How to Get Rid of Ringworm in Humans Naturally

Updated on 11 Oct 2010,
Published on 11 Oct 2010

Is that so easy to get of ringworm? No, its not, but at least its possible; if you go for the home remedies naturally that consist of a few dietary recommendations, external applications and therapies. Before going furthur, if you want to know more on this contagious fungal infection, then go for this:

what is ringworm and is it contagious?

Diet for Ringworm

There are certain dietary habits to be followed to cure ringworm in a natural way. The patient should first begin with a treatment of all fruit diet for about three to four days. He should take fresh juicy fruits such as papaya, orange, pineapple and pomegranate during this period. This helps in eliminating the morbid matter from the body and leads to significant improvement. During this period, a warm water enema, if possible, may be administered to cleanse the bowels.

The patient can thereafter switch to a diet of salt-free, raw or steamed vegetables with whole meal chapattis and fruits. Milk and curd may also be added to the diet after a few days. Normal diet can be started by the patient thereafter. More emphasis should be placed on lightly cooked vegetables, fresh fruits and whole grain cereals. This diet may be supplemented with yeast, vegetable oils and honey.

Foods such as tea, coffee, white flour products, condiments, flavored dishes, tinned or bottled foods and denatured cereals should be avoided by the patient.

External Applications

1. Coconut oil proves to be very soothing and softening when applied externally to the portions affected by ringworm. It helps in reducing itch and keeps the skin supple.

2. Mud bath and sun bath are the other alternatives which can also be resorted to by the patient. The early rays of the sun prove to be very effective and are a good source of Vitamin D.

3. A light mudpack applied over the sites of the ringworm is also helpful. This pack should be applied twice daily for about half an hour.

Therapies to Cure Ringworm

Urine Therapy
Ya, it sounds embarrassing!!! But, your own urine has the power to heal your skin completely. So, its application on the affected area can really cure your ringworm.

Natural Therapy
There are many remedies or natural therapy for ringworm available which you may find around your home. Neem oil, which can be found in the Neem tree, is used as herbal remedy for ringworm. Holy basil, also known as tulsi or sacred basil, is used by pounding its leaves and applying these on the infected area.

While relatively common, ringworm is not a condition to be taken lightly. The symptoms of ringworm can be highly contagious and spread easily. It is a disease that is most commonly associated with adults but even babies and children can get these infections.

In certain cases, if left untreated, victims of ringworm can experience permanent scars, severe discomfort, and possibly get a more serious condition. If it keeps coming back, you may also feel constantly uncomfortable and insecure about how you look.

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