How to Control Your Snacking Habit?

Updated on 02 Apr 2010,
Published on 02 Apr 2010

Controlling your snacking habit is one of the most incorrigible tasks you will ever experience. When it comes to managing your diet for a healthy weight loss, it is more than about what you eat. How and when you eat also plays a vital role in how your your body burns fat. Most of the people have the habit of snacking and here are a number of reasons for it. Stress, anxiety or just simple boredom are some of the reasons. It is also often referred to as emotional eating.

Snacking, however, is not entirely a bad thing. Only when this habit is taken to a certain extent, it can backfire a healthy diet. According to a survey, one of the major reasons of snacking is that the consumers do not have enough time to prepare their own meals due to the pressure or work and pressure on parents. Late-night snacking habits, snacking while watching TV, eating when you are depressed are some of the worst scenarios of snacking which will add more calories to your health. Following are some of the tips on how to control snacking habit:

1) First of all, you cannot just start off one fine day and cease your snacking habits. In order to quit the habit you need to go slow. For instance, you can start eating more meals but in small portions at regular interval of time. This will tempt you to snack more often but it will keep your energy levels high.

2) Prepare a good strategy and make up your mind to control the habit of snacking. Instead of giving in to your temptations each time, try to resist it. Always give a second thought when you are about to grab a snack. Know the difference between an honest hunger and thirst because most of the time we tend to assume that we are hungry when we are actually thirsty.

3) Improper lifestyle and dietary habits are also associated with the increase in snacking habits. So, consult a dietician and as far as possible, avoid consumption of unhealthy foods like junk food, aerated sodas, fried foods and stick to a strict diet schedule.

4) Whenever that desire of snacking arises, divert your mind in something else and concentrate on other things, such as involving yourself in an activity that requires a lot of concentration.

5) Increase your intake of herbal drinks this will be helpful in fulfilling your daily needs and will satisfy the strong cravings.

6) Regular exercise which involves light breathing and relaxing movements much be practiced. This will be helpful in suppressing the strong desire for snacking.

7) 8 hours sleep is essential for an individual to completely rejuvenate the health system which will prevent the urge to eat between meals. Also substitute your snacks with more healthy diets such as fruits, yogurt, raw veggies etc.

No doubt, it is going to be quite difficult to curb the habit of snacking especially when you are doing it drastically. So the best way to go for it is go slow and make the changes in your diet from time to time. Increase the intake of foods that are rich in anti-oxidants. And strictly follow a diet plan to gain control over your snacking habits.

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