hey Guys, Just an Update. going well so far. Moles have scabbed, and the scabs have fallen off (I didnt pick, they just came off really easily). Will continue to add ACV as they are still raised and seem to have pigmentation aswell. Will continue on updates. If successful, and I am happy with results, I will go into more depth with my next set of moles (I'll even add pictures etc of the process). Thanks
Hi there, I did the acv stuff 8 months ago and the results were good. I had a mole(raised one) not big but i hated it, at the right side of my temple. the results were good, thou it left a small pinkysh mark there
its annoying for me coz i've done an other treatment before but still it came back, so is the mole going to come back usuing this treatment?
does the mole come back after a few weeks?
Hey, I have a raised mole on my face. I don't want to remove it completely, I like the look of it but I want to shrink it a bit or stop it from growing. Is that possible by using this method or is that too much to ask? Thanks!
Hey guys I have several big moles on my neck and face and I am really embarrassed about them. They are practically flat, but not quite. Does the acv remedy work on these type of moles? If so how long does it take to remove them? I am not going to school with a bandaid where everyone knows I have mole. Or is there any other quick remedy like over a weekend? And also do you have to make the mole bleed when you "rough" it up? Thanks!!!
When applying the vitamin E on the redness around the scabbed mole do you rub it around the scabbed mole as well? Or just the redness around it?
To Rose - DO I have to have vitamine E oil or can I just put on some vaseline or something? Couldnt find any Vitamine E at the shops. ANd also, can you put on the ACV at night and take it off in the morning? Does it make any difference? Will putting on day and night make is come off quicker?? Thanks,
Hello, I started the treatment 4 days ago and I have been putting the vasline on everytime Before applying the apple vinegar, but dark spots have appeared on the burns. I have stopped the treatment for now and I'm using vitamin E to help it, but Is there a better way to get rid of the dark spots? Thanks
Hey Rose I hope your still visiting this website. I am 16 years old, and I heard that all you need is to put a Cotton Swap with ACV soaked in it, and dab it on your mole, then put a bandaid on it. And let it run 2 times a day, 1 time in morning for 12 hours and 1 time in the night for 12 hours. Is this okay? After it falls off i put Vitamine E Salve on it.
Hi, I was wondering what if i just want to make my mole smaller but not make it disappear, is there a way with this? my mole is slightly raised? please help
----------------HELP------------------------ I have had HUGE sucess with acv to remove my mole!!!!!! The whole thing with the root (i saw hairs out of scab) scabbed up within days and peeled off. I noticed a crater underneath so I wanted it to heal a bit more before I fully removed the scab. HUGE PROBLEM - the scab grew back into the crater !!!!!! I am now left with a red mole which it looks like just the colour left! I am applying more acv and all that seems to be happening is it's bilstering every time I apply it and it's just a big bloody mess! I can not express the anger I have that i never just fully peeled it off the first time that it was FULLY GONE! Will this one still scab up??
Hey guys....Plz help me Rose Or any other who can I started this ACV mole removal a week ago.....and the scab was also formed but I removed the scab but the mole didn't cam I put the ACV again but now instead of turning black it is turning yellowish and it's paining too... PLZ Help !
Been doing this for just under a week and am very pleased with the results. Everything went to plan and it is healing up very nicely. If you want to see my log of everything, hop over to my blog I've set up. I show you a new picture everyday and documented the whole process. Will be updating in a few days with how well the area has healed.
Hey, so.. I don't know if this is still running or not. I wish it posted dates.. but a few days ago, I started this regimen. I couldn't wear the cotton bud on the mole over night because it just won't stay, being in the place it is. So I soak it a few times a day with a q-tip dipped in the ACV... my curiosity concerns its unusual behavior. It hasn't scabbed.. instead, it got really soft and sank into the skin, and it's a slight crater. Every day it gets softer. What should I do? It's not a cancerous mole; I had it checked. If anyone can provide answers, thank you.
hii..after doing lots of net searching n reading views of fellow friends . . i tried AVC on my facial mole..mole vanished but ave left a weird scar . . i wat to know is it normal .. if so how can i get rid of this scar?? please help me out..thxxxxxx
An impressive share, I am so pleased it came out well! I seriously get some useful and extra knowledge for this…!!! Thnkx for spending the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love studying more on this topic. Well done..!! Keep posting..!
hi Martins, don't worry about such things, just do this for few days, or say a week, and then report us. We will tell u something else, if needed, Take Care. Regards, HealthCareVeda Team
Hey everyone asking about hair/moles - I had a very large mole on my scalp at the edge of my hairline and doctors said it I removed it I would need extra expensive treatments because of cosmetic risks. I removed it with ACV two years ago and the hair grew back where the mole was and it hasn't come back. The mole had hair on it originally (fairly long) and the new skin had hair normal for that part of my hairline. When the black scab fell off it left the crater some are describing, but that healed. Recently I started working on a mole near my mouth, same issue, massive cost and risks according to the doctor. It is also a "cindy crawford" mole but after ten years of hearing the compliment I decided it was not a real compliment. It had hair on it (light face hair). This one is peeling more like Rose described for her face mole and the initical scab fell off but it is still raised a bit. However I can already feel the light hair is growing back even through the peeling skin. Its probably a lot slower than the other one because I am only holding a qtip on it for an hour twice a day instead of tape (too hard to tape there). Scars don't grow hair back so this method seems to be the only way to keep the "peach fuzz" on your face as normal.
Hey Rose, I don't know if you still get on here or not but I really want to try this method. I'm 16 years old, and I have got my moms permission to do this. I have two moles I would love to get rid of, I think I would look 10 times better, if I did. I have one mole on the side of my face that I hate, its raised a little, and is the size of a end of a eraser, and also people always stare and give me gross looks, it really is embarrassing. I also have one on my back that is huge, its raised a good bit, the size of a dime maybe a little smaller, and when i go to the beach I feel awkward walking down the beach, and people staring at me. I have went to the doctor to get them checked out and the are perfectly fine. But, I would love to see the pictures that you have taken, and the steps that you did for this. Thanks a lot!(:
I'm not sure if anyone is still reading this as there's no dates....but, I recently did the acv method on a raised mole on my face, about the size of a pencil eraser. The colour has all gone from it and some of the size, but there's still a raised colourless lump there that in sOme lights looks like its still the mole. Should I treat this lump? I'm not sure what's best to do, it looks better than the mole did but Id like the raisedness to be gone (if that makes sense!) Thanks, this thread is really good!
Is Rose still around?? I need a remedy for facial brown spots. I have tried different kinds of brown spot removers, but they don't seem to work!! I know Rose mentioned a facial that she was trying, but I haven't seen the formula or if it works. If anyone has a good removal system for age or brown spot on the face, please let me know. Thanks, Dee
I can't used bandaids or tape on my skin because it blisters my skin. Will the ACV treatment work if I only hold a q-tip on the mole for a hour or two?
I applied ACV to a raised mole between my eyes, using a Q-tip, after scraping the surface with an emery board. I applied vaseline to the surrounding area first, to minimize any potential skin irritation/burning. The very first day, the area turned black. I continued to apply the ACV 3-4 times a day for a total of 3 days, during which time a scab developed. Since there is a scab now, I have ceased applying the ACV and I am now waiting for the mole to "fall off." It has been 3 days now and the scab has not fallen off. Should I helping it along by peeling it? Should I be applying Vitamin E to the scab, or do I apply it once the scab has fallen off? I have heard that disturbing or picking at the scab will increase the risk of scarring. Will someone please advise? Thanks, it will be most appreciated.
02/27/13 Growing up I thought I was the only one with this problem. Some people don't understand because they don't have moles. Argh! lol. Just a tip for anyone trying this. I never used Vaseline around my mole while I'm removing it. What I did was get a piece of clear sticker (any sticker is fine). I cut a hole big enough to fit the mole. Now I don't have to worry about the size of my cotton or getting my skin burn. I soak the cotton and put it over the mole. Then I put a bandaid over it. Every once in a while I just push on the bandaid to keep my mole moist. When I feel like the cotton is dry I jjust squeeze in drop of ACV to the cotton.I'm just lazy like that. The mole had a soft scabbed after 3 days. I stopped treatment and just left it. Currently waiting for it to peel off or something to happened...*finger crossed*
@mocha If you peel it there's a great chance that there will be scarring. My scab hasn't fallen off yet. I'm waiting for my scab to fall off naturally since it's on my face and I don't want to risk scarring. Currently, I'm keeping it moist by applying Vitamin E covered with a bandaid. I did some research and found out keeping the scab moist will heal it quicker than keeping it dry. However, everyone heals differently. After my scab falls off I'm going to continue applying Vitamin E to minimize the scarring.
hi rose can you please help. I used the acv Two days ago.. This is my third day and nothing had really happened to them Oo.. Does this mean it wont work on me? thankyou..
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