Lower Back Pain During Ovulation - What does This Mean?

Updated on 10 Sep 2009,
Published on 10 Sep 2009

Lower back pain during ovulation generally begins at the lower abdomen and is known as Mitelschmerz in medical terms. The word ‘mittelschmerz’ is derived from the German word which literally means middle pain. This type of pain usually originates 14 days before your menses starts and usually occurs during ovulation. Such pains are not really worrisome but if the symptoms are such that it can be alleviated with medications that make sure to consult with a doctor. Mittelschmerz is a one-sided, lower abdominal pain that occurs in women at or around the time of an egg is released from the ovaries. The discomfort can appear on either side of the lower abdomen or may even switch sides in the following cycle.

The condition is rarely severe but for few exceptions that could last for days. Almost about 20% of women suffer from this middle pain. This is one such condition that is present in 80-95% females which might have resulted from vaginal atresia or imperforate hymen. If you have been experiencing an unknown pain then keeping tract of your menstrual cycle will be helpful in identifying the condition. Mittelschmerz is one such condition that does not require medical attention. However there might be exceptional cases where the pain might be mistaken for appendicitis and might require pain relievers.

Causes of Back Pain During Ovulation

As far as the causes of back pain during ovulation is concerned, no one has been able to point a single cause as the exact cause but there are several theories explaining why women experiences cramps. One common theory is that during ovulation when the egg is released, fluids as well as blood is also released which could irritate the lining of the abdomen causing pain. It has been estimated that about 1 in 5 women go through ovulation discomfort. Some of the causes of mittelschmerz worth knowing are as follows.

1) The growth of the follicle may stretch to the surface of the ovary.

2) The fluid and blood that is being released with the egg causes irritation to the lining of the uterus.

3) Swelling of the follicles prior to ovulation could also result to lower abdomen pain.

4) Rupture of the ovary walls in order to let the eggs flush out could also be the cause of the pain.

5) The contraction of the fallopian tube may also be a major cause of the pain.

However, not all backache during ovulation may be due to mittelschmerz, it could be due to dysmennorhea or other pelvic problems.

Symptoms of Back Pain During Ovulation

The pain associated with Mittelschmerz can appear suddenly and subside within hours, sometimes it could last two or three days. Some women are so much familiar with the mittelschmerz that they can tell which of their two ovaries provided the egg in a given month. The pain may be sometimes mistaken for appendicitis and is one of the differential diagnoses for appendicitis in women of child-bearing age. The main symptom of mittelschmerz is a distinctive, one-sided lower abdominal pain or discomfort. Following are some of the symptoms that is worth taking note of:

1)  Recurrent pain lasting minutes to a few hours, possibly as long as 24-48 hours

2) Sharp, cramping, distinctive pain which could be severe but very rarely.

3) The pain may switch sides from month to month or from one episode to another.

4) The pain usually occurs on either side of the lower abdomen or midway between menstrual periods.

5) One might experience symptoms like mild nausea, headaches, dull ache etc.
6) Mild vaginal bleeding or discharge which may look like spotting

As far as the diagnosis and the treatments of this condition is concerned, though there is no need to take any medication for it, however, if the pain is prolonged that it might be necessary to get an ultrasound to rule out other causes. So far, there is no definite treatment for this condition. All you can do is take a pain killer if the pain is intense. There are certain home remedies such as sitting over a hot bath, nutritious diet, drinking lots of fluids etc that can help you in relieving the pain.

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