Honey Mole Removal

Updated on 14 May 2009,
Published on 22 Jan 2009

Some consider moles as a beauty spot while other consider it as an ugly spot and look forward to removing it either through surgical methods or through home remedies. Moles can also be cancerous (melanoma) so it is best to remove it at the earliest if it indicates the symptoms.

Moles, warts etc. are all ugly blemishes that can mar the looks of a person. It is generally caused due to hyperpigmentation. In this condition, a particular area of the skin becomes darker and may even turn black.

The size of the moles can vary from person to person. They generally appear flat on the skin. Moles can be removed through surgical methods however it can also be removed without non-surgical methods as they are quite cheap as compared to the surgical ones.

You can simply ask your dermatologist to prescribe you with some medications that will help in getting rid of the unwanted moles by simply applying it. Other than this, there are a number of home remedies through which you can remove the moles.

Honey is one of the most effective ingredients that helps in getting rid of the blemishes. Applying pure honey on the moles everyday for a couple of weeks helps in making the moles look lighter ultimately fading away.

Another way of using honey for the removal of moles is to mix it with flaxseed and flaxseed oil. Apply it on the particular area regularly. After a couple of days, you will find the moles fading away.

There are also other home remedies for mole removal such as applying garlic, fresh fig, grapefruit, sliced pineapple etc. on the pigmented area. However, before you start the treatment all by yourself make sure to observe the size and color of the moles.

Home remedies may take a long time to remove the moles and depending on how deep rooted the mole is will determine whether it is going to leave a scar or not. Probably you wouldn’t like the idea of removing the moles leaving a scar behind. So it is always better to conduct a thorough research about your mole and enquire to your doctor whether its removal is going to leave a scar or not. Also ask if the scar would be permanent or temporary.

Consult a dermatologist and ask him if it requires surgical removal. If the need requires get it removed otherwise you can either opt for home remedies or medications that will help in removing the moles after applying it for a couple of days. So, before you attempt to remove the moles all by yourself, always make sure to hear a word from your doctor. Your mole may not be as simple as it looks.

Apart from knowing all about how honey can help in removing moles, it would be beneficial for you to know all about how other remedies for mole removal work:

iodine mole removal
apple cider vinegar mole removal

For self-diagnosis of the type of mole, you should be well aware of the warning signs of melanoma (cancerous moles).

Feel free to share your valuable views and comments with us.

54 Response(s)
Does this remedy work on all types of moles? I mean foe flat, raised and round moles.
which is a better method the apple cider vinegar or the honey mole removal?? I am CONFUSED = (
From almost all the things that I read on the internet and after analyzing the readers comments I would say a cosmetic surgery is the best if you can afford.
People let me know if it truly works. I have this ugly mole on my arms which I want to get rid of.
Bah!! Good research btw =D
what do you do when you put it on? how long do you leave it and do you wash it off?
hello, Emilie you put it on at the night and what till the morning. then when you have a shower just rinse it away. Do this every night until youu have seen an improvment.
Rachel B
the honey works just take a little bit and apply it on your mole and you have to wait like about 5 months for it to be completly gone it gets smaller and smaller and i fades away ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS BE PAITENT!
Is it permanent?
can you use any honey ?
how long does it take to fade away when using honey?
Oh thank god if ur right about the honey
Honey is amazing hey, it can also be used on its own at home as a moisturizer, skin softener, facial cleanser and a great treatment for sunburn. It even helps acne by attacking the bacteria that cause the outbreak.
This honey home remedy when you apply the honey do you leave it on ?? and for how long?? or do you wash it off ??
Hi Mag, Here is the reply to your query: The application of honey depends on the regeneration ability or value of your skin. considering your skin type: -first clean your face properly, especially the mole area. -then simply dab some honey over the moles using cotton balls. -then put a bandage to the surface of your honey covered mole area. so that the honey remain intact for as long as the diminishing of moles actioned by honey. -then, wash-off your face with warm water and then finally with cold water to close your pores and avoid scars. -repeat this method for at least few days, like 3-4 days, till your skin becomes properly clear. advantage- the intactness purpose of honey is to ensure that its enzymes actually help the healing on human skin. so, the mineral and vitamin content in honey helps to remove moles. hope it helps! Regards, Healthcareveda Team.
mole removal
You could use creams and lotions to remove it. There are a lot of these available in the pharmacies and drugstores.
Is there a specific kind of honey to use? I have those honey for pancakes, is that okay to use to remove mole?
hey i need help, i want to get rid of this mole on my lip for school because it makes me really self-confident but i want to get rid of it in the holidays. We only had about 3 weeks off so with this be long enough for the mole to be gone? please reply!
hi chrissie, if u want a quick process, then go for the widely popular article of our website : apple cider vinegar for mole removal.... http://www.healthcareveda.com/post/Apple-Cider-Vinegar-Mole-Removal.aspx n do read all the comments to know how much effective the remedy has been for so many people... it really works!! we wish u all the best, dear !!! tc
HELP!!! I want this mole removed with apple cider vinegar or preferably honey, but I dont want my parents to know!! Can I do it without bandages? And I have to have it gone during the holidays... 2 weeks... what should I do??
Hii.... Sir ,i try garlic for mole treatment nd keep raw garlic on my face for 3 nights nd its burns my normal skin very badly. When i peel off the scab formed ,my skin is light pink in colour. After some days my skin colour darkens to dark brown. Plzzz help me how can i get my normal skin back and suggest me some mole removal method??? Plzzz i really appreciate your help
Dear Manoj, We are really concerned about your problem. Your normal skin has burned because you did not apply Vaseline around your mole while applying garlic over your mole. Remember; never use anything over the skin surrounding your mole. And for getting back the healthy state of your skin, apply coconut oil over your discolored skin twice or thrice a day. If you are looking for some other treatment for healing your moles, then you can go for apple cider vinegar remedy. Here is the link of the article on apple cider vinegar for mole removel and do read its comments, as they discuss a lot of conditions for which this treatment can be used. http://www.healthcareveda.com/post/Apple-Cider-Vinegar-Mole-Removal.aspx Other than this, if you again face any problem, then do get back to us. We will try our best to help you. Take care. Regards, Healthcareveda.com Team
Thanks healthcareveda......well how much time will it take to get my normal skin back..?? Nd my doctor give me betnovate-N to apply on my face. Can i use this cream to get my normal skin back..??? Is there any harmful effect of this cream on my skin??? Nd how much time is required to remove mole by honey mole removal method?? Plzzz rply
Dear Manoj, See, how much time a scar takes to get healed, depends upon a lot of factors like what did u apply that caused it; time duration of the application (for how long that thing remained on your skin) and what type of skin you have. Oily skin is lesser prone to scars than a dry skin. So, continue with the coconut oil, coz its prolonged use is not going to bring any side effects, at all! And Manoj, never ever go for any medicated cream or ointment as they are steroids, in disguise. They can damage your skin cells, so go Natural!! Honey mole removal method is really effective, but a bit slow as compared to ACV (apple cider vinegar). We hope u have gone through the comments below the ACV article; that is a big evidence of the reliability factor of the remedy. Honey seems to be a safer remedy, but it takes longer; and again, the time span for healing depends upon your personal skin type. The only thing, you need to remember, is to apply vaseline around the skin of your mole, before applying anything to the affected area. Vaseline protects your skin from getting burnt or damaged. So, be careful; nothing is harmful until its natural and used according to the instructions given. Still if u have any query, then ask us anytime.. TC Regards, HealthCareVeda Team
Sir,the scar formed due to garlic burnt is not seems to be healing. It is now over 3 weeks,nd skin colour is as it is before. I apply coconut oil in the morning nd vitamin E oil in the evening. Sir plzz tell me how much time,it takes for complete healing of my skin??? It is still reddish brown in colour nd hav oily skin most probably. Nd tell me is it scar??? Or healing process?? Plzz...um feeling very awkward these days nd also i hav to go college.....sir plzz tell me how much time will it take to go away completely.....thanking u very much
is it necessary to apply vaseline before using honey as mole remover
hi Sara, applying vaseline, before using honey as mole remover, will only prevent you from any unwanted n unpredictable side effect. So, its better, if you go for vaseline as a preventive measure... Its not going to harm you, at least! We wish u Good Luck!!! Regards, HealthCareVeda Team
IF i put honey on the mole for minutes every day and then i pour cold water and do this for week will it be removed?
can i not put vaseline before putting honey??
yes TOTO2, why not!!! just apply vaseline over the surrounding normal skin (not on the mole),,,, and then apply honey over the mole.....we wish u all the best for ur treatment :) TC Regards, HealthCareVeda Team
If i don't want to put vaseline what will happen??
hi TOTO3, the basic reason for applying vaseline around your mole is to protect the normal skin from being burnt or damaged in any way. Basically, honey is excellent for our skin, so there are no such qualms in this case. Its ur wish, either apply vaseline or not! for more updated information and new tips on health care, visit us at www.facebook.com/HealthCareVeda regards, HealthCareVeda Team
So honey will not do any damage to our skin??
I have been applying honey on the mole 3 weeks now and nothing happened.How many minutes per day do i have to keep the honey on the mole and for how long?
hi Martins, u have to apply honey overnight and then remove it the next morning. try doing this for a week, results will b in front of u. Good Luck!!! Regards, HealthCareVeda Team.
But i want to remove many moles at the same time so if i put honey overnight honey will evaporate
Is there anyway the honey will make my mole lighter in a week?
there is a slight black colored spot on my face (flat mole) can it be removed by using of honey regularly and if yes can we use the honey which is available in the market(dabur honey)
The Dude
I've been taking close up digital pictures. I can confirm it's starting to work after four days. Some parts get darker due to the top layers of dead skin being removed but other areas are totally returning to normal. From a distance it might not seem like it's working but it is. It may take several months, not sure if it's permanent but I now have a way of making it fade away. The best thing is zero trauma or redness. You can go out in public as usual. 100 percent liquid pasturized honey.
About how long will it take to remove a small mole?
So how long do I do the honey thing?? 3-4 weeks??
dear Padel, Just be regular n determined in the application of honey on ur mole. Skipping in-between weakens and delays the treatment. Natural treatment and its results depends upon the discipline you practise; and yes, one more thing, the honey has to be organic,,,, over-refined food products not only protect you from the harmful contents but also, deprive you of the nutritional value of the product. So, be well-informed!!! TC Regards, HealthCareVeda Team.
About the honey method. How do you mix the honey with some flaxseed? Do I need to crush the seeds or what?
how long does it last? does it vary from person to person? I have many moles and I want them removed before my school starts in about 2and 1/2 weeks. also, when the mole comes out will it bleed, hurt, or leave a scab or scar? when it does come out can i go back to my normal face washing and makeup routine? please answer backk. :) thanks, Christina.
After I put the honey on all night with a plaster, and hav a shower in the morning do I need to put the honey back on in the mornings? Or is it just the night? Appreicate if u answer!
Hi Danni, it would be better if you apply honey after shower too as it will result in quicker healing!! In case, you can't do that due to some or the other reason, make sure you apply honey at night, at any cost!! Healing works at its best when we are sleeping!! Hope this helps you. Regards, HealthCareVeda Team.
hi Momo, really sorry for the delay!! Yes, you have to grind the flaxseeds first and then mix with honey. Also, you can use flaxseed oil to mix with honey.. the way you like!! Hope this helps you. Regards, HealthCareVeda Team.
hi........ I have few black moles on my face,not very big in size. But all are visible properly.My moles are little bit protruded and i fear that if the size increases......the face will not look good.....its my request to you to please help me for this mole treatment as i want to get rid of my moles. Sir, if i use honey on my moles,will it work? And i want to clear my doubts regarding honey that if i apply honey on my moles,i hope the size of my moles will not increase. sir its my request to you that kindly send me a proper procedure of how to go about with it as far as the honey is concerned........i am waiting for ur response.
Will this work for facial moles also?
yes, why not, dear BOB!! just give it a try ! wish u all the best!!
hi dear Chhavi, please, do not worry, especially in the case of honey application. Its as simple as you can imagine!! Just apply honey over your facial moles, if you have really tiny ones, all over your face, then you just apply it and leave for as long as you can. As honey is too sweet by nature, so, we can't ask you to leave it overnight. What you can do is, leave it on for as long as possible! hope this clears your doubt. Honey over skin has no side effect, but the condition is, it has to be pure. Get the pure version of honey, if not, then go for some good brand (depending upon the availability in your area). The cure depends upon your skin type and the severity of your mole! Take Care, dear Chhavi.
Hi I have a flat mole on my face..is honey good in reducing the size of the mole or making it lighter in colour?..how many hours fo I have to put it on and for how many days?..please reply asap..i really need to reduce the size..thank you.please reply.
hi dear Sana, see, honey is one of the many successful remedies for mole removal. Effectiveness of the remedy on your mole: all depends upon certain factors, such as your skin type, the remedy you have opted for, how much the remedy suits your skin type; the honey you are using is the original one or the one you get in packed form; the time you keep honey over your mole. So, follow all of the above comments, the reply to similar queries has already been given. Hope it helps. Take Care !!
Sith Happens
I have successfully removed moles and skin tags with honey, even in sensitive areas around my eyelids. The honey I've used is from the grocery store, and it comes in a bottle shaped like a bear. For the skin tags around my eyes, I just put a small drop of honey on my finger, dabbed it on the skin tag, let it dry a bit, went to sleep (6 hours or so), then showered normally in the morning. After about two weeks of nightly treatment, the tags shriveled up and fell off. It has also worked on a flat mole on my abdomen. Same process, but covered with a Band-aid to keep the sheets from wiping the honey away. The abdominal mole took over a month. No scars, no bleeding. Some itching after each application.
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