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Updated on 24 Sep 2009,
Published on 24 Sep 2009

Stress and back pain share a symbiotic relationship that can adversely affect the health of individual to such a degree that it can worsen the back pain problem. When we talk of back pain caused by stress, it is not limited only to the physical stress that we go through. Mental and emotional stress can be as damaging as any other causes of back pain. Emotional stress can cause severe back pain as an immediate response which in the long run may lead to back injury and can cause other life-threatening health conditions. Stress can cause both upper and lower back pain.

Stress causes a release of stress hormones which increases the perception of pain. These hormones tend to tighten up the muscles that lead to painful spasms. This tension in return reduces the blood flow and leads to the development of acidic wastes that causes fatigue and pain. The parts of our body that is most susceptible to the effects of stress are the back and the neck muscles. Stress related tension can cause more serious effects in addition to the temporary discomfort. When a person is under stress, the back is less capable of tolerating even a mild abuse. With the muscles tightening up, it causes the back more vulnerable to injury.

Thus it is important to learn to recognize the moments when your moods and stress level starts to affect your health. As far as the causes of stress related back pain is concerned, there are a number of theories that have been propounded. And in most of these theories, the pain continues making the individual more anxious and timid about their daily activities. The daily activities of the patient become limited for fear of the pain and the discomfort. These limitations in turn may contribute towards weak muscles and physical de-conditioning.

Social isolation, depression and anxiety are the other levels of emotional state of mind the patient experiences. Thus to fight against, it is very important to know when it starts and how to control it. This pain usually starts at the back of the head and moves to different directions. Thus many people tend to hold their emotional stress in their muscles which results in severe back pain. 

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i am 14 years old, im a girl;, andright now. when i clench my shoulders together, theres a pain between my shoulder blade. i suffer from anxiety/panic disorder. i am on meds. .5 lorazepam. and any little thing makes me paranoid. i am kinda worried about this !! what do u suggest ?!!? HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:
Meditation helps with relaxation. Personally, I like to sing the chant "om mani padme hum." google/youtube it.
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