History of Mononucleosis - A Viral Infection

Updated on 12 May 2009,
Published on 22 Jun 2008

After knowing about what is Mononucleosis, it becomes necessary for us to know a bit, if not much, about the history of Mononucleosis.

This medical term was first described in the Johns Hopkins Medical Bulletin in 1920, by Sprunt and Evans. In their paper entitled "Mononuclear leukocytosis in reaction to acute infection (infectious mononucleosis)," the clinical characteristics of Epstein-Barr virus was described as the causative EBV was yet to be described.

The association between infectious mono and EBV was described in the late 60s, though mono has been recognized as a clinical syndrome since 1800.

The term glandular fever was first used by the German physicians and was termed Drusenfieber.

So, this was all about the history of this viral infection that we felt necessary to make you aware of. Now, if we start talking about this particular disease, then what next comes into our mind?

Very obviously, about what is chronic mononucleosis and what to do if this viral infection becomes chronic?

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i'm doing a power point on mono for school & this helpped me a lot....... thank you!!!!!!
Can anyone help me find more detailed info on the experiment???
How grave is the disease mononucleosis?
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thanks for this. it really helped me with an essay.
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helped alot thanks
I've had mono 2 times, two different years around the same time, and this article gives the background, but having the infection is a total different story. I just got over mono a few weeks ago and now i believe i have tonsilitis, does it every stop?
helped me Allot for my health class slide show!!!!! thanx!!!!!
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Thisssssss is gross :3 butt it helped alot in health class trhankssssss!!!!!!!!
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Hehehehe im using this for a school report too ! mono sounds so cool =D
im using this for my health report... thankyou sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!
i have mono and i have no clue how i got it!!! im a germaphobe!!!!
Big thanks to "Health Care Veda" for helping me on my research project. This site helped me a ton!
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