Health Benefits of Banana For Skin

Updated on 11 Dec 2012,
Published on 02 Dec 2009

Bananas are beneficial for our health and can be used for skin care as well. It is highly rich in vitamins and minerals which helps in keeping you fit and healthy round the year. It advocates digestion and bowel movements and contributes to maintaining blood pressure, cholesterol level and anxiety as well. Since banana is rich in fiber and Vitamin C, it improves the digestion and gets rid of stomach ailments. And this indirectly contributes to a flawless and pimple free skin. Bananas also contain a large amount of carbohydrates called resistant starch, which are insoluble. This starch is helpful in burning the body fat.

Bananas are also loaded with soothing properties that help in reducing skin inflammation. The use of banana for the purpose of skin care began not very long ago. As per documentation, the ancient Egyptians used hippopotamus fat, gazelle dung ground donkey teeth mixed with honey to soften the hair and the skin. The skin of banana is also essential for getting rid of certain skin conditions such as insect bites, warts etc. Instead of applying or before applying any other medicine, just attach the skin of the banana on the area infected and wrap it up with a plaster. This will be helpful in reducing the blemishes, swellings and the irritation.

Applying the pulp of banana on the face, after mashing, helps in making the skin supple and soft. It is being used in a number of homemade beauty treatments. You can even use the pulp of the banana along with the regular face pack that you use. The peel of banana contains antioxidants and potassium, so simply rubbing it on your skin can be very helpful. It is known to be helpful in clearing acne as well. Applying banana on the face enhances the glow on your face. You can even mix the pulp of banana with honey in order to give a moisturizing effect on your skin.

So, after reading all these benefits of this super food, called banana, you might be thinking that how could you remain deprived of these benefits when you already have bananas at home. So, hurry! this is the time for you to get that glowing skin through the simplest way! all the best!

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