Causes of Excessive Head Sweating

Updated on 27 Dec 2008,
Published on 27 Dec 2008

Excessive sweating is a serious problem which is being faced by a majority of people. According to statistics, about 2 % of the total population in America suffers from excessive sweating. Though excessive head sweating is not very common but it is a matter of great distress for those who suffer from it. To take hold of the situation, it is very important to know the causes of excessive head sweating. This form of profuse sweating is just as serious as any other form of sweating. And worst of all, it is the most difficult form of sweating to hide.

There are a fair amount of people suffering from excessive head sweating who suffer silently. It has become a sort of social disease from which, despite wanting to break away, they are unable to. Those suffering from this condition hesitate to talk about it and get help. But to keep on avoiding the situation is not the solution, it will only affect your social life. It is one of the worst sweating conditions that one might have ever come across. If these people still shy away from discussing it with their friends then it might result to anxiety which could last throughout their lives.

Excessive head sweating can lead you to a number of embarrassing situations such as smelly hair and other unhealthy habits such as itchiness, unhealthy hair etc. Without knowing the causes, it would be difficult to deal with the situation. Some of the possible causes of excessive head sweating are:

  1. Thyroid disorder: This is one of the most common causes of excessive head sweating. It is a condition in which people experience lethargy, scanty hair growth, excessive sweating, dry skin etc. This condition is also known as hypothyroidism where the thyroid gland secretes very less thyroid hormones. There is also another condition in which the thyroids are overactive and is known as hyperthyroidism. In this condition people experiences excess warmth and sweating, pounding heart, trembling hands and sometimes bulging eyes.

  2. Anxiety: This is one such situation which can lead to and even aggravate the excessive sweating symptoms. Most of those who suffer from excessive sweating claims that anxiety also cause sweating.

  3. Social distress: Those suffering from excessive head sweating often feel that they are being looked at by everyone. Since it is not an area which can be covered or hidden, it makes them extremely uncomfortable thereby making them sweat even more.

Other than this, genetics also play an important role as some people are found to have gotten the disease through it. There could be many varied reasons that cause excessive head sweating. Studies have also found that bathing your head with shampoos too regularly may also be the cause of excessive sweating. With such varied reasons, it is difficult for a doctor to pinpoint just one or two reasons as the causes of excessive head sweating. Head hyperhidrosis can also lead to other effects therefore, it is very important to consult with a doctor and get it treated at the earliest.

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Susie Levens
Hi there. I am going crazy with excessive heat sweats. I have these for nearly two years. It coincides with being diagnosed With two diseases but no one can tell me anything abut the heat sweats. I have Ischemic Colitis in the bowel which is very serious. I also have pnuemonia all the time in one lung and the only answer is to take a antibiotic every days and that keeps me clear and out of hospital. The Professor who looks after me for the lungs told me the head sweats are called pyrogens but can not offer me any help to stop them, As I sit here typing this I have rivelets of water running down my face and my hair is soaked. Can you offer any advice? Thank you.
margherita sansone
What causes symptoms such as excessive head sweating, shaking hands, heat in the head and shakiness and sluggishness?
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