E-waste Pollution causes Cancer, DNA damage

Updated on 01 Jun 2011,
Published on 01 Jun 2011

A recent study has shown that e-waste pollution causes cancer, DNA damage and many other health problems like inflammation and oxidative stress. Check out the details here:

Electronic waste or e-waste or e-scrap is the section of loosely discarded, surplus, obsolete, broken electrical or electronic devices. The informal processing of these products in the developing countries cause severe health and pollution problems. In fact, even in developed countries recycling and disposal of e-waste includes a great risk for the health of the workers and communities who do the work of lifting heavy metals. The scrap industry USA EPA officials say that materials should be managed with caution so that the environmental dangers of unused electronics do not get exaggerated. And now this new research has confirmed that this waste can give a threat of cancer and it can also create DNA damage. Thus, here is an outlook on the way this e-waste promotes health problems for human species. Take a view right below!!!

Study: E-waste Pollution causes Cancer, DNA damage

This study was published in the journal of Environmental Research Letters. Here, electronic waste is described as the end of the life of electrical goods such as computers, television, printers and mobile phones. This research has shown that due to the crude recycling process, many pollutants such as persistent organic pollutants and heavy metals are released from e-waste. This process accumulates in the human body through contaminated inhaling air. To study its effects, the researches took air samples from one of the largest e-waste dismantling areas in China and researched their effects on human lung epithelial cells. The results underlined the fact that e-waste pollutants cause a high risk in both IL-8 and ROS levels indicators of an inflammatory response and oxidative stress.

In fact, an increase in the levels of P53 protein was also observed with the risk of organic soluble and pollutants being much higher than water-soluble pollutants. Whereas both inflammatory response and oxidative stress may lead to DNA damage. And the major concern regarding this health issue is the development of cancer. Other than it, the stress distress is also related with the cardiovascular diseases.

Thus, it is very necessary on the part of human population to not let such a big e-waste matter to disturb their own life. Rather the expert organizations should be promoted to find out a safe way to dispose them properly or they should be safely recycled and used again. So, take care of yourself and do lead a healthy life ahead!!!

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