Home remedies for red eyes

Updated on 13 May 2009,
Published on 07 Oct 2008

The eye says it all, no matter how hard you try to hide it. Whether you have had a sleepless, restless night or a heavy drinking, the puffy and red eyes say it all. The eye is one such part of the body which is prone to many ailments and can cause eye infections. Bacterial, viral and other foreign objects are responsible for such infections.

Puffy, red, itchy eyes are one of the most common symptoms of eye infections whether it is caused by bacterial, viral or foreign objects. It is also one of the most common symptoms of allergy.

But do you know as to what causes these allergies?

The reason behind such hypersenstivity is that those who are hypersensitive tend to develop itchy, watery, red eye mostly during the spring season because of the airborne allergens. Other than the eye infections, the dryness of the eye is one major cause of red eye. Because of the dryness you might experience irritation around the eye.

Here are some useful inexpensive home remedies for red eyes to take care of your eye and will also help you get rid of red eye:

1)    If you want to reduce the puffiness and swollenness of your eye than you can use cucumbers, tea bags or even frozen peas. Cucumber has anti irritation ingredient that would be helpful to reduce the puffiness of your eye. Tea bags help in soothing your eye.

2)    Make an eye wash and bathe your eye regular. You can either use honey, aloe vera, elderberry blossom tea or eyebright herb to make the eye wash.

3)    You can even put 3-4 drops of rose water in the eye 2-3 times a day, to reduce the redness. As far as possible avoid medicated eye drops, as it can worsen the case.

4)    Since red eye is also sometimes caused by the dryness of the eye and thus moistening the area with artificial tear would be helpful in reducing the irritation.

5)    Red eyes may sometimes be due to lack of sleep. Try to catch up with your rest time; keeping your eyes closed for about 6-7 hours may also help you to get rid of the redness.

These were some of the tips that would be helpful but you can also go for some changes in your lifestyle that would surely help you in battling to get rid of the eye redness. There are also other useful herbs such as babul, aniseed, coriander, Indian gooseberry etc. which can be used for the purpose of treating the red eye. And yes while making a paste for your skin treatment or an eye wash make sure that the herbs are fresh.

5 Response(s)
oh my gosh, thank you soo much this is the kind of stuff i need, other websites have weird concutions that i dont have at home, these are simple remedies to get rid of what i dont want! i have a party on friday, and its thursday, i hope i get rid of it by then! thanks a bubdle xo
thanks for these useful handy tips
charlie S.
Chamomile induces good sleep and treats irritated red eyes
One of the most needed remedy at this time of the season. Thanks!
worried soul
I did try these steps but couldn’t figure out how to make the eye wash. I had to go downtown to get hold of some aloe Vera as I don’t have any nearby. Can anyone help me with it? Thanks in advance.
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