Does Tubal Ligation Bring On Early Menopause?

Updated on 17 Dec 2010,
Published on 01 Apr 2009

Tubal ligation is the surgical process of permanently cutting or blocking off of the fallopian tubes in females. This surgical process is the best way out for those who want to lead an active sexual life without having to worry much about birth controls. A number of women ask for this surgery process however a major risk of heavy bleeding after surgery is involved. Most of the women who have had tubal ligation often complained about frequent menstruation and other gynecological problems. Some of them even complain about premenstrual syndrome.

The aftermath of the surgical process leads to the development of the premenopausal symptoms. Yet it is still difficult to pinpoint if tubal ligation brings on early menopause. Studies and researches are being carried out to figure it out with proper evidence. However, all the symptoms after tubal ligation direct the premenopausal symptoms. It’s difficult to find out whether the symptoms are caused by premenopause or by tubal ligation. It has been found that those who have undergone tubal ligation in their 20s are found to be having more menstrual problems than those who had this surgery in their 30s.

Since the tubal ligation can most likely impair the blood from flowing into the ovary thus it is quite likely to cause menstrual irregularities or even cause perimenopausal symptoms. Following are some of the symptoms that are seen to develop in those who have had tubal litigation:

1) Heavy menstruation

2) Irregular menstrual cycle

3) Ovarian failure

4) Less sexual desire

5) Non-cyclic pain

6) Hormone imbalance

7) Osteoporosis  

8) Increased Risk of Heart Disease

The symptoms above are quite similar to the perimenopause symptoms. Tubal ligation as such may cause heavy menstruation due to abnormal bleeding, cramps and disruption or normal blood between fallopian tubes, ovaries and uterus. In the words of Dr. Christiane Northrup, MD “after a tubal ligation, the surgical process induces lower secretion of progesterone. And to address these problems, women should take proper diet and follow regular exercises. Also, natural progesterone hormone can be used in order to maintain the hormone balance. If happens to short out the problems of menopause the aging process will slow down, women will be having a good life."

Read on to know if mirena causes early menopause or not.

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I am getting it done next week and I am pretty excited about it. If anyone has had it done then do share your experience with me. I would love to hear that. Thanks in advance =)
My wife had a tubal ligation not long ago. But after about two weeks or so, she began to develop severe backache problems. Though, she is much better now I would suggest you to think twice before you go for it.
I had this TL done a couple of years ago. Initially I did not experience anything but after about 4 months I began to experience stomach cramps. My doctor said that it is nothing and will soon go away. This was 6 years ago. Till today I still have these cramps.
I would think twice about getting a TL. I was a very healthy person and had the surgery done at age 42. I specifically asked the surgeon if the operation could send me into early menopause. He said, "No." He lied. I never had another period and immediately began having hot flashes, gaining weight and never had another period--my hair thinned and began falling out and felt like I was not comfortable in my own skin. I had hot flashes for the next year almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When I went back to my PC physician and told him about the symptoms, he said that they were not severe enough to be hot flashes and suggested I try an anti-depressant. It enraged me and left me with a PROFOUND mistrust of doctors who see me as a billing opportunity rather than as a person.
Beth Kuhn
I am 25 and had my tubal over a year ago after my 4th child (3rd unplanned and prevented by pharma birth control.) I have two separate menstrual cycles now... 1 lasts 3 days with severe clots. I have 2-4 days of no cycle, followed by a second lighter spotting for 10 days. I am experiencing severe hair thinning. No abdominal pain. The post-surgery pain was horrible for several months but no pain now, not even during my cycle(s). If I had to do it over, I NEVER would have due to self-imagine of hair loss. But all other symptoms were/are tolerable, just inconvienent.
I'm almost post op 1 year, was just befor my 29th b-day, the surgery was fine little or no pain afterwards. Havn't noticed any symptoms like hair loss or menopause symptoms. menstral cycle is a bit outta wack, but nothing to serious a bit heavier.
I got my TL when I was 31 yrs old. I never had any serious symptoms just maybe the heavy bleeding and irregular period. At age 38: I haven't had a period in 8 months. I kept saying to myself "well I know that i am not pregnant". The days and the months went by, finally i decided to go see my doctor. I was shocked! to find that I was in menopause! It just hit me..What!! I started to do some researched and here i am trying to learn how to deal with it. The more researched I did the more depressed I got. One thing I am not going to do is get estrogen because that can cause breast cancer and hormones make your have a fake period. What I am doing is taking a complete vitamin for women. I might try some of the natural stuff out there. I am not having the night sweating "thank God". I got the slight mood swings. Sometimes I get sad and I want to be alone. Overall its a change of life and we women have to just live with it and learn how to take control. Don't let menopause take control of you but, you take control of it. I think I will do just fine..
Brittany Lafferty
I'm 22 yrs old and I had my TL in Aug,2009. I'm experiencing major mood swings, extremely heavy menstrual bleeding, increased anxiety, night sweats and hot flashes. I have really bad stomach cramps and the urge to urinate more frequently than before and my hair is falling out extremely bad. I was just wanting to know if these can be the symptoms of premenopause? Please someone who knows the answer to this or have any information to help me with this, please reply. Thanks a lot. Please please help me with this. I have 2 beautiful girls to raise and i need to know what is going on in order to take charge of my life again and be a really good mom and wife....... Thanks
i has this surgery at the age of 21. that was 30 years ago. never a moments regret or problem. oh and i'm still not having menopause. or even issues with my period. i thank god every day i choose this instead of filling my body with man made hormones.
I had a TL in 2004, four hours after the birth of my second child. I was 28 years old at the time. Over the last few years I have lost my libido completely; have heavy periods for the first 4 days of my cycle and lasting a total of 7 days (each month); have mood swings and am always drained. After researching the internet, I am finding that TL's aren't all they are cracked up to be. I wish I would have known this was going to take "ME" and turn me into a totally different person. The worst part is that the insurance will pay for it to be done, but after all the medical & emotional complications it causes, they won't pay to undo it.
I had a TL in 04 right my c-section to have my twin boys and it's been all downhill since then. I ended up with anxiety/panic attacks 1.5 yrs later, hit depression, weight gain, and my cycle has been out of whack since then. Of course when this all began (and even now), it was depression, nothing out of the ordinary. I know I am in premenopause even if the doc doesn't think so. I have hot flashes, weight gain (I cannot lose weight to save my self, I take appetite suppressants, am on a nutritional program thru the doc, I've cut down considerably on my food intake and I can't lose a pound), my period is out of control. It's very heavy most times, then barely nothing, and over the past year, I've had it 2 times a month in 5 out of 12 mths. They are severe. The bloating, the headaches, and the cramps are unreal. Usually, I need to take 3 Pamprin or Midol to just get some comfort. I don't regret having the TL, I wish I had more information and I wish that when your in this position and are done having children, you are medically qualified to have a hysterectomy so you can move ahead without the years of hormonal attacks
I had a tubal done at age 42.(Last year) I felt great after having it done and no problems, but now it is a year later and I haven't had a period for 3 months. I am doing a lot of research and believe I may be in menopause. I do have hot flashes and seem more forgetful than normal. No regrets having the tubal because that in itself was something to not worry about - getting pregnant anymore. I do know that bloodflow to the ovaries will be gone/reduced after having the ligation done. This can bring on early menopause.
i wish i had more info before my TL 6 months ago. the bleeding is so HEAVY!!!! i cannot control it. i have to take off work the first two days of my cycle.
I had my TL 6 months ago and I am getting horrible symptoms...I am cramping awful, cycle is out of wack, hot flashes, panic attacks...even in my sleep...awful back aches and head aches....seems like my body reacts as if it is pregnant and I know that I am not. I never knew that this could be a result of my tubal. My symptoms seem to be getting worse....and to make it even more mood swings and irritability level are off the chart! I wish that I would have been informed on the side effects!
I had my TL when I was 23yrs. After my 29 birthday I have experience mood swing, heavy period causing anemia, hair lost... Now I am 37 yrs..and finally a Gynecologist said that my ovaries have been failing, to check my bone density, and that I have premenopause symptoms....If I could have known before I had my TL, I would have NEVER done this procedure...Doctor never mention of premenopause. Now after 14yrs, I am learning that Tubal Ligation is harmful for women's health.
i have suffered like you,3 months after tl,horrible anxiety/panoc attacks,insomnia,hair thinning,lots more,i am 39,with 4 kids and never been on the pill,only had tl as my c section scar came undone(1 yr after op)the only thing i take now is prozac 20mg a day,and natural progesterone cream on day 14-26,these both help saving up to get a reversal!!!
I am 28 and had mine done almost two years ago. My periods are fine and actually quite normal. Now today I notices irregular bleeding(first time)and I had my period 2 weeks ago. To early to make a rash decision on why I think it may be a natular body change. I notice some people who saying they went through early menopause are old enough to actually go through it. My mother had her tubes tied over 28 years now(after me) not one problem and went through menopause naturally and of age started in her 40's and almost 10 years and is done. I am still very happy with my decision and if i was to go through early menopause that is fine by me made the choice not to have kids any more that is why i got the procedure and it would only make it more official. But good luck to every one else
I am 33 years old...i had my TL a week ago. Its been a good recovery, not much complaints. My proble is that last night i woke up dripping in sweat. I couldnt sleep, i was cold but i would wake up dripping in sweat. I didnt do MUCH research into the whole process, after reading all these coments, i had no clue if it could be possible. I know it probably too early to assume... i shouldve done my FULL research.
I had my TL 8 years ago (21 yrs old)right after the birth of my second child. I experienced heavy bleeding and cramping for a long time irregular periods - never noticed the change in me until it started affecting my family. I wish I never had the tubal and now is wondering if a reversal would help reverse the affects of perimenopause and maybe I can stop taking hormones and take my life back. Most days I feel like I've missed out on life and cheated my children of the fun loving person I've always been until 2 years ago. Wow - I really screwed up! I will never fill whole again and its very saddening.
I can't believe what I am reading. FINALLY!!! I know this is what's wrong with me!!! Thank god I found this website.
I had a TL when I was 24,am now 34(and I have NO children)and I have to say that I have had a regular period(almost clock work), and it last about 3 to 4 days!The first two days after the TL the worst cramps I have EVER had, now hardly any!I have never had none of the other syptoms(sweating, hair loss, panic attacks). I feel bad for all of you that have had syptoms. I would also like to add that it is the BEST and the SMARTEST thing I have EVER done!
I am 42 and have three children (5/2/1 year old). I was cosidering Tl, but after reading these posting have decided not to. Thanks for sharing your stories.
I am 48 and had my TL done 11 years ago. No issues at all. I do believe I am pre-menopausal and wanted to see how a TL would affect the natural process. The symptons I am experiencing, more frequent periods, hot flashes, night sweats, after researching a number of different sites are all normal symptons of my aging. I along with about 10 other women I know have had no issues with the TL.
If I could stop any woman from having a TL I would. I wish I could have my body and mind back. I had my TL at 28, 6 years ago after my daughter was born. There is not a day that goes by that I don't regret that desision to have a TL. I have gained weight and can't loss it. I have horrible periods. My hair is falling out. I am drained most of the time. I was in a pretty bad depression for awhile. I try to exercise,eat right and I have found flaxseed or fish oil helps too.
I am 38 & had TL 13 months ago. I have no problems except a very VERY heavy period. I can't leave the house for the 1st day!!! Ugh!! And now I am starting to have what I think are hot flashes & mood swings. My doctor never mentioned any of this to me either. It's very irritating.
I had the tl after the birth of my 4th child by csection. It just seemed like the right time to do it and the doc assured me that there would be no hormonal conplications. It was the worst decision of my life. It cause heavy 10 day long periods, intense labor like cramps and extreme pelvic pain due to the filshie clips that were placed. Depression, anxiety, hair loss, facial hair, rashes, night sweats, hot flashes, and crazy mood swings. I finally had enough after 14 months and paid to have it reversed. My pain went away immediately, I haven't had any hot flashes, periods are back to normal, and the depression and anxiety went away. I saw changes within 3 days of the reversal. I finally feel like I am back to normal and I was 39 when I had my tubes tied, 40 when I had them reversed. BEWARE!
I am 32 years old and had a TL 4 years ago after my 3rd child. I really feel that it is a great decision if you are very sexually active and are worried about having a bunch of babies. It brings on perimenapause maybe...but you are going to get it anyway...there is no running from menopause. I was once on birth control and had blood clots so I did not want to do that again..and the constant shots from the depavera was not going to work for me.. and then the IUD stuck in my uterus for 5years just seem uncomfortable and like a nightmare.So the TL was the best decision for me...I had no cramps afterwards, heavy periold flow but nothing extreme..the best part was being able to go back to work the next day and have great sex without worries. Love this...and did I mention you do not have to worry about a period every month...I don't know about you but that is a PLUS and my !
i still have terrible symptoms 7 years PL. a hysterectomy was recommended for the heavy bleeding since i cannot take BC pills. i went to a holistic health practitioner and she suggested Solaray: Mexican yam with adrenal, and immediately the next period it was regular, 4 days, and has been for 5 years. also made me much calmer. blessings everyone
I had a TL 3 years ago next week. With the return of my period , immediatley my periods though not irregular are very very heavy, and last sometimes upwards of 8 days . My cramps on the first few days are much worse, And I have developed PMDD , i did suffer from pms, but it has gotten much worse. I am nw seeking Doctors help to deal with the symptoms. I wouldnt say i would go as far as t try and reverse it as i have heard women doing. but i was def shicked when i started researching my symptoms and found alot of information on the effects of TL, that i had previously not known.
Had my tl 6 years ago and I wish I would of not done it!!! Cramping is so bad i want to die! I have to take pain pills to help:( Hair loss, weight gain, night sweats, hot flashes and now I am always late on my periods! I have pms so bad it make me hate life for at Least 3days!! I am 36 and I should not be going through this at this age!! Do not have a tl..
i had my tl at 42 and for the first 2mths after was great. i now have long term bleeding (up to a 20 days at a time at its worst) and severe cramping low in pelvis. i am getting shuffled back and forths between hospital and dr with no real results. i had no clue that it could send me into early menopause until i started reading this. so be it i guess. if i knew this was going to happen would have opted for full hystorectomy and be done with it. the bleeding leaves me drained, moody etc. i am a single mum of 3 and it makes it even harder
hi trudi n all beautiful ladies, Healthcareveda Team fully sympathises with your condition but the only self-treatment you can go for is dedicating some of your precious moments from your busy schedule to your own health. Go for a good diet rich in iron as enough blood has been lost already, liquids as much as possible for the toxins to flush out, deep breathing to get rid of the impurities and pain inside your body and mind, bit exercises like stretching, aerobics to keep moving healthily and soft music to heal your mind and remain happy throughout your life. Socialise as much as you can and share your experiences with other women who have gone through this too. This will give you mental strength n yes, proper diet will ease your physical pain, intense and prolonged bleeding, hair problems, mood swings and everything else you might be going through. Keep in touch as we will be posting more articles on tubal ligation in near future. Here, wishes you all the best of health in future!!! Regards, Healthcareveda Team.
I had TL a little over a year now, my periods are regular once every month. I haven't had no problem ever since.I don't regret having this done!Everyone's bodies are different.Hopefully this will help someone make your decision!
I am 25 and had my TL 3 months ago, I haven't had a period since I had it done yet but I am constantly having bad cramps, hot flushes and my husband says my mood has dramatically changed, I just snap at the smallest thing, luckily I have an understanding husband who takes the worst of it so my 4 young children don't have to,
I had my TL done last year after I had my second daughter. I had a scheduled c-section and my OB-GYN asked me if I wanted to get my TL done at the same time. He never explained to me about the consequences that this would bring to my body, not even once he mentioned about the heavy periods and all the stuff. I have heavy, heavy periods, mood swings, depression, i have gain 12 pounds in 1 year, i looked bloated most of the time and i have been experiencing hot flashes lately. I have an appointment with an endocrinologist next week and after that with my OB-GYN whom sadly I don't trust anymore.
I would NOT recommend getting a TL. I got one done after my second child. I was in a terrible relationship and I am allergic to all forms of birth control from latex to the pill. I had it done when I was 21 years old. After the procedure I went into a terrible depression, had pain in my back, down my legs, my periods were irregular and my moods have been so bad that I would sit and cry for weeks on end. It has been 8 years since I had my TL and I regret it. I am on hormone replacement medications, have migraines daily and am on medications for that, have to take a handful of vitamins. It ruined my life. I have to take medications to get rid of water retention. I divorced my husband since and have remarried and we have talked of reversal if not for a baby at least for sanity.
I just had a tubal ligation tdy 5/7/2011. I cant use condoms im allergic to latex, Nuva ring causes blot clots, i tried natural method does not work i have two daughters 14yogirl 8 yrold girl and 3month old baby boy im 33years but i got pregn ant without tryingat 32 i thought i was already menopausal old and i dont want to be pushing out a baby at 40yrs old or 50yrs or 60yrs old if any of my daughters can not have a baby when older i have frozen embryos for them jic I fell blessed at least I was able to have children. I have always had heavy menstrual flow acompanied by backaches headaches and pms any which way we all are going to get old and go through menopause I just feel if you are sure you dont want any kids in the future this is a permanent decision.
I had a TL with filshie clips on 6/19/2012. I am a 30 year old mother of two. I only cramped the first day and had a period for 2 days then it stopped and then started back up for two days heavier but that was it. I do experience weird pain in my belly button every now and then but nothing severe. If you are certain you do not want any more children this is procedure is what you need. But only if you do not want any more kids.. With any surgery that closes your Fallopian Tubes will cause your body to cramp, bleed and feel uncomfortable. The price you pay to be sterile.
I had a TL after my 3rd baby she's almost a year now. And my only bad thing about mine is extreme hot flashes. Mostly brought on by being overly active. So it's hard to say if its premenopausal symptoms or just me running around. But I have had no difference in my periods maybe slightly lighter then before my 3 rd. but if your going to get a TL everyone is different so you never know what symptoms you'll get..good luck and make sure you have help afterwards :0) if you have small kids.
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