How to Stop Jaw Clenching

Updated on 29 Jul 2010,
Published on 23 Jan 2009

Jaw Clenching is an unconscious habit which makes people brux mostly in sleep. A recent report pointed out that about 20 % of the adults in US suffer from Jaw Clenching or from some other TMJ disorder. With the increasing depression in our times, the percentage of people suffering from this unconscious behavior is bound to increase. Now the first question that comes to mind is how to stop jaw clenching. If you want to know the answer, then just go through the article. The following account points out some easy tips which can play a vital role in getting rid of the clenching of the jaw or bruxism or TMJ disorder.

The first and foremost thing recommended is to quit smoking, drinking or any drug abuse if you seriously want to reduce the intensity of this unconscious activity. Take proper care of your nutrition and avoid having milk or alcohol before sleeping. The common causes of jaw clenching are stress, suppressed anger, frustration or anxiety. So bringing out hidden complexes like any sort of stress, anxiety or frustration can be really beneficial in getting rid of clenching of the jaw. It has been observed that mostly hyperactive, over-competitive and aggressive personalities are affected by it. Anger management can also be very much useful in curbing down this habit.

Using some sort of mouth appliance between the upper jaw and lower jaw or fitting a gum shield is mostly advised by dentists. However, you can also go in for the straightening or restructuring of the crooked or irregular teeth. The realignment of the jaw line after consulting your doctor can also be used to curb this unconscious behavior. Acupuncture or acupressure, massage therapy, tongue exercises, Jaw exercises, muscle relaxation therapy or some other stress relieving exercises like squeezing a tennis ball or sponge can also be used to say goodbye to jaw clenching. However, if the condition is too serious then do consult your dentist as early as possible; the sooner, the better.

We hope the above account would stop this unconscious habit of jaw clenching as well as help you take good care of your dental health.

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8 Response(s)
I am thinking of using a mouth guard. The other day I saw a mouth guard in the local drugstore which was priced at $19. Would it be okay to use that?
thanks!! Good advice.
I once did suffer from this condition but luckily I did not have to do anything about it. It stopped by its ownself. I guess it was because of the stress I have been going through.
Worth trying stuff!!!
eeeeekkss!! This is terrible…tried almost everything but without any positive result.
Great article. I've been suffering from this for the past two days or so and the ball technique is helping.
Thanks for tips i clench my jaw very hard think its because of anger i should go and buy a boxing bag maybe that will help lol. =D
Sleeping Bags
I tend to clench my jaw more at night when I am stressed or worried about something which ties in with the anxiety explanation in he article.
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