Dangers of Sun Tanning - Darker Side of SkinTan

Updated on 06 Jul 2009,
Published on 06 Jul 2009

During ancient times sun tanning was considered to have therapeutic benefits and thus most of the people use to sunbath considering its healing properties. Later on tanning of the skin became a fashion statement. In order to create a sunkissed skin, people began to use tanning oils. Today being tanned has become a status symbol and an overall health. You would also find a number of tanning salons around the country that has grown five times since the year 1991. Despite the serious health effects that are associated with tanning, its popularity continues to rise to no bounds.

It was only in the late 1970s that researchers began to link suntan with skin cancer. The ultraviolet rays constitute the sun rays which is one of the major causes of skin cancer. Depending on the wavelength of the ultraviolet rays, it is further classified into three rays. UVA, UVB and UVC. Earlier, the UVA and UVC were considered to have no effects on the skin. But recent researches have indicated that it is only the UVC, which does not seem to have any effect on the skin as it is absorbed by the ozone layer.

UVA and UVB are the two rays that are said to cause skin cancer. In fact, UVA has been found to be a deeper penetrating radiation that causes more damage. No doubt the sun provides a number of health benefits but skin cancer is not what we are looking forward to. Vitamin D that we get from the sun is very essential for our health but to get it, we do not have to tan our skin. Just a small amount of sunlight suffices the requirement. It must be remembered that not only sunburn but a moderate amount of suntan can produce the same effect of causing skin cancer.

Of late the number of skin cancer patients has been rising enormously as a result of the UV radiation from the sun, tanning beds and sunlamps. Other than cancer, there are also a number of side effects that tanning of the skin induce. Some of these are early aging, freckles and sun spots, wrinkles, etc. It also suppresses your immune system and makes it weaker. The number of cases of melanoma is rising in the United States with an estimated 47,700 new cases and 7,700 deaths anticipated this year.

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