How to Cure Diabetes Naturally with Indian Gooseberry

Updated on 15 Jan 2013,
Published on 31 Aug 2012

Indian gooseberry (Amla) is a citrus fruit which contains a sour and sharp flavor. Its considered as the 'Best Food' in one of the greatest Ayurvedic authorities, Shusrut. Many Ayurvedic physicians and Unani medicine Hakims recommend it as a fine remedy for healing various heart and body defects. They also use it as a topical application because of its cool and astringent values.

indian gooseberry, amlaIndian Gooseberry also helps to cure diabetes naturally. This is a problem in which the blood sugar shoots-up to a very high level. It causes the symptoms of increased thirst, hunger, excessive urination, weight loss, fatigue, blurred vision, skin problems and bladder infection. So, let's find out that how amla helps to treat this irritating disease in this information!!

How Indian Gooseberry Treats Diabetes?

This fruit contains an element called chromium. It has curative values which help to heal the trouble of diabetes. There occurs a stimulation with the use of amla. This helps the isolated groups of cells to secrete the hormone insulin. It results in the regulation of high blood sugar level in your body which is the main cause of diabetes.

- For this, take one tablespoon of amla juice mixed with honey daily.

- In another remedy, mix one tablespoon of its juice with a cup of bitter gourd juice. Drink it daily for around two months. It will not only control the problem of diabetes, but also prevent any eye complication related to this disease.

- You can also mix equal amounts of amla, jamun and bitter gourd powder. Take one teaspoonful of this mixture everyday with water for curing this sugary-distress.

However, it would be safe enough if you consult a good medical expert before trying any of these remedies. This will help you to adjust these natural medicines with your body temperament and follow a particular diet to get the desired results.

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