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Updated on 25 Sep 2009,
Published on 25 Sep 2009

Right side back pain is one of the most common back pain problems that could range from mild to severe conditions. This condition is treatable and can be treated within the time span of about 6 months provided that you get to the root of the cause and find it out to eliminate it. There are a number of factors that can cause back pain and for the treatment of which it is important to understand the causes. At the very outset, back pain often comes and goes again, it is more like a fugitive sensation and diagnosing it would be the most difficult part. Some of the common causes of back pain are poor body posture, overweight, muscle imbalances, poor muscle condition injury etc.

It is very important to maintain the correct body posture in order to strengthen the spine and make it more stable. Maintaining the correct body posture plays a major role in alleviating the pain. Injury is another major cause of right side lower back pain. No matter how hard we try to prevent any form of injury, it may still occur. However, the pain that is caused by this condition can be reduced by undertaking the proper exercise. Thus it is very important to maintain a proper balance of the muscles by doing regular exercise. These were some of the mechanical causes that can be dealt with light stretches and regular body exercise.

There are also other causes that could lead to the development of right side lower back pain. Infection, hernia, irritable bowel syndrome and sciatica are other causes that could lead to pain that are confined only on the lower right side. If the pain you experience is accompanied by fever and nausea and develops gradually, then probably it is caused by infection. It could be due to urinary tract infection and for dealing with such condition it is important to seek the assistance of a doctor. Sciatica is another cause of right lower back pain. This condition is not a disease in itself it is a symptom that manifests itself due to the compression of the sciatic nerves.

Hernia and irritable bowel syndrome are other causes of lower back pain. Hernia is not a life threatening condition but if not treated in time then it can lead to complications in the future. Surgery is probably the only way to deal with hernia. Irritable bowel syndrome is another widespread cause of back pain. It is often accompanied by nausea, bloating and fatigue.  High fiber diet, intake of large amount of liquids may be helpful in dealing with the condition.

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Its essential to sit well, have good furniture in place and also get the essential exercise for these areas of the body.
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