Iodine Mole Removal

Updated on 14 May 2009,
Published on 26 Jan 2009

Iodine mole removal is one of the most tried and tested methods of getting rid of moles. Among others are the honey mole removal, apple cider vinegar mole removal and many more. But before we proceed any further, let us first take a quick look over the need to remove moles. There are many reasons for which most of the people seek for removing moles.

One main reason is that some people find that it mars their appearance and thus wish to remove it. Another more serious reason is that moles can be cancerous (melanoma) or a symptom of cancer. So it is best to remove it before it aggravates the symptoms.

Moles have their own connotations and interpretations varying from region to region. For instance, in China, people believe that some moles are lucky for them and thus before removing it they would go for a face reading. No matter how ugly the mole is they will never remove it if, according to the interpretations, the mole is lucky for them.

Earlier surgical methods were followed for mole removal which caused extreme pain and scar. Its not that now people don't go for surgeries for getting them removed but a lot of other options have taken place minimizing the scope for surgeries.

Today, there are a number of ways like home remedies that don't cause much pain and help in removing the moles. Though, it may take a little longer. And the effectiveness of the method of mole removal will also depend on the type of the moles and the skin.

Now coming back to iodine mole removal, some people claim that it is effective in removing the moles but it takes quite long. However, a couple of them didn’t find it effective or it could be because the method took quite long that they didn’t have enough patience to wait for so long.

The length of time that it takes in removing a mole depends on the size of the mole. If the mole is big, then it may take a longer and if its smaller, then it could take a short period. Small moles may take about 6 months to get completely removed whereas trying to remove bigger moles may run into more months. However, moles that look like freckles are somehow resistant to the iodine.

To apply the iodine on the mole, scratch it a little bit and put a drop of iodine on it. The purplish color of iodine will spread around the skin so to prevent it, put some lotions or Vaseline around the moles. The best way is to put the iodine before you go to bed. The mole will start to turn pink and then gradually the scab will fall off leaving behind a pale pink skin but don’t worry that will also go off.

At the initial application you will not find much difference but do not lose heart after applying the iodine for about 3-4 times the color will begin to change. And yes, before you attempt any mole removal method, you must see your dermatologist and discuss about it.

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You can actually remove moles using iodine with about 1 week of applying it regularly. The moles then scab up and fall off sometime the next week.
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