How to Increase Memory and Concentration - Self-Improvement Tips

Updated on 13 Aug 2012,
Published on 16 Jul 2009

Your memory and concentration level can be increased by exercising regularly. Our memory is like our muscles that needs to be taken proper care of, in order to keep it sharp and unforgettable. Anyone can suffer from lapses in their memory and concentration at any age. This is because the brain becomes rusted when not in use just like iron. There are a number of factors that trigger such a situation in an individual. When a person goes through stress, the person becomes absent-minded. He becomes quite forgetful and finds it difficult to concentrate on a particular thing.

memory, concentrationPoor nutrition, lack of adequate sleep and medications are other factors that contribute to being absent-minded and forgetful. But this condition of the brain can be easily curbed, provided, we follow certain rules and regulations strictly. There are various methods from which our brain can be benefited. Some of these methods are as follows:


Meditation is one way through which memory and concentration can be increased. It helps in sharpening the brain by increasing the concentration power. Memory is the capability of the brain to retain the past and plan for the future. However, as we age, our memory continues to waver and begin to fade away. Children and teenagers tend to forget the things they are being told, while adults forget because of the distractions they face in their daily life. The concentration power can however be increased by following the yogic techniques such as Dharana, that helps in reducing the occupied mind, Pranayama, Meditation etc. Meditation is a process that is one step ahead of dharana. It helps in reducing excessive thinking.

Story Telling Games

The story telling game works only when you are in a group. It effectively helps in increasing the concentration level. All that you have to do is to set out three items together and then start telling a story using all the items in the story. Tell the story to one another. This game will not only increase your concentration but will also strengthen your memory power.

Mental Exercise

Mental exercise involves reading, analyzing and explaining. For instance, you can read up an article and analyze it. Later on you can explain it to someone. Or you can even try memorizing a list of things and later on quiz yourself to test it. Another very effective mental exercise, that helps in improving your memory and concentration, is to play Crossword puzzles, sudoku, jigsaw puzzles etc. It would give a tough workout and thus will be helpful.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise not only keeps the body fit but also helps in keeping the brain sharp. It increases the circulation of blood, thereby reducing the waste and increasing the nutrients that are sent to brain. Just a daily walk for 20 minutes can bring about great improvements to the functions of the brain.


Trying to focus on something we do need a lot of efforts. Failing to focus on something is primarily responsible for weak memory and poor concentration. And this could be due to stress or an emotional distraction. An important thing that is worth realizing is that the harder the task, the greater is the possibility of distraction. So the best way out is to put in more effort to retain your focus on the particular thing that you are trying to know until it gets over.

These were some of the methods through which you can increase your memory and concentration. In addition, diet also plays a major role in enhancing the concentration and memory power. For the brain to function at its best, eating right is important. Include a large number of fruits and vegetables in your diet to provide the brain with the required nutrients. In addition practice relaxation. Your brain needs to rest in order to be able to perform its function effectively. So, get adequate rest and sleep.

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7 Response(s)
Jerry Martin
I have had problems on how to increase memory during my college days. Especially on subjects that I never liked. I find history classes boring and dates are really a pain to remember.
i went through lot of stress because of some reasons,for couple of years. now i cannot concentrate properly on anything what is the cure,i would like to know about the fastest and most effective cure,i am suffering from migrane too
i am doing engineering. i am reading lots of time, i m writing at least 10 times what i have read of any subject releated to my field. but at time of exam i cant recall. n i have a problem of headache, plz tell me what should i do, n what should i eat, n what to do. i want to do my engg as early as possible. plz help me out of this problem.
Hi Zain, your problem is nervousness, you forget what you have learnt when under pressure. so, you need to be at ease n be confident of what you have learnt. stop revising things two hours before the exam and just relax n be sure of your intelligence. n for headache, you should take proper rest n listen to soft music when not studying. try to go for a morning walk n in the evening too, if possible. this will definitely soothe your mind making you more concentrate and remember things. and yes, all the very best for your engineering. take care.
How To Improve The Memory
This post is definitely a very valuable piece of information. I like to keep a healthy brain, I do agree improving the memory is not a challenge, daily exercise along with a balanced diet can do the job. Thanks for this post!
i have a lots of problems in my head i am suffering from severe head ache for past ten years . i used to take a lot of pain killers to reduce my pain . when i consult a doc i am came to know that i have blood clot in my head . i have undergone a operation on last month can u suggest me the right diet for me to increase my memory power
To understanding & memorise the things i will take more time. Same thing i have to read 2 to 3 times to understand properly. U have any solution for this?? Some times i feels very bad about my memory power.
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