How To Get Rid Of Pimples Overnight - Cure Your Pimples Now

Updated on 05 Apr 2012,
Published on 12 Dec 2007

Pimples, zits or acne, are nothing less than a curse for a clean and clear skin. So, if you want to get rid of pimples overnight, then you will have to make up your mind for a strict skin care regime. And also a healthy and balanced diet can do wonders for your skin. As a good skin is the reflection of what you eat and how you eat. So, to help you out, we have some home remedies for pimples:

1. Turmeric: Alright, now the turmeric being referred here is not the one we get from a grocery store. It has to be in solid form (turmeric root). Now, grind it in your mixer, but be careful! Raw turmeric is really hard, it can even break the blades of your grinder. For that, first break it into the  tiniest pieces with something really stone-like, or with a hard rolling pin, and then grind it in your grinder. With this, you can also use this fresh turmeric powder for culinary purposes (cooking). For pimples, you have to make a paste of half a teaspoon of turmeric powder (depending  upon the no. of pimples) with a few drops of water into it. Apply this paste with your finger tip over all your pimples and leave it overnight. Next morning, wash your face with a gentle facewash using lukewarm water afterwards.

2. Egg White: This is another but guaranteed effective home remedy for pimples. Apply an egg white over your face like a mask covering your face completely. Then let it dry before you wash it. Now wash your face with warm water. You can apply this egg mask on every alternate days if not everyday.

3. Toothpaste: Its a plain myth that toothpaste is used just to clean your teeth, in fact a toothpaste and pimples have a deep connection. You can get rid of pimples overnight by applying it over your affected areas and leave it overnight. Wash it off in the morning and see the results. Nobody can even make a guess that there was any pimple over your face.

4. Calamine Lotion: First clean your face or the affected area with an astringent. Then apply calamine lotion over the affected areas and leave it for overnight and wash it in the morning.

5. Strawberry: Place strawberry leaves over your affected areas as the alkalinity in the leaves helps to reduce the swelling of the pimples.

6. Mint: You can also apply mint juice over the affected areas every night. This remedy is best for all skin infections.

7. Lemon with rose water: Take equal amounts of lemon extract and rose water and apply it over your face for say half an hour. Wash your face with fresh water or warm water and see the results in fifteen days.

8. Basil leaves: Take 2-3 teaspoons of dried basil leaves and add them to a cup of boiling water. Now steep for 10-20 min. let it cool. And then apply it over the affected area with a cotton ball.

9. Orange: Get the orange peel and make a paste out of it with some water in it. Then apply over your pimples for the best results.

10. Rose Water: Apply rose water alone over your affected parts for twice or thrice a day.

Facial Scrubs

1. Salt with Olive Oil: 3 tablespoons of salt mixed with 4 tablespoons of olive oil makes a really good remedy. Apply the mixture with your finger tip over the affected area. The mixture will act as an exfoliating scrub whereas olive oil will prevent your sensitive skin from getting dry or any kind of damage.

2. Honey with Cinnamon: Take 1 teaspoon of cinnamon with 3 tablespoons of honey and apply this mixture over your face for a while. The most convenient thing with this exfoliating scrub is that you can also let it over your face for the whole night, it will be much better for your skin.

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63 Response(s)
does this damn thing even work
Awesome article!!! I have tried the garlic and toothpaste home remedies. I am pretty satisfied with the toothpaste stuff but the garlic home remedy seems to leave behind scars though it did go away after a couple of days. I have a pimple popping up at my elbow and I am thinking of trying the egg white remedy. Will be back once I am done with the experiment to share the feedback! =D
My skin is very dry yet I have a lot of pimples. Of late I have been looking for remedies that will help in getting rid of the pimples and moisturizing the skin at the same time. The salt and olive oil scrub seems pretty good!
I am gonna mail this article to my girlfriend. She is pretty upset with her pimples.
Can these remedies be used in all skin types?
jenna wiggins
Can an alovera plant work on a pimple????
I thought the garlic didnt leave a scar!!
from these homemade remedies anu po b mas effective???
really works!
Wow! the toothpaste one really works! Btw: some people say that eating greasy foods can make your skin oily and cause pimples. THIS IS NOT TRUE!!! the grease on the food does not make your skin oily. the only acception to this would be if you took the greasy food and smeared it on your face!lol >_<. also, scientists have no proof that chocolate can cause you to have pimples, so it is still ok if you indulge once in a while. ;)
someone wiff pimples....
well im trying this thing i found... u freeze the pimple for 10-15 minutes(ur choice) and thn u put some stuff on it like acne creme and it works!!(:
does it matter what kind of toothpaste????
Dont use gel toothpate.use those white ones.
ashley c.
i'm worried about using the egg white on my face. someone said that is you have a cut or something on your face and you put an uncooked egg or the egg white on your face it may have salemina or whatever it's called and can make you sick. what about that?
which tooth paste will use.colget
which toothpaste can i use??blendax is good??
I used the toothpaste AIM and it's gel and it does work, i put ito n over night and when i woke up i washed it with hot water and dried my face with a towel and my pimple was gone, i was amazed, i never thought it worked until my friend told me, and i had alot of pimples on my forehead it was insane, but now i always use aim (gel) toothpaste, helps everytime.
hey i tried tooth paste it made my pimples fatter.....tried d olive oil n salt ma skin bcme greasy i toook llots of water n skin improved!!
im only 11 and i hope this works ,like im already getting a face full of pimples :( i hope the toothpaste works because thats what im trying tonight (yn)
I am 13 and hate pimples.Goin to the toothpaste one tonight they also say rubbing a potato tht you peel then grate and put in a muslin rap like a padding holder for five minutes clears your blemsishes and reduces acne hope it helps.
am i supposed to leave the salt facial scrub on overnight?
Hi, yesterday suddenly i had four pimples on my fase today i am gone try tooth paste i hope it will help me.Please every onepray for me.
toothpaste can burn your skin. egg white really works! i used to have really bad acne and after just a week it was almost all gone.
Is this stuff legit? Cause my skin problems have gotton so bad i wear a hat everywhere.
I'm 13 & Pimples are my wrost nightmare. They ruin my day, & make me feel ugly.. Im going for the Toothpaste & Garlic tonight. I hope that it works, If it doesnt. then I guess im going back to the Store to get those Acne Products that barely work. Oh Welll.
I hate pimples and at the age of 13 going on 14 i really dont want to have pimples in high school. Tonight i am going to try the toothpaste. I hope this will work. Also does it matter what kind of toothpaste i used. other than saying that it has to be gel.....
... toothpaste one fails because it spreads more pimples.. nigger please
damn ! near 100 products i've been used no effect i am gonna use that tooth paste method 2night ! plz guys wish me good luck :(
trying the orange peel paste tonight hopefully it works, and i tryed the tooth paste thing and it didnt work for me:( so sad i only have 2 days left!!!!!!!!!!
The toothpaste also didn't work for me. argh .. i'm still having this red pimples on my cheek. wah .. I wanna die T_T .. And i have this scar on my other cheek .. I used to be pimple-free girl now i'm pimple-prone girl .. I need help!
pimple boy
Reading I heard more good than bad about toothpaste. I'm gonna try toothpaste. And I do not believe it will clear up overnight so I'm gonna give it a couple days before slandering this method. Everyone who slanders it probably only tried it one night hoping for instant affects. Nothing happens instantly in this world. It all takes time. Id rather spend 4 nights with toothpaste on my face, than 4 month, morning and night, with acne products to see some improvement. Sorry for the long message!
Which toothpaste shall i use?
I'm sixteen and get lots of pimples all over my face and even in my ears I even got it on my arms/back. WHAT THE HELL CAN I DO PLEASE HELPE ME
hello jordan, why don't u try these remedies for pimples! wait, here is one more cure for you - take a few neem leaves (a herb) and just crush the leaves n apply directly all over your face and keep it for about 15-20 minutes. Now, wash your face with warm water n see the results. you can also chew these neem leaves for some time and let the juice get inside you and then spit them out. Neem has the potential to keep your blood and skin clean forever. Its a magical herb. if u dont get neem tree anywhere near you then buy a neem soap or face wash. Take care.
thanks for your suggessions
Tooth paste= doesn't work
April 12, 2011
It depends what kind of skin you have. The skin will decide how it will react to these remedies. I am going to try the toothpaste soon. I hope it works. I've had acne for almost 2 years! I have tried every known acne product to get rid of them, but nothing works! I used to be cute and pretty, but now I'm an ugly monster-faced moron! Wish me luck on the toothpaste (I'm going to use Colgate). Good luck to everyone else, too. It's hard being a teen, isn't it?
I have had acne for a good 5 years. I've tried everything from noxema to proactive and nothing has worked. My mom has probably spent hundreds of dollars on acne stiff that's suppose to work but never does. I am going to try the truth paste one tonight. Pray to God it works.
hi is this tips works i hope guys plzzz help me out u just hate pimples ,,,,,,..
my namee duh
mix a little bit of water with ALOT of salt then dip cotton balls in it and hold it on your pimples/pimples for 5 minutes . do this up to 5 times in a day and they will be gone quickly . trust me i found that online and it really works!!!
Chicken Dude
To the person who said they were worried about Salmonella from egg whites: You cannot get Salmonella from anything that comes from inside an egg. The contents are sterile until infected by the exterior. Wash your eggs before cracking if you feel paranoid, and definitely if you pull the egg out from under the chicken's butt. Just don't wash until use; the outer coating prolongs freshness.
I have acne on my nose. I'm going to try the toothpaste one.. hope it works.
i used dabur red tooth paste and the next day my skin was totally burned which sort of tooth paste you recommend?
pimple veteran
i have itchey pimples all over my face and its dry and shiny sometimes they get swollen, i dont know what to do please i need your help my good people..
Hey ppl This feels Weird! lol okayy I had ( Still have ) 3 pimples One on my Forehead Left Cheek Right Cheek. There still There > =( I Touched It Alot I Used Cream..Lemon..Salt Water Aight Now Its Worse There red. Its Really Dry..Its Not even A Round Anymore Its Splashed on My face Not Completely But just A Few Inches...What can I USE?! cuz Ive tried Tooth Paste My tooth paste is Blue Gel nothing realy Changed.. lemon..I think It made It Worse cuz i Was Rubbing The Lemon On My Face.Today I Just Tried Ice thought something was Ganna change in a Few Minutes But.. Nth Really Happened.WHAT CAN I USE NOW???!!
Jennifer Quill
Hey, I have kind of acne and I used the toothpaste remedy and it didn't really work but i'm not sure if I did something wrong! ha & i'm pretty sure the egg white DOES NOT WORK! Please help im going back to school in ONE WEEK! HELPPPPPPPP
Hey Im 12 going 13 and I really want to get rid of my pimples. I was gonna use toothpaste but people kept saying they dont work and stuff and it depends on your skin. What do I do ? I need to get rid of them before I graduate
These are all home remedy treatments, and some do work. Best thing, though, is to go to a dermatologist, or even your family doctor. They'll prescribe a low-dose antibiotic that should provide results fairly quickly. It may take a while to clear up a more advanced case, but don't give up hope! And, don't be embarrassed to talk to a doctor about your skin - he/she has seen it before. Besides, better to be embarrassed in front of your doc than the rest of the world! Life is too short to feel badly about yourself!!!
the reason the toothpaste one may fail is because when it dries your skin, your skin produces more oil. so if you put toothpaste over it drink heaps of water and put some moisturiser over the toothpaste it should be good.(Y)
Hi there . . This's mohan . And i'm 18 years old . I have acne on face and on some parts of my body (chest ) as well . Could you please suggest me a quick or slow natural remedy . . Please . . I'm really fed up , frustrated . Acne comes and goes no prob. But it scars and dark spots behind . :( .
hi mohan, we have a really simple natural remedy for you to get rid of acne and scars, both. get some fresh neem leaves (a medicinal tree, quite a common one) and wash them very gently. Now, crush them without adding anything else into it, like a raw paste in a mortar (hamam dasta). Now apply this paste over your face and the affected areas... keep the paste on for 10-15 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water. Repeat this remedy every alternate day and see the results after 3-4 applications. And if you feel your skin getting dry then you can apply a bit moisturizer like milk on your skin. It will definitely cure your problem. Do report us if any problem persists.... We will be happy to help our genuine readers like u, Mohan :) Keep smiling.... Regards HealthCareVeda Team.
Hello Beautiful People! I have recently tried lemon juice to my pimple. I put some on a cotton pad, and applied it to my face for about 10-15 minutes, and my pimple has reduced significantly!! I was surprised myself.. I haven't tried many of the other methods, but I have oily, medium toned skin,and this seems to be the best cure for me so far.. Good Luck Everyone! x
I'm hoping that the toothpaste works. will it totally get rid of it by the next morning?????
Hi,i had problem with pimples and its making me to lose my confidence,i've tried most of the methods but they never work.pls i need help
Hi Ice, we have a really simple natural remedy for you to get rid of your pimples. get some fresh neem leaves (a medicinal tree, quite a common one) and wash them very gently. Now, crush them without adding anything else into it, like a raw paste in a mortar (hamam dasta). apply this paste over your face and the affected areas... keep the paste on for 10-15 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water. Repeat this remedy every alternate day and see the results after 3-4 applications. And if you feel your skin getting dry then you can apply a bit moisturizer like milk on your skin. It will definitely cure your problem. Do report us if any problem persists.... We will definitely help you out!!! Take Care! Regards HealthCareVeda Team.
Hello is is bluebird101 and I have a problem with acne. I am 13 and it is most likley because of puberty but I need a solution because I feel foolish going to school. When I pick and pop them they leave big bloody red scabs which take forever to go away. They are on my forehead and in my eyebrows. My pores on my nose are the side of baseball bats and it is covered with blackheads. I can mabye live with my nose situation unless anybody has a magic remedy that truly works. But my scabs are too noticeable and they gotta go. And quick. Any help!? S.O.S.
what type of toothpaste??? please!! someone!! respond!!
What kind of toothpaste do I use?
hi guys, try some herbal toothpaste which contains Neem or Turmeric as one of the main ingredients. Regards, HealthCareVeda Team.
I hate pimples
Hi.. I am 16 an I have had pimples for over a year now plz help me
pls,l rily nd a remedy for pimples,l v tried alot of it does nt comes n dere ar black heads nd spots rily tired,l nd a solution
hi Tyna and others, For pimples, here is another quick remedy. You got to arrange few fresh NEEM leaves everyday for you, as your face pack. Simply, crush them and apply the raw paste all over your face or on pimples. Keep it there for 10 minutes everyday and wash with fresh water. Try this remedy and give us your feedback! TC Regards, HealthCareVeda Team.
pls tell me if i use toothpaste for a over-night there will be no marks of pimple when it goes away
hi,im chasity and im 12 going on 13 i have a few pimples on my forhead and my chin there red and i jest wish that they would go away bc i feel ugly and i used to be a realy pretty girl and evertime i use stuff it makes my skin pill and it gross.everbody says eww look at her but anyway i NEED help someone pleas help:-( i have used noxzema,olay,and tretinoin cream and all that makes my skin pilland i dont what to use proative..I DONT NO WHAT TO DO HELP! S.O.S
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