Can Mirena Cause Early Menopause?

Updated on 04 Jul 2012,
Published on 17 Mar 2009

Mirena, also known as Mirena IUD, is actually a contraceptive, a type of birth control method. Mirena IUD stands for Mirena Intrauterine Device. It is actually a hormone device placed in the uterus. This device releases progestin that helps in lowering the risk of becoming pregnant. Its presence in the uterus prompts the endometrium to release substances that are hostile to both sperms and eggs. This contraceptive device should be inserted by a well-experienced doctor. This T-shaped device slowly releases hormones which

1) Block the sperm from reaching the eggs,

2) The lining of the uterus is made thinner which tends to reduce bleeding.

3) Prevents the ovary from producing eggs.

Unlike most of the IUCD’s that are being used as contraceptive, Mirena IUD makes the flow lighter and thus tend to have several effects on the reproductive system. And since the contraceptive leads to lighter menstrual flow, most people believed that it could be a cause of early menopause. However, it is very difficult and neither possible to give and effective comment as far as the statement above is concerned.

Menopause is one such stage of a woman’s life where her menstrual cycle comes to a halt for the rest of her life. It marks the end of her reproductive years. Every woman goes though this phase at some point of their life. In their early thirties through late forties, they tend to experience certain feelings and symptoms that could be indicative of the onset of menopause. Women may also experience physiological changes in their body and is often believed to bring about a major change in the life of the woman. The hormone balance in the body is subject to change. These changes may take place early or later in life.

On an average, late forties or early fifties are considered to be the normal age for the onset of menopause. However, if the signs appear earlier then it is referred to as earlier method. The first signs of menopause are an indication or a warning sign that cautions the body of early menopause.

So far, there are no researches or studies being conducted on this issue and thus there is no definite answer to the question, can Mirena cause early menopause? So the best way out to find an answer for this question is to contact a specialist or an organization that could provide you with the required assistance and information.

Also read on to know more about the menopause symptoms. Your views and comments are important to us, so feel free to share them.

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Sanober Wills
are there any side effects involved with the use of Mirena?
I have been using it for the last 4-5 years and it is simply great. I would recommend it to those who suffer from heavy menstruation.
how long does a Mirena once inserted lasts?
I had Mirena inserted for 10 months and spotted DAILY for the entire time due to hormone imbalance it caused. I would recommend a hormone blood level test FIRST. I had to take "the pill" to get the hormone so Mirena is a waste for women like me.
I put Mirena several months after my first child was born in 2006. I kept it for 6 months. Even from the beginning I notice that it was not the right thing for me, but my doctor kept telling me that I will get use to it, that it's normal for some people to bleed all the time, and that will gradually stop for 3 or 4 months. My partner was complaining that he could feel the cords of IUD, but my doctor was ensuring me that it was all mental and that with time we will get used to it (we never did). So every time I went to see the doctor, to remove Mirena, she made me keep it again, by telling me that I need to give it more time... Meantime I had to go on a very long business trip outside of the country. So I continued bleeding for 6 months. As result I had a sever anemia. I had short time memory loss. I had 3 sever attacks of stomach pain followed by black outs. I felt tired all the time. I had body hear loss.... etc... After 6 months of horror, when I get back to see my doctor, all convinced that I want to take it of, she still asked me: are you 100% sure you want to do this? As if we were talking about having an abortion, not the cause to my problem.... Anyways, when I took out Mirena, I immediately felt much better. Within a week I felt healthy again. and within a month my anemia was gone, and I was Healthy again. But now I'm 30 and two years after taking mirena of my menstrual cycle got shorter, an I have all symptoms of having an early menopause. For this I blame Mirena. I believe it broke the hormone balance in my body.
I have had the mirena for 4 1/2 years.... at first I thought it was wonderful (for me), however my sister had tried it and bled heavily for three months until she removed it. My concern is that I am now full swing into premenipause. When I as my OB she says it has nothing to do with it, but how can that be possible? I have not had a period since it was inserted and I believe that this is the reason. They need to study this as this is a MAJOR side effect that needs to be researched. OB's think this is the KEY to birth control, but had I known I'd go into menipause about 10 years early, I would NOT have selected this form of birth control.
Pleased with mirena
I've had it in for 5 years now and really like it, it's come to the end of its life and I'll get it replaced this month. It's great not to have to think about contraception and I love not getting periods. My gynecologist told me that the disadvantage was that periods could become imperceptible, I couldn't believe that she called that a DISadvantage. I'm 48 and had started getting occasional hot flushes and night sweats before I got it inserted, I didn't get any more until about a month ago. I googled menopause and mirena because I was wondering whether it was the progestogen in the mirena that had kept my symptoms at bay for over 4 years. My hair has continued to get greyer and my reading glasses have got stronger in those four years, but I imagine that would've happened without a mirena too. My sex drive was very good for a couple of years but has tailed off again now, maybe the solution to that is a change of partner!
Extremely Worried
I have had mirena since 2007 and for the past couple months I have been having hot flashes and really bad night sweats. I have also been experiencing constant breast tenderness. Ive been doing a lot of research and the symptoms in addition to these i have been experiencing correspond to premature menopause. Is it possible I am experiencing premature menopause from mirena?
Anne nonnymouse
I don't care what the "experts" say. Mirena causes early menopause. All of you that think you love it now, just wait until you have it removed. I'm just waiting for the class action suit.
Perfect for perimenopause
Well into peri-menopause, I was sexually active and wanted a contraceptive that I didn't have to worry about. A 5-year solution sounded perfect. The first couple of months brought some ugly side effects - extended heavy bleeding and then spotting for another 2 weeks, a foul odor, and very tender breasts - not to mention the foul mood all of this caused. I was NOT so sexually active during those first months and I wanted to give up on it, but my GYN convinced me to give it another couple of months to give my body a chance to get used to it. By the 3rd or 4th month, my period went back to normal, the next one was practically non-existant, and I haven't had one since. It could be menopause, or it could be Mirena. Does it matter to me? Not in the least. I figure I'll leave it in for another couple of years and when it comes out I should be free and clear. It was a rough start, but at this point I couldn't be happier with Mirena.
I wouldn't do it if i was informed early menupause is the possible side-effect. But nobody told you when you first got it. I am now 41. And had night sweat and was sleepless for a couple weeks. I had mirena in 2005 after i had my second child. And I had a new one last year. Before I did i did a little bit research on its side-effect. But there was none. Now I am's horrible. I have an older sister. Both she and my mom never had their menopause at age 41. I am healthy no smoker.
I was on mirena for a year and a half. I developped terrible night sweats, exhaustion, blurred vision and tinnitis. I removed it nearly 3 years ago but my symptoms are still awful but not as severe. I strongly believe mirena is responsible for my early menopausal symptoms.
I agree with an earlier poster. I know the "experts" say they can't know for sure, but just do a search for Mirena and menopause...there are SO MANY women that went into early menopause while on tis drug. I was one of 41. Remember, menopause does not just mean the end of your reproductive years, it also means a much higher risk of bone problems, and many other issues. I assume there will be a class action suit soon. If you are on it, I urge you to do some research on the Internet. Read other wonen's stories. There are FAR too many for it to be coincidental.
To be honest, if it does cause early menopause, that would be a bonus! I never want kids, and I hate having periods, so I can't see that early menopause would bother me at all!
I am now 42 and had my first Mirena put in when I was 34. Two years later I experienced all the joys of menopause, starting with loss of temperature control leading to one summer of migraines every two days followed by frequent night sweats, hot flashes, raging mood swings, weight gain and bloating - you name it I probably had it. Got tested at the doctors, was told I was in premature menopause at 36 years old. I went on to Estradiol HRT and carried on...high blood pressure followed, then a diagnosis of diabetes type 2. Now the odd thing, since I am currently on various medications for the diabetes and a mildly underactive thyroid (another recent development) I decided to cut down and then eradicate the HRT. I took out the Mirena myself about 10 weeks ago. My cycle began again and I am now on my second period. All hormonal issues seem to be back to normal. My question then is whether the menopause symptoms I suffered were "faux" and caused by the Mirena - it would not be too surprising. My doctor was adamant that this could not be the case but surely a return to a full cycle would not be expected if menopause had concluded?
kaley white
I had the Mirena for four years. I gained 50 lbs, went through depression so severe that I was put on anti-psychotics, I bled for three months non-stop, then nothing at all. It was horrible and my doctors said it couldn't possibly be the Mirena. I finally insisted on getting it removed, immediately lost all the weight within a month, went off the anti-depressants, and my period came back. HOWEVER, my new doctor believes that thanks to the Mirena I am now experiencing menopause at age 35. I am so sad.
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