Location of Lymph Nodes - Neck, Groin and More

Updated on 12 Jun 2009,
Published on 12 Jun 2009

Lymph nodes are lymph glands that are spread throughout the body and are a part of the lymphatic system. There are about 500-700 lymph nodes in our body which are located at the branches of these lymph vessels. However, counting lymph nodes is quite difficult as they cannot be located unless they are inflamed. The main functions of the lymph nodes are to fight against dead bacteria, viruses and other dead cells by filtering them and eliminating from the body.

For immunological process, lymph nodes are strategically located in different parts of the body. Lymph nodes are particularly found in the neck, groin, abdomen, underarms and chest. Following are some of the location of the lymph nodes that are assigned to these particular locations:

1) Cervical – nodes in the neck.

2) Axillary – nodes in the armpits

3) Supraclavicullar – nodes along the collarbone.

4) Mediastinal – nodes in the upper body in between the lung sacs

5) Mesentery – nodes in the lower body (abdomen) below the rib cage

6) Inguinal – nodes in the groin

7) Femoral – nodes in the upper inner thigh

There are a number of lymph nodes located in between the head and the neck. These lymph nodes can be categorized into 6 parts namely:

1) Anterior cervical lymph nodes: These nodes lay directly above and beneath the muscles which help you to flex and rotate your head. These are both deep and superficial.

2) Posterior cervical lymph nodes: these nodes are usually found at the back of your neck.

3) Tonsillar lymph nodes are located just below your jaw bone.

4) Sub-mandibular lymph nodes: These nodes run on both sides of the jaw line right below it.

5) Sub-mental lymph nodes are found just below your chin.

6) Supraclavicular lymph nodes are located directly above your collar bone in the hollow area.

The lymph nodes found in the arm area of the body can be grouped into two categories namely:

1) Superficial lymph nodes: Though these nodes are found throughout the arm yet you will it most commonly on the palm. In particular 2 types of lymph nodes are found here. The first ones are the supratrochlear lymph nodes, found above the elbow and the second are deltoideopectoral lymph nodes, located in the bottom of your arm.

2) Deep lymph nodes: These nodes constitute about 20 to 30 individual glands in your arm and can be grouped into lateral glands, anterior or pectoral glands, posterior or subscapular glands, central or intermediate glands and medial or subclavicular glands.

The lower limb is the third area where you will locate your lymph nodes. There are two types of lymph nodes. The first one is referred to as the deep inguinal lymph nodes and is located in the femoral veins. The second type is called superficial inguinal lymph nodes which forms a triangle right beneath the hips.

Each of these nodes serves a purpose and is of great importance to the body. Normally the size of lymph nodes varies from 0.5 – 2.0 cm. However, the location of the nodes and their activities may bring about difference in its size. Of all these lymph nodes we are most familiar with those located in the neck area as these can be easily detected by touching when it swells up. Thus there are a number of interesting things left to be understood regarding our immune system.

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