Laws for Peanut Allergies in Private Schools

Updated on 26 Sep 2008,
Published on 26 Sep 2008

Peanut Allergy as we all know refers to the abnormal allergic reactions within the body after having peanuts or eating food items that may contain peanuts. It generally starts from early childhood and school going children face extreme problems due to this hypersensitivity from peanuts or peanut products. Out of the different types of Allergies, peanut allergy is most difficult to outgrow. Children suffer and it may lead these innocents towards the life threatening Anaphylactic shock.

To make our future secure there are certain laws that every public and non public school has to follow if there is a student who is allergic to food items containing peanuts. The following are the laws for peanut allergies in private schools:

(1.) Prohibition of selling peanuts in the school canteen or cafeteria.

(2.) There must be a signboard at each entry point of the school and at the entrance of places like cafe or canteen, which should alert people that someone is allergic to peanuts and peanut products.

(3.) There should be a designated peanut free table in the canteen or cafeteria so that the students who need protection can sit there.

(4.) One class room per grade level should be designated as peanut free classroom if there is any student with peanut allergy

If there are no students with peanut or tree nut allergy in the school, then the school is free from any of the above laws. However, the schools have to abide by the laws if any student, who is allergic to nuts, takes admission in the school. Other students are allowed to take peanuts to the school but if they are in the peanut free classroom, then it is the responsibility of the school to do the arrangement of storage of Tiffin of other non allergic students at a separate place. The law however, doesn’t apply to high schools.

According to the law it is the duty of all public as well as private elementary and middle schools to try its best and protect the hypersensitive students from coming in contact with peanuts by any ways, be it inhaling, consuming or even touching allergens present in the peanut products.

However, no school can deny admission to any student just because he/she is allergic. So if you are worried about your allergic child then before enrolling your child in any school, do check out if the school abides by the laws for peanut allergy in private schools. Also read about Peanut allergy and check out the peanut allergy symptoms. Feel free to share your comments, queries and experiences.

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