Irregular Menstruation Natural Treatment

Updated on 14 May 2009,
Published on 09 Feb 2009

It is very natural for women to go through menstruation since their adolescence. During this period women go through hormonal changes as a result of which it is quite normal to feel a little uneasy. Some of the common symptoms that women experience right before menstruation starts are irritability, fullness of breasts, headaches, depression etc. Women will most likely go through some mild discomfort. But if severe pain occurs then it could be due to some abnormalities which should be addressed at the earliest.

Those women suffering from obesity, thyroid disorder, iron deficiency, diabetes, extreme weight loss, stress etc. may experience irregular periods. Those who are onto contraceptive pills or are changing their pills may also go through irregular periods. And inorder to deal with this condition, women are looking for alternative treatment options as it accompanies no side effects. Among all the alternative treatments, herbs is becoming one of the most effective and popular irregular menstruation natural treatment. Let’s take a look at these:

For Delayed Menstruation (Amenorrhea)

1) Dill or Anethum Sowa (botanical name) helps in improving the menstrual cycle. It stimulates delayed cycles to start on time. Make a decoction with parsley leaves and dill to address such conditions.

2) Make a decoction of cumin seeds and sesame seeds, sweetened with jaggery. This will help your period to set off at the stipulated time.

3) Drinking the concoction made by boiling the roots of fig also helps to normalize the cycle.

4) Make a fine paste of a teaspoonful of radish seed with some water. Mix this paste with a cup of buttermilk and drink it.

5) A decoction made from the leaves or seeds of coriander are also found to be useful in regulating the menstrual cycle.

6) Drinking grape juice everyday, fennel seeds or eating carrot also helps in regulating the cycle.

7) Drinking a cup of hot infusion of neem leaves every morning and noon also helps.

For Heavy Bleeding (Dysmenorrheal)

1) Eating banana flower cooked in curd helps in controlling the flow.

2) Boil about six coriander seeds in water and drink to reduce the flow.

3) Add a teaspoonful of honey and asafetida fried in ghee to a glass of goat milk. Drink it for about a month this would help in reducing the flow.

4) To control excessive flow, cook banana leaf in some oil and take it along with some curd.

5) Eating Indian gooseberry also helps in controlling excessive flow.

For Menstrual Cramps (Menorrhea)

1) Parsley is one of the effective herbs for treating the excruciating pain that women experience during menstruation.

2) Eating raw papaya also helps in dealing with menstrual cramps.

3) The bark of Asoka tree, bamboo leaves, Indian spikenard, lemon grass, Indian aloe, etc are also helpful in getting relief from the pain.

4) Marigold is another herb that effectively helps relieving the pain. Take two tablespoon of marigold syrup or extract twice a day.

5) Make a paste by crushing 7 leaves of pomegranate leaves and 7 grains of rice. Take this paste two times a day for about a month. It helps in relieving menstrual cramps.

6) Make a paste of six or eight almonds and mix it with half a teaspoon of sesame seeds, a teaspoon of honey, an egg yolk in a cup of milk. Drink it a couple of times a day, it will help in getting relief from menstrual cramps.

7) Taking a mixture of grounded dried mint and a teaspoon of honey twice a day helps in relieving cramps.

These are only a handful of home remedies. There are a lot more natural treatments available for irregular menstruation. A change in your lifestyle will also help in regulating your cycle. Include more low fat vegetable diet and monitor your stress level to properly avoid unwanted complications. Smoking is a complete no inorder to avoid any menstruation related problems.

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tissue salts??? Haven’t heard of it earlier.
great post!!!
I heard that aloe vera and green papaya is effective for the treatment of irregular menstruation.
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