Dangers of Injection Tanning - Find out How it Harms You

Updated on 08 Jul 2009,
Published on 08 Jul 2009

Tanning of the skin today signifies beauty and healthy skin on the cover. Beneath the cover lies the harsh truth of a damaged skin. Skin tan is actually anlately indication of the damage that is being done underneath the skin due to exposure to the sun. Come summer and you will find a large number of people rushing towards sea beach to sunbath. But it has been discovered that the rays of the sun which were earlier considered as good for health can induce skin cancer. The ultraviolet rays that the sun emits are responsible for causing such a deadly disease.

Injection tanning which is better known as the Barbie drug is a source of sunless tanning like other sources of indoor tanning such as tanning beds, sunlamps and tanning pills. The tanning drug which is called melanotan has to be injected in the stomach on a weekly basis to get that golden tan without having to bask in the sun. The key ingredient of Melanotan works by activating melanocytes in the individual’s epidermis.

Melanocytes are the skin cells that could become malignant in some forms of skin cancers, which the experts suspect that there could be possible links between the drug and increased risks of cancer in the long run. However, the drug has not been approved by the authorities and is illegal. The drug is used to stimulate the melanin under the skin, which generally do not function unless damage occurs, to give a suntan.

Though the trials of melanotan have yielded some effective results such as it helps in the reduction of 50% sunburn in fair people and in some people it could trigger upto 100% melanin production in some areas but there are also a number of short term effects associated with it. Some of these short term side effects are increased libido, Viagra effect, weight loss, flushes, nausea, hepatitis, etc. The long term side effects are not yet known.

Despite the warnings by experts, most women seem to turn a deaf ear to it and opt for the injection tanning as they consider it safer than the tanning beds which has been clinically proven to cause skin cancer.

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