Simple Home Remedies for Treating Pancreatitis Naturally

Updated on 17 Dec 2012,
Published on 19 Sep 2012

Pancreatitis is the problem of inflammation of the Pancreas. It’s a long and flat gland which is located behind the stomach and near the area of the upper abdomen. This organ generates some enzymes which help in the proper digestion process. It also balances the hormones which regulate the manner in which your body carries out the synthesis of sugar or glucose. The distress of Pancreatitis may hinder these processes and occur in two major forms, acute Pancreatitis and chronic Pancreatitis. The first form may arise suddenly and remain as it as for a long period of time. The chronic form may affect your body for many years. However, using some natural home remedies can help to treat Pancreatitis. It mainly includes the use of some dietary choices, like eating yogurt, to heal this disorder. So, here is a list of some main home treatments for serving this purpose. Have a look!!


ANTI-INFLAMMATORY FOODS- Taking an anti-inflammatory diet helps to reduce the problem of Pancreatitis. It involves the removal of refined foods like sugar, white bread and pasta from your dietary regime. Instead of them, it focuses on the use of some beneficial foods like whole grains and dark green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach. You can also take blueberries, squash, cherries and tomatoes for treating this pancreas disease. Avoid eating red meat as it can cause severe inflammatory distress.

GARLIC- Garlic is one of the most effective natural spices which help to heal a Pancreatitis disorder. It’s highly rich in anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which help to cure this illness. Just take around 2-3 garlic cloves in the morning with water for serving this purpose. You can also use it in various recipes for getting better results, such as garlic pickle, garlic homemade sauce; add it to your soups, salad dressings, sauces etc.

YOGURT- Yogurt is a Natural Probiotic Food, which prevents the formation of gallstones in the Pancreas. But don’t use it if you suffer from sensitivity to dairy products. However, if you do not have such a problem, then eat a low-fat yogurt, especially the homemade one.

INDIAN GOOSEBERRY (amla)- Indian gooseberry or Amla has been used in the ancient medicinal system of India, AYURVEDA, since ages, to cure the illness of Pancreatitis. This fruit is rich in some powerful antioxidants and vitamin C content which promotes the immunity of your body to fight against this pancreas problem.

Do keep in your mind, whether the treatment you are taking, is free from side-effects, still it becomes important, to stay IN MODERATION, as excess of everything is bad. Also, do continue with your current medication while using these natural treatments, as your body is used to them. Leaving them at once, can disturb the complete harmony of your present condition. A proper and timely care will treat the problem of Pancreatitis and ensure a fine health of your body.

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S.Ranjitham ( Ranji)
I am on diabetic medication for nearly 21 years. I am so thank full to you explaining what are the natural remedy to correct pancreatic disorder Most of my family members have the same problems. Now we can spread a word to all we know to take even natural remedy along with our medications.May God bless you for this service.One more thing I live in Canada. .Do you think I can get (Amla) Indian gooseberries. in Canada? I would love to have more information on various topics which I can help my community people who has language barriers.Thank you once again Ranji
hi Ranji, thanks a lot dear, for such a warm feedback. Yes, our Mother Nature has a solution to every problem of our life. Like making Indian Gooseberry a part of ur life can help u get rid of Diabetes. NOw, the question is You are living in Canada. Getting such herbs there might be a problem for u, but there is a hope dear. Try getting it from Indian Grocery Stores, there in Canada. u will surely get it there, but its not necessary, that u get it in the desired form. Here are options for you: 1. Try to get Indian Gooseberry or Amla in fresh form, if available. 2. dried amla 3. powdered amla hope this helps. tc.
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