Home Remedies For Teeth Whitening

Updated on 21 Feb 2010,
Published on 12 Jun 2008

Home Remedies For Teeth Whitening 

If you feel a bit shy in saying “cheese” then you are definitely at the right place. Teeth are the most neglected part of our body as nobody wants to go inside the den. Also each one of us desire white and bright teeth so as to flaunt an ever charming smile. Teeth whitening is not at all a difficult job as there are many home remedies for teeth whitening to remove the yellowing or discoloring of teeth. So, what are those teeth saving solutions? How exactly as well as effectively one can get again those sparkling teeth?

The following account would help you a lot in getting that with a healthy mouth, as it is said that white healthy teeth indicate clean mouth and also a clean mouth is a healthy mouth.

1. The first and foremost home treatment starts with avoiding tobacco, alcohol or hard drinks, and also minimizing the intake of soft drinks, tea or coffee, so as to let your teeth bacteria free.

2. Try to make brushing a more regular habit with proper brushing of teeth and that too in right technique.

3. Hydrogen peroxide or baking soda can also be mixed with the toothpaste. However, the point to be kept in mind is that it should never be used on a regular basis as baking soda is an abrasive and there is a risk that it can take the enamel off of the teeth.

4. You can apply strawberry paste or you can use lemon juice, but as we all know that using citrus lemon acts as an acid and cause acidity leading to weakening (and not whitening) of teeth, on the other hand strawberries contain sugar which can further harm the teeth. These two are natural whiteners and too excess use of them is not good for teeth, so one can simply just use occasionally. However, Vitamin C plays a significant part in removing the plaque off the teeth.

5. All the essential ingredients that are present in good whitening toothpaste namely Bamboo powder, calcium carbonate and silica are a must for a great homemade teeth whitener. Silica cleans and whitens the teeth. Stains are removed with silica and there is no side effect.

6. Last but not the least, gargling with a cup of water and half teaspoon of rock salt is an effective mouthwash.

The most important fact is that these home remedies are quite slow in showing good results and calls for a little patience, but it is assured that the results are just great. However, if the teeth are in devastating condition, then do not hesitate to consult your dentist immediately.

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Rick Lafford
Although the author seems to have based this article on commonly accepted tooth care information, it has great potential to actually harm teeth. I’ll try to address each of the problems and then give you some ideas that will work. 1. Stains happen readily to weak damaged teeth. Strong tough teeth are difficult to stain. Find out what is damaging you teeth, correct that and your teeth will start to become naturally brighter. 2. Proper brushing with a non-abrasive toothpaste is definitely the way to go. If you have damaged enamel – the hard protective covering of your teeth – you hardly want to abrade the already weakened surface. 3. Baking soda is an abrasive as is salt. Remember #2 – avoid abrasives. Vinegar is an acid. Acids leach minerals from teeth. 4. Both apple cider (apple juice) and vinegar are acids. Never use acids on your teeth. If you are truly concerned about your teeth, avoid acidic beverages (soda, juices), particularly before bedtime when they will sit on your teeth all night. 5. Hydrogen peroxide will kill bacteria and will appear to whiten teeth as it is a strong oxidizer. However your gums will not appreciate the treatment and could start to pull back from the teeth creating a new problem. 6. Lemon juice? Another acid – avoid acids on your teeth. As you see below, the sugar in a strawberry is not the enemy of your teeth, so go ahead and enjoy the strawberry paste. 7. Bamboo powder, calcium carbonate and silica are all used in current toothpaste. None are particularly harmful to healthy teeth. But remember, if you have a staining problem you have weakened damaged teeth already so be careful. 8. Actually, a salt water gargle is one to the things you can do to promote a healthy mouth and avoid colds. Salt water inhibits or kills the bacteria and viruses involved with tooth decay and colds respectively. So how do we fix the problem causing the staining problem? You have to understand how teeth are weakened and decay. Dental caries (decay) are caused by anaerobic bacteria living in most everyone’s mouths. These bacteria use sugars and carbohydrates from foods you eat to survive and multiply. Being anaerobic they need to find lodging that is not exposed to air in order to reproduce. Hence they produce a sticky film allowing them to adhere to the tooth surface and protect themselves from air. If you wake up in the morning feeling that sticky film ( and maybe “morning breath”) then you know what I’m talking about and you have the bacteria. Once these bacteria set up shop and get rolling, they produce acids that then begin to erode the enamel – the hard material covering your teeth. Obviously the best thing you can do is to get rid of the bacteria and take care to repair any damage they might have done to the tooth enamel. I should note that there are lots of bacteria in our mouths; many are beneficial with only one primarily responsible for tooth decay. Acidic drinks (Coke has a PH of <3) also leach minerals from tooth enamel. Enamel is not white but somewhat translucent. If the tooth under the enamel is not white then the tooth will not appear white unless the enamel is made opaque or colored in some way. Normal healthy enamel has a thin biofilm covering that protects it from acidic foods and prevents those suspected problem foods like coffee, wine, tea, etc. from staining the tooth surface. If the biofilm has been removed by your friendly dental hygienist, by a too abrasive toothpaste, tooth whiting products or simply damaged by the consumption of acidic foods and beverages, well then you have a porous surface that can be stained or damaged quite easily. So the real answer to tooth whitening is to kill off the acid producing bacteria, build up and toughen the tooth enamel and to promote a healthy biofilm. How do we do this? Simple – click my name and let Dr. Ellie tell you all about it, but the short version goes something like this. Morning and night do the following: 1. Us a rinse that will neutralize acids and toughen the enamel before brushing. 2. Brush with a low abrasive toothpaste with a relatively soft brush. 3. Rinse with an antibacterial rinse such as plain old Listerine. 4. Finally, rinse with a fluoride containing rinse and allow it to stay on your teeth for as long as possible. During the day you want to maintain a PH neutral or slightly basic mouth environment that the acid forming bacteria do not like. The easiest and best way to do this is to use a xylitol, a plant based sugar, which comes in the form of granules or in gums and mints. Xylitol tastes great, is low in calories, safe for diabetics, and will quickly reestablish a health non-acidic PH in your mouth. It also has one other terrific benefit: the acid producing bacteria responsible for tooth decay can’t digest it. They tend to see xylitol as food and take it in but then cannot digest of get rid of it. Result – they die and over time the bad bacteria will gradually be eradicated from your mouth. Neat! I hope you find this comment useful and at least interesting!
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It is right that if you feel embarrassed when you smile you need to do something with it! Teeth whitening is critical and it is always proud to maintain our teeth bright and white!
Infinite Guy
Thanks for sharing these helpful teeth-whitening tips!
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