How to Cure Sunburn Peeling - Know What to do

Updated on 22 Jun 2009,
Published on 19 Jun 2009

Sunburn peeling is a condition in which the top layer of the skin flakes off due to dehydration of the epidermis. It is the body’s way of getting rid of the dead skin cells that has been damaged by overexposure to the ray of the sun. Very severe sunburn may also lead to swelling or blistering as well. Excessive exposure to sunburn can also be life threatening at times. Sunburn peeling is the body’s own way of getting rid of the dead cells. This process of getting rid of the dead cells is important as these cells risk the formation of skin cancer.

Darker skins are more prominent in protecting the skin from effective radiation. Melanin which is present in large amount in darker skin helps in absorbing the damaging solar radiation and prevents the skin from such reaction. But in fairer skin, since there is less melanin present, it is more susceptible to burns and damage. The skin may get tanned easily and it is the body’s way to fight off the damaged that is being done to the skin cells. Sunburn peeling could be quite itchy, painful and unattractive. Thus it becomes important to know how to manage such peels.

Sunburn peels can become quite itchy but it is best to leave them alone and stop from scratching it. This way you will be able to avoid any sort of infection from taking place and will also be able to avoid skin irritation. It is also important to keep the area hydrated so the best way is to drink plenty of water and apply aloe vera every few hours in the affected areas. Following are some of the ways to help you deal with the peel:

1) The moment you notice your skin peeling, take a cool shower. This will help in slowing down the peeling process.

2) If you notice your skin appearing red then the best way is to apply a good amount of moisturizer and sunscreen. This will help your skin in preventing further burns and decrease the amount of skin being peeled.

3) At any cost avoid scratching or peeling as this would only aggravate the situation. It can lead to permanent damage and may become infected leading to the forcefully peeling of the skin.

4) Apply ice packs on the burned areas, it will not only help in soothing the affected area but will also be helpful in decreasing the swollenness if there are any.

5) Moisten your body with an apple cider vinegar bath or an oatmeal bath. This will help in retaining the moisture of your body and prevent dehydration.

Of all these, one of the most important steps is to avoid going into the sun without putting on a sunscreen lotion. If possible, avoid walking to the sun until properly healed. Or it could lead to further damage of the skin. You can even think of using some over the counter creams and medicines as well.

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