Is Manuka Oil for Acne Effective

Updated on 06 Sep 2011,
Published on 06 Sep 2011

Manuka oil or tea tree oil is a very effective remedy for treating the problem of acne from the skin. It is a shrub or a small native tree to New Zealand and southeast Australia. This product has high antibacterial potency to fight many skin problems. Apart from this, it has also some good anti-fungal properties. It is a safe, natural and effective solution for healing the problem of pimples. Unlike harsh soaps and medicines, this oil does not have any side effect attached to it. This one helps to fade out the red marks that settle because of a bad acne distress. Thus, here is an overview about the different ways by which manuka oil helps in curing the sickness of blemishes or acne.

Manuka Oil or Tea Tree Oil for Acne Cure

manuka oilHere are the basic properties of this tea tree oil or manuka oil that make it a hot remedy among the acne sufferers:

Antibacterial in nature- This oil promotes the effect of antibacterial aims of the overall skin's health. This is because of the presence of hydrogen peroxide in manuka. But it gets unstable when exposed to light and air. However, this oil produces slow hydrogen peroxide. But this slow beaming is the one that helps in removing acne causing bacteria properly and efficiently. It is an excellent treatment for curing acne illness.

Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties- Due to the antiseptic and antimicrobial values of this oil, it is very useful in healing severe acne extensions, ulcers, infections and wounds. And its anti-inflammatory properties makes it very good for soothing the burning sensations and itching problem that arises as a result of severe pimples distress.

Manuka oil or manuka honey are used as the best remedies for treating the problem of acne, especially adult acne.

Apart from this, manuka oil even helps in reducing scars and marks that occur after the acne problem. So, guys do use this boony oil to treat your difficult blemishes and check the difference. So, take care and do live healthy!!

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