Health Benefits of Soup in Your Diet

Updated on 31 Mar 2010,
Published on 31 Mar 2010

The many health benefits of soup make it one of the favorites among most of the health conscious people. Soup nourishes the body from within and helps in combating a number of diseases. Anytime of the day is the perfect time for savoring a piping hot bowl of soup to satisfy your soul. Instead of stewing or frying vegetables, cooking it directly in soups is much more nutritional. And besides, it contains very less calories which again makes it the most preferred diet for dieters.

Soup no doubt contains very less calories but they are no less nutritious than any other meal. Soups are found to keep you full for longer than most other meals and this has been proved by the age old phrase "nothing fills me up like a hot bowl of soup". Following are some of the health benefits of soup:

1) Soups, chicken soup in particular, are very effective for treating cold and fever. It is an ancient and time-honored technique which makes you feel better instantly.

2) It also helps in controlling the calories and is the perfect weight loss diet. Soups are, in fact, the best weapon to combat obesity.

3) There are also certain nutrients that help in minimizing or preventing acne and wrinkles. In addition, it helps in enhancing the natural beauty of the skin.

4) Low-salt soup helps in getting rid of the excess body waste. Soup also helps in building the immune system by releasing the therapeutic properties of the food.

5) Also a bowl of soup a day can also be helpful in the prevention of diseases such as cancer, heart disease or stroke.

Of all the type of soups that are available, vegetable soups are the best. It is stimulating and has many health benefits. In general, soups are good because they help in maintaining the water balance of our body. Thus a bowl of soup helps in keeping the blood pressure under control and protect you from organisms, avoiding unnecessary calories.

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I love soups and try to eat at least twice a week. Yes they can be very nutritious, depending on what we put in them. They are not healthy if they are full of cream or saturated fats.. try replacing full fat cream with low fat plain yogurt, I am certain you will love the taste and yogurt is so much more healthier and lower in fat than cream.
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