How do I get rid of angular cheilitis?

Updated on 13 May 2009,
Published on 12 Jul 2008

How do I get rid of angular cheilitis - is this what you have been looking for? Then you are in safe hands my friend! Here you will find complete information on angular cheilitis - meaning, symptoms, causes, medications along with their benefits and side effects, free cures and much more!

Many a times, we see chapped lips in children as well as in adults and they usually get an easy solution by licking them. However, licking the lips may provide temporary relief but it further worsens the condition.

Angular Cheilitis may not be a very serious or life-threatening but still if you are suffering from it, then definitely you are very brave, as bearing the terrible experience is indeed a brave act. Now, the next question that comes into mind is ‘how can you get rid of it?’

Well! As we know that the basic cause of angular cheilitis is the lack or deficiency of vitamins and other essential nutrients. So, in order to get rid of this painful syndrome special attention towards diet and personal hygiene is highly recommended.

If angular cheilitis is in initial stages, then applying lip balm or any other paraffin based-gel/cream. Vaseline is mostly used for mild cases of cheilitis. Drinking lots of water is surely going to help. Antifungals like Clotrimazole, Nystatin and Econazole are prescribed by the doctors to stop the condition getting severe.

Do consult a dermatologist and just don’t take any medicine on your own as it can further make the condition severe. Deficiency of Vitamins like B-2, B-3, B-6 or B-12 should be covered by increasing the vitamin intake or having more of vitamin supplements. Iron deficiency in the body can also cause angular cheilitis; hence one should have a healthy diet and must avoid getting anemic.

Dental procedures should be properly done and must never affect the mouth structure like over closer or loosely fit dentures. Dental health and its hygiene should be given the first priority.

So, if you too are suffering from angular cheilitis, then don’t feel shy and do consult a physician before the condition becomes more serious.

Feel absolutely free to share your precious comments and experiences.

10 Response(s)
I have what I thought were cold sores on the corner of my mouth. I was confused and realized these aren't cold sores, as I only get 1 or 2 of those a year. However, I don't have chapped lips, it's not inflamed.. just what looks like zits only on the corners of my mouth. Strange, really. I've been dealing with this nonstop since July. It's embarrassing and I want it gone. I am anemic, but I have been anemic all my life so I don't know why these symptoms would pop up now? I don't understand. Email me with help!
Hello there, I have been suffering from this disease and im only 16, ive had it for a couple of years now but this time around when it came it didn't go away and got really frustrating because I couldn't cover it up. With going to school like it is very difficult as you can imagine. I got rid of it by drinking plenty of water daily and applying alot of Vaseline to make it moist. I also went on a healthy eating diet to make it more under control. I think this is exactly what anyone should do and I hope this information helped you :)
hello, If you've made it to this site, then you're probably fed up with the scaring and drying and embarrasment. I've had this for about 6 months straight, and it hasn't gone away. At first I thought it was just dry lips, but then it progressed to something much worse and lip balm no longer helped. My lips cracked and became very painful. I think Aquaphor is the best treatment so far, it kinda keeps it in check, although I have to constantly put it on all day, every day. It still leaves my lips red as the aquaphor wears off throughout the day. When I eat, or when i take a shower and brush my teeth, I've only gone about 10-15 or maybe even 30 minutes without any moistener, and my lips become all inflamed and red, and it even gives me what appear to be zits around my mouth. its horrible. Ive been to 1 doctor and 1 dermatologist SO FAR!, Ive been perscribed oxistat, cloderm, nystatin, and diflucan. (not all at the same time) and nothing works. I take a nutritional suplement every day, so I KNOW that I am getting ALL of my nutrients, (B vitamins, and iron). Don't let someone simply tell you that its as easy as taking a B vitamin or eating a balanced diet, Its all crap, and as far as I know, there is no cure. Best of luck to anyone and everyone, if I find a cure I'll be the first to let you know.
Gemma Hill
Hey there, im 11 years of age and well i have just realised these things on the corner of my mouth arent cold sores at all, and well im in year 7 and i have just gone to high school, but im not very unpopular or anythin like that! but these things on my mouth are very embarrasing, im not anemic but i dohave a very bad case of this angular cheilitis. But i have lots of iron in my body i think... but it hurts really bad when i try to open my mouth, umm i dont rreally drink lots and lots of water but im not unhealthy or anything like that, but for some reason i get this angular cheilitis all the time, i get it like 5 times every 3 months! and this is the worst one ive ever had, they both are on both the corners of my mouth. Thanks for your time reading this and please email me back. I will post back once i see an improvement i will drink more water an put lots of Vaseline on there. Thanks, Gemma.
Hello everybody, We, the Healthcareveda team is here to help you out with fighting against the disease. So, we have published a new article especially, after going through your comments: Hope this information helps you out! Take Care!
Hi everyone -- I started suffering with angular cheilitis over a year ago -- and I also get cold sores at the same time. It's AWFUL. My doctor hasn't been able to get to the bottom of it, and now I'm seeing an "Infectious Diseases" specialist. Still no answers. I'm told I'm healthy, good blood, no drooling issues, so WHAT THEN???? I added a truckload of vitamins to my diet in efforts to get rid of these things -- unsuccessfully. In desperation I hit the internet -- and found lots of sites trying to sell me "cures" for $50 or more. Parasites. How about trying to help the helpless? Then I happened upon a few "natural" treatment sites, and decided to take some of the ingredients I saw, and put them together myself. It's REALLY helping. Maybe it will help you. Try this ( you may need to hit the local natural health store): Bentonite clay, colloidial silver, mixed in cortizone cream and anti-yeast cream (which you no doubt have already if you've been dealing with this), with a few drops ( 2 -3) of tea tree oil. I used a small tester-sized makeup jar (cleaned very well) to mix it in, and used the clay and silver as the major ingredients, with equal portions of the creams to "gel" it all together, then added a little tea tree oil. (don't overdo the tea tree -- too much can sting). Apply it often -- try to use a q-tip so you don't get bacteria in it. After a few minutes, slather on some vaseline to keep it all moist. (you could probably add aloe vera too, maybe I'll try that next time) Anyway, it's working for me -- took away the extreme redness in about a day and a half. I hope it helps you too. No charge. Sandy in Canada
When i first discovered there was something wrong with the corners of my lips i thought i had simply gotten a dry mouth and cracked my lips in the night. After a few days and it seemed to be getting worse, not better, i automatically started to panic, thinking i had some form of herpes. After much research i found that i got my Angular Cheilitis because of the strep throat i had just a day previous. I've had it for almost a month now and every cure that seems to be out there doesnt seem to be working too well. If you have any suggestions that would be much appreciated. Please and Thank you, Joe
Hi Joe, Angular cheilitis occurs mainly due to unhygienic conditions and because of the use of different cosmetics. For treating it, you can try some home remedies like rubbing salted butter on it. You can also rub the affected area with the slice of cucumber and cocoa butter. For knowing more natural solutions for this problem you can check our this article: Apart from this, you should drink lots of water and fruit juices. And yes, avoid using lip balms and chap sticks. Instead of these, use natural traditional Vaseline which has no color, essence and fragrance. You can even try milk cream and olive oil to treat this sort of dry skin condition. Thus, take care and live healthy. Regards, team
Hello , my names yessenia . I'm 15 and I have suffered from angular chelitis for years now probably since I was little . All the doctors would tell me its exzama but I knew it was something more . Its embarassing and un comfterble for me talking to people and them assuming its herpes I am anemic and I don't drink water really , but I've tried vasalines creams and oils and bleach creams and nothing seems too work . Besides the cracks on the sides of my lips and flakeyness instead of being red it is dark around the corners of my lips , if you know anything that can help please inform me thank you very much , Yessenia
I'm 30, from China, suffering for almost three years. Now just Vaseline relieves the symptom, no cure at all. It seems really hopeless...
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