Healthy Heart Foods - Best Foods that Make Heart Healthy

Updated on 06 May 2009,
Published on 25 Feb 2008

What are these healthy heart foods after all? These foods have the tendency to provide us those nutrients that our heart needs to function properly and produce enough blood for our body. So, here is the list of healthy heart foods:

1. salmon- salmon fish is highly rich in omega3 fatty acids protecting your heart from the formation of blood clots and the inflammation. Have any other oily ocean fish like tuna, sardines or herring at least twice a week.

2. apple with honey- as apples are rich in potassium and phosphorus, and low in sodium. And if you add honey to it, then it becomes one of the most effective home remedies for all sort of functional disorders of heart.

3. dates- for a weak heart, dates really work a magic! Soak dates overnight in water and crush them in the same water in the morning after removing the seeds. Take this for twice a week in this condition. It will strengthen your heart.

4. grapes- they tone up the heart and eliminate the cardiac pain and palpitation of the heart. The patient should adopt a grapes diet for a few days. This will bring rapid improvements. Grape juice proves to be beneficial when the patient is actually suffering from a heart attack.

5. Indian Gooseberry- It tones up the functions of all the organs of your body thereby building up your health.

6. Orange- orange juice sweetened with honey, is a very effective remedy for heart diseases. It is a safe energy giving food.

7. honey- take a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice in it. take this before going to bed as this is highly beneficial with the heart patients.

8. red wine- A glass of red wine improves your "good" HDL cholestrol level leading to a healthy heart but instead of red wine, red grapes are more effective and healthy. Go for the red grapes if possible. Get information on red grapes for more benefits.

9. olive oil- it lowers your "bad" LDL cholestrol levels, so you can use olive oil in cooking or here is a recipe for you- prepare a dip for whole grain bread, pour a bit of olive oil in a small bowl and add a bit of balsamic vinegar and sprinkle some oregano for garnishing.

10. walnuts- Walnuts are very good for a healthy heart.

Also get something to know about brain foods. And feel free to share your comments with us.

2 Response(s)
Gwen Moye
Wow great tips some I already knew about and some didn't. Think will try a few of those tips. The warm water ad tea I will try that tonight before I go to bed.
Glyn Ridgers
Love the info provided so thankyou, I am a 38 year old male and have been vegan for 15 years and was well suprised and shocked that i had an MI and my cholesterol was 7(UK) how and what benefits does honey provide and would agar syrup have the same benefits. Thankyou so much and look forward to your reply. Glyn
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