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Updated on 25 Sep 2009,
Published on 24 Sep 2009

Chronic back pain between the shoulder blades occurs quite commonly. Back pain which is also known as referred pain should not be ignored. The pain that you experience is actually a manifestation of something going wrong in your body. So avoiding such indications and considering that it will go away on its own will only make matters worse. As far as the causes of back pain between shoulder blades are concerned there are a number of them. Sitting in the wrong posture, disorders of the esophagus, stomach, pancreas, irritation of the diaphragm, viral respiratory infection, aortic dissection etc. can all lead to back pain in between the shoulder blades.

Back pain between shoulder blades can be the sign of a serious disease so it is important to keep tract of the pain. Following are some of the common causes:

1) Gall Bladder Disease: This disease is also called biliary colic. This condition is one such condition where the gallstones interfere with the normal flow of bile. The pain is usually felt in the upper abdomen but sometimes the pain may spread to the right shoulder or between the shoulder blades. The pain may be accompanied by nausea, excessive gas and vomiting. It may last from 15 minutes to several hours and once the attack passes it is not likely to recur for the next couple of months or years even. 

2) Torticollis: This is another condition that usually arises from the neck spread towards the shoulder and between the shoulder blades. The acute pain may cause abnormal neck posture along with tense, sore and hard muscle. The neck becomes quite stiff and forces the head to turn to one side.

3) Tight Chest: This condition is also referred to as Angina Pectoris. In this condition there is a feeling of heavy, crushing pain or some sort of a constriction in the chest. This condition is the result of physical exercise, psychological stress, extreme cold, heavy meal etc. This constriction induces pain between the shoulder blades which might be found in the throat, stomach etc.

4) Liver Cancer: This condition can be classified into primary and secondary. In the primary condition, the cancer starts in the liver and in the secondary condition the cancer starts from somewhere else and spreads to the liver. In liver cancer, there is an abnormal cell growth and causes discomfort, pain in between the shoulder blades and abnormal swelling.

5) Esophagus Cancer: This is one such condition where it does not show any symptoms till the cancer has advanced. This condition is generally detected when it is too late to cure. Pain in swallowing food, pain in the throat, back and between the shoulder blades are the common symptoms.

Cervical disc herniation is another cause of back pain in between shoulder blades. Our shoulder is the most unstable joint as it has been made in such a way to allow maximum movement. So it is very important to keep a close check of the symptoms that you experience in order to diagnose the causes.

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2008 had my gallbladder out. Still had bad pain between shoulders for a couple years after. Dr. ordered either a CT or MRI and it showed narrowing of the duct through the pancreas. Had spells off and on since. June had two obvious spells that came and went. Didn't think to tell the doctor when I had my appointment a couple weeks ago. Now I have dull pain between the shoulder blades constantly. Radiating up the the neck. Now I'm sick to my stomach and very anxious. Doctor office doesn't take calls till 9:00. I was told by my oncologist to get a blood sample drawn if this pain comes back. Well. I have to get a perscription first. Should I just go to the hospital. I'm naucious. I'm widowed turning 69 this Sunday.
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