Does the Media influence Anorexia on Teenagers?

Updated on 28 May 2009,
Published on 12 Dec 2008

The answer to the question, does the media influence anorexia on teenagers’, is a booming ‘YES’. The media by using underweight models and actresses have been conveying the message of ideal beauty and a perfect body to children and teenagers. And as a result, the rate of eating disorders among teenagers has been on the rapid rise. Adolescence is such a stage when they go through a lot of stress. It becomes quite difficult for a teenager to fit into the social strata of a society. In order to move on the teenagers look for a role model whose footsteps they can follow. And unfortunately they pick up models and actresses as their role models.

Now how does media influence teenagers? For quite some time media has been focusing on the physical beauty of a person. The Ad makers in order to sell their products have been using skinny and the 'so-called beautiful' models to advertise the products. The trend of skinny models, who are thin to bones, have set in since the last couple of years. Those who are not skinny are being criticized as fat. The standard of beauty set by the society is rather shocking. Those who are healthy and perfectly fit are being termed as flaw and those who are unhealthily thin and underweight are labeled as the perfect body.

Directly or indirectly such negative messages of a perfect body have been conveyed to the teenagers. These distorted perceptions of perfection and what is being accepted in the society influences the self esteem and self worth of the teenagers thereby driving them to become anorexic. The portrayal of a perfect woman by the media influences the mind of woman making them realize that they do not have the perfect body. These women are made to believe that to look beautiful and socially accepted one must possess a thin to bone body, which further lowers their self esteem.

If you happen to flip over the pages of magazines and TV programs that are specially meant for teenagers, you will notice that these sources portray and feature models and characters who are rarely overweight. You would notice most of them to be underweight. And this is how the media successfully influences anorexia among the teenagers.

Now the time has come to save the teenagers from such negative influences. And it is possible only if the exposures to such body damaging programs are limited. Instead the teenagers must be encouraged to take care of their body fitness to stay healthy.

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