How to Get Rid of Chapped Lips Overnight

Updated on 13 May 2009,
Published on 19 Jan 2009

Chapped lips can cause you great distress at times. The condition can get worse when the skin breaks and blood oozes out. Getting rid of chapped lips overnight may depend on its gravity. There are a number of factors responsible for cracked lips. Some of the factors are exposure to dry and cold environment, eating salty dish, kissing outside in a windy weather, allergy, not enough liquid, etc. All these factors make the lips to lose its moisture and the skin is dehydrated.

Chapped lips can be really painful and annoying as well. Many people try out various ways to get rid of chapped lips overnight. But seriously, nothing works in recovering from the chapped lips over night. Following are some tips that will help you in getting rid of chapped lips as well as help prevent it in the future:

1) Drink lots of water to hydrate your lips. Also avoid licking your lips.

2) When you are exposed to extreme environments whether hot or cold use a lip balm.

3) Applying honey and castor oil twice a day also helps in aiding chapped lips.

4) Using goose or duck fats is also helpful in healing crack lips.

5) Rubbing cucumber slices or applying aloe vera gel and leaving it overnight will help you get relief.

6) Applying ghee or butter also helps in healing the chapped lips faster.

7) Spicy, hot and salty food should be avoided till you recover from cracked lips. Also avoid alcohol.

8) You can use petroleum jelly or any other paraffin based lip balm at the initial stage. But if the lips are severely dry then the balm may get into the cracks and may look ugly.

9) Stay indoors and avoid going outside in a dry and windy environment.

10) Applying olive oil is also helpful in healing the condition.

Chapped lips can be triggered by conditions such as thyroid hormone imbalances. In such a case, a nutritious natural-balanced diet is important along with the remedies stated above. Do not live with the illusion that these remedies are going to get rid of chapped lips overnight. It is a next to impossible task. But it will surely quicken the period of recovery and help you get relief.

6 Response(s)
Thank you. I'll go try these now, because I've been having these chapped lips for 7 or 6 years now.
monica steven
Thanks a lot. chapped lips has NEVER happened to me ;)
Hello my name is Dr.Janice Greenwood I'm a Dermatologist. I have been researching how to clear away chapped lips and how to prevent them, the discovers we have made are truly amazing we have discovered that the best way to prevent dry and cracked lips is to keep them hydrated by drinking a healthy amount of water everyday and eat hydrating food's like cucumber. Now to clear away cracked lip's is rather tricky especially if you want to clear them up quickly, now we have discovered that massaging butter and olive oil on to your lips (avoid consuming) should clear up dry and cracked lips. Also if you wish to permanently remove dry lips drink around 8 glasses of water daily. I hope these tips help you ! Thanks. Janet. x
cuty pie
thank you very much.i have been looking for this since a long time and i will surely try try it.=)
Omg. Carmax is the BEST chapstix ever! it heals my chapped lips over night! just layer it on at night and for the previos day and your lips will be as smooth as a babys butt!! :) works every time :)
My Lips Been Dry Forever! So First i put softlips chapstix then put carmax over it and my lips are super smooth!!!!!! :))
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