How To Make Hair Shiny Naturally

Updated on 14 Aug 2012,
Published on 16 May 2008

Make Hair Shiny Naturally

Nobody can look beautiful without a good skin and a healthy and lustrous hair. Alone makeup is not sufficient for this purpose. So, to look beautiful naturally, what you need is, a good hygienic hair care regime. To make hair shiny naturally is not that difficult if you follow the right guidelines.

Here are a few hair care tips for you to make it glossy, manageable and healthy for lifetime:-

1. Egg
For an instant glowing hair, beat 2 eggs in milk and massage the mixture into your hair. And after 5 minutes, rinse it.

2. Vodka
If you have thick hair, then vodka can work magic for you! Add a little vodka to the shampoo, and shampoo your hair with this mixture. But use this method occassionally. It will give an instant shine to your dull hair.

3. Honey
A boon for your skin and hair. But what to do with it?

Simply, stir 1 tsp of honey into 4 cups of warm water. After shampooing your hair, give a last rinse with this mixture. Now, let the hair dry as you normally do, let this mixture stay into your hair. Let it stay for a few hours and then wash it away. See the gloss and body it gives to your hair.

4. Cold water
Another remedy for dull and lifeless hair is cold water. Rinsing your hair with cold water sparkles your hair with extra shine because it closes and smoothens the cuticles of your hair.

5. Lemon juice
To add more lustre to your hair than before, add 2 tbsp of lemon juice to the water for last rinse after you shampoo your hair. This is highly effective. Just give it a try.

6. Vinegar
For this remedy, take some warm water and mix a little vinegar into it and rinse your hair with it. As vinegar lends extra bounce and shine to dull hair.

7. Gooseberry
Take a handful of gooseberry and soak them in a cup of milk. And soak for 2 hours and then make a paste of it. Now, apply this paste into your hair thoroughly. After some time, wash your hair and see the magic it brings to your crowning glory.

8. Glycerine, egg white and castor oil
For healthy hair, take an egg white, 2 spoons of castor oil and also 1 spoon of glycerin. Now, make a mixture of all these ingredients and apply on your scalp and full hair. After some time, wash it away. It will leave your hair soft, glossy and manageable.

All these instant natural home remedies for hair shine will put an end to all your dull hair problems.

Now, don't you think, you also need to know about some healthy habits and routine hair care tips that will also help you to keep your hair thick and healthy forever!

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6 Response(s)
Mayonnaise treatment is another good home remedy to make you hair shine at the same time making it strong
For extra strength you can make a mixture of avocado, egg or honey and apply it. It nourishes the hair with extra moisture.
Mix egg in half can beer and apply it on your hair and see the result. You will simply love it.
nice one =)
Thanks everyone here for the tips. I am sure going to try out each one of them. Will be back with the results to share my experiences with you.
I tried the milk and eggs one and it didn't work well at all. My hair just stayed the same.
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