Aromatherapy and Swollen Lymph Nodes

Updated on 01 Jul 2009,
Published on 01 Jul 2009

Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine that helps in the treatment of a number of ailments. It uses essential oils, which are liquid plant materials and other aromatic compounds from the plants that treat the ailments by affecting the mood or health of the suffering person. Essential oils as such differ from the herbal treatments as it has a different chemical composition. The term aromatherapy has been used to refer to the traditions that make use of aromatherapy in combination with other alternative medicines. This type of therapy, in particular, is basically used as a topical treatment.

Aromatherapy is also used as the treatment of swollen lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are apart of the lymphatic system that helps the body to get rid of the excess fluids from the tissue. These lymph nodes act as a purifier that helps in filtering the lymph. These lymph nodes sometimes tend to become swollen because of an infection taking place. It is a symptom that indicates the body’s resistance to a foreign particular. And it does go away after a couple of days as there are no specific medications for its treatment. Aromatherapy is one of them.

The aroma hydrosols can effectively help in reducing the swelling of the lymph node. Take about 30 ml of aroma hydrogen and dissolve it in about 1 liter of water. Sip the diluted water all through the day. However, if it doesn’t show any difference in the swollenness than you can apply it directly on the infected areas. Apply it for atleast 3 times a day. if this change in the treatment does not show any improvement then it is best consult a physician.

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