Celebrities with Autism or Autistic Children

Updated on 12 Mar 2009,
Published on 12 Mar 2009

Autism is one such disorder which does not differentiate anyone in terms of age, sex, caste, class, religion, ethnicity, popularity etc. This disorder is one of the primary concerns which bothers not only the common masses but the celebrities as well. There are a number of well known personalities who are the victim of autism. Also there are a number of celebrities who have children with autism. Some of them deny the fact and do not wish to be publicized whereas some of them spoke of it openly to spread awareness among the general masses. Some even went to the extent of writing about their children with autism and the challenges they had to face as a parent.

Following are some of the historical and contemporary famous personalities who suffer from this development disorder called autism.

Historically Famous Personalities/Celebrities with Autism

1) Jane Austen – an English novelist of the 18th Century.

2) Emily Dickinson – A US poet of the 19th century.

3) Franz Kafka – a Czech writer

4) Albert Einstein – the German/American Physicist

5) Carl Jung – famous psychoanalyst

6) Isaac Newton – English mathematician and physicist

7) Beethoven – German/Viennese composer

8) Mark Twain - the US humorist

9) Graham Bell – Inventor of the telephone

10) Mozart – Austrian Composer

Contemporary Famous Personality Suffering from Autism

1) Bill Gates – US global monopolist

2) Bob Dylan – US singer and songwriter

3) Al Gore – Former vice president and the Presidential candidate

4) Keanu Reeves – Lebanese/Canadian/UA Actor

5) James Taylor – US singer and songwriter

6) Michael Palin – the US comedian

7) Bobby Fischer – US Chess Champion

8) Michael Jackson – US singer

9) Woody Allen - US comedian, actor, writer, director, producer, jazz clarinetist

10) Tony Benn – English Labor Politician

The month of April adds a meaningful matter to all the Hollywood celebrities, mostly among those celebrities who have autistic children. The month of April is the autism awareness month. Among the handful of celebrities who stepped forward to discuss about their family members suffering from this disorder, Sylvester Stallone, Jenny McCarthy, etc are two of them who talked about their autistic sons.

Also, read about the treatment of autism to know the steps that should be taken towards helping our autistic children. Your views and comments are valuable to us, so feel free to share it with us.

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If people with autism can be so popular then why worry about it.
Gosh I dint know that Bill Gates has autism
Forest Gump is another character with autism.
a smart person
SOS you are an idiot! Autism is a huge issue these days. Read up on things before leaving ignorant comments. My son has Autism and has worked VERY hard to fight it and is doing a great job. Do not downplay what these kids/adults go through.
hi my name is logan i have autism so rock out loud for the autistic people yo yo
Micheal Palin is english btw x
I have two children who are autistic, and I love them with every fiber of my being. Everyday is a struggle, but it does get better. =)
My 8 year old son has autism and he was diagnosed at age 3. It has been hard work trying to tell him, but worth it. A Smart Person: I agree with you! Logan: What are you diagnosed with and how old are you if you don't mind me asking?
Just Savannah
I have two wonderful brothers, The oldest suffers with: Autism and Epilepsy. The youngest suffers from: Autism, Disruptive behavior disorder, and another "seizure" disorder.. And each and everyday is difficult.. both of them were diagnosed at just over a year, but I wouldn't have them any other way.. So for all of you mom's out there, I know how hard it is, and I know how special they are to you, and I pray that each step along the way shows you just how special they are... and SOS, I want you to know that each autistic child is different, and that you are an idiot. You obviously have no idea how difficult it is to raise a child with autism, or even be a child with autism. Why don't you magnify all of your senses times 10, and see how you feel after someone screams, or drops something, or whatever be the case. Most parents have to work extremely hard to get the services they need for their kids. You have no clue about that. High functioning autistic children usually fall between the cracks of services because they barely do not qualify. It has taken 3 years to get the oldest of my brothers to talk, and I cherish every word that comes out of his mouth! The youngest had to learn sign language as a baby because he couldn't talk. He is just turning 3 and he has a more extensive vocabulary than yourself. Just to let you know Karma will come and bite you on the tail.. God forbid that you be given a child with autism. It takes a special person to be able to handle then. So you can retract that comment, and take these words of advice. "THINK BEFORE YOU TYPE." If you have no clue about the subject, keep your fingers off the keyboarding. You are a true idiot.
I am disgusted with the Poplar Bluff school system. Let me tell you a little bit about myself first. My name is Christina Crawford and I moved to the Poplar Bluff School district in 2009 from Naylor. I thought that it would help my youngest child who had recently been diagnosed with ADHD, PDD, OCD, and ODD he had and still has a lot of social and communication difficulties, since they were a bigger school and his Mental Health Doctor thought that they could offer him more. Every since I feel like the Poplar Bluff School system has worked against me. Brandon has behavior problems and anger issues but these are stemmed from his disorders. If Brandon is put into a smaller group these behaviors are less common. Brandon is under the care of Naveed Mirza, MD and he also sees Aaron Allen for his counseling needs. Recently, Brandon has become more aggressive at school. He has hit, kicked, and pushed students. They complain when his medicine makes him too tired and they complain when his medicine does not make him "blend in". There is no pleasing them. They have threatened to call in authorities to have him hospitalized. Which Dr. Mirza and myself agree this would only make the situation worse because of Brandons condition. He does not need hospitalization. I have tried to get him into O'Neil school which has a autistic classroom and a behavioral classroom. When requesting these services he was denied because his behaviors are not severe enough. Which I do not understand because his behaviors are severe enough to kick him out of school, kick him off the bus, swat him, take away his free time, call me everyday and call higher authorities to have him put away. He is too smart for the Autism room but if anyone knows what autism was they would know that autistic children are execptionally smart. I do what is right by Brandon he attends all of his counseling appointments and goes to all his other doctors appointments and more. Anytime the school has had a problem I took him to Dr. Mirza that day or the very next morning. I make sure that he takes the meds that are prescribed to him. I did what I was suppose to, why cant the school do what they are suppose to. I understand that he dont completely fit the descriptions of the other students in these classes but they should have had to accommodate to him. They could have put him in "special classes" but gave him the normal second grade work, in order for him to function to the best of his ability. I know that Brandon is probably only one case where people fall in the cracks because he is not able to function in the classroom because of his disorders and he cant get put in special classes because he is too smart. When I originally started this letter I wanted help getting special services for my son but after the threats and how degrading the school has made me feel I will not put my son back in Poplar Bluff Schools. I know that I am a great mother and I always put my children first. I just want to get my word out so maybe this does not happen to any other family. This has caused a ton physically and mental stress not only on me but also on Brandon, who deals with enough everyday already. Now this is causing financial stress because I have to home school him to make sure he is getting what he needs. What happen to No Child Left Behind? Thank you for taking the time to listen to me. Christina Crawford I am willing at answer any questions if it will help you resolve this issue so other families do not endure this problem.
SOS, how incredible nieve and offensive of you to say that. One of my friends has Asperger's syndrome, and he is one of the most nicest people I know. If no-one worried about it, these people will have no where to turn and no-one to turn to for support. You, like me, have no idea what it's like to live with Autism and I think that we should be supportive and accepting, not rude and arrogant.
I have a four year old son, whose autistic. I would like people to get a better understanding of autism before posting comments or writing articles. Unfortunately, every autistic person doesn't become a Bill Gates. My son has no words, doesn't sleep alot, wont eat many foods, understands little and can't take care of himself. We all should learn the facts before deciding if things are worth "worrying about".
Hi, my 8 year old son has recently been diagnosed with Autism after a lengthy 4 year (ridiclous)procedure, He is my everything, he is so lovable and funny but he suffers from anxiety which causes him to "go into a bubble" and shake, Life is hard -everyday is different and a struggle for him, Although he does not realise at the moment that he is different, I have tried to keep this from him as he wouldnt cope with it. He is so special and intelligent to the point he drains me yet he cannnot read or write or do the basics. I love him for who he is and not what he is. I also think pig headed narrow minded people really should do some research and realise that these children only ever need love and care - You should be grateful for your health!!!!!!! Im sure if they were to live with an autistic child/person for a week their opinion would change. This world really needs to wise up and open it's eyes to what really is important.
So if it's such a problem then why are the most famous people of all time AUTISTICS?Theirs different types of Autism I Understand Im Autistic myself and I had problems when I Was Younger. But Dont make Autistics out to be a terrible thing because if it wasn't for Autistics the world would have been alot different. So If your kids Autistic don't complain and say oh it's gonna get easier cuz if my mom did that to me I would be a lame person you have to embrass what they have and be blessed you have such a great son/daughter.
my 10 yo has pdd which means he has severe impulse control problems, he has strong behavioral problems,major food aversions,socially estranged,and major speech delay.he looks normal on the outside but his mind is wired differently then regular kids.when frustrated he bites himself,screams or will sob uncontrollably.the houses windows are locked and doors deadbolted because he will run.our family is severely affected by his disability as we can go nowhere due to behavioral and saftey issues.i am his caregiver and have had to give up having a life of my own to care for him.i have other children and am unable to attend their sport events.it is sad.the other kids are missing trips to see grandparents,aunts,uncles and cousins because of the behavioral issues are so severe.no meds have been successful at significantly improving his condition,but have left him obese.he is bright,beautiful and functional in some of his adls,but things that come naturally to most he has to be taught and somethings he cannot do on his own,like bathing,washing himself or washing his hair.i wish there was more help for those of us with children of autism or strong autistic trates but there is not.we struggle daily.i love him unconditionally and wish so ever much i could make him better and give him the life his brothers and the majority of his peers will have.our life is hard.the government should help these children and their families but dont.it is frustrating and unfair.
SOS.... Do us all a favor and keep your mouth shut!! You don't have a friggin clue what it's like to have autism, let alone raise a child with autism! It's a struggle AND a challenge for all families who are raising a child on the autism spectrum. So do your homework and research on this growing epidemic before you make dumb comments, you MORON!!! Here's the lesson of the day: If you don't have anything INTELLIGENT to say, then don't say ANYTHING at all!!!!
Forest Gump does not have Autism. He is probably retarted, although he is very inspiring
Actually many of the names listed probably actually had adhd and not autism. However autism gets all the attention and funding, the families effected by adhd get ignored and treated like second class citizens in the world of special education. I am not downplaying the significance of autism which I know I will get jumped on for my opinion by all the self righteous, but it's the truth. A child with aspergers and their family get all the sympathy in the world, the adhd families get told it's their fault. Both are social disorders yet one gets treated as just a behavioral disorder and nothing else by most teachers and professionals. Sorry to speak the truth. I have one child with aspergers and one child with adhd, so I have really experienced it. Mark Twain definently had adhd and to say he may have had autism is just people trying to mislabel the man. Listen to his humor, it's obnoxious enough to be one us (yes I have adhd). Einsten probably had autism, but not Twain. And Emily Dickenson had bi polar. People with autism don't use symbolic language like those writers did and certainly don't have a twain sense of humor. The developmental doctor knew my child didn't have autism because he was using methaphors and people with autism don't use metaphors. Sooo how can a writer that uses metaphors have autism.
Based on my research Autism by an older father, just like down syndrome is caused by an older mother. Do the dates folks. Nature intended children to be born from young parents. The older the parents get (35 and up) the more likely autism or down syndrome will occur.
I have the best Son in the whole wide world. God truly gave me the world when He blessed my life with our Son. We have been going through alot of challenges with insurance, speech therapy, ABA therapy, ECI I just could go on and on. I feel depressed because I feel like I am the cause of my Son having Autism. Our Son has not even been formerly diagnosed because it is a year wait list with Texas Children, but I have an upcoming appointment in July 2012 to go to Cleveland Clinic. I agree that people all have their individual stories of how Autism effects each family. Our children can only truly understand how Autism is affecting them and it is our job to help them be able to tell that story.
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