Male Depression in Divorce

Updated on 26 Sep 2008,
Published on 26 Sep 2008

A recent research pointed out that about 60% of the divorces have male depression as the chief reason behind it. The percentage is high enough to indicate the role of this psychological disorder in breaking off a relationship.

We all know how difficult it becomes not only for a depressed person but also for the people around him/her not to let this mental illness affect their relationship. Especially in a marriage, it can create havoc. A depressed man suffers and with him suffers his whole family, mainly his wife.

There are behavioral changes to be seen, which includes getting violent, angry and many other unwanted changes, which are not the good signs for a marriage. Loss of interest in sex with wife and other pleasurable activities is a common sign of male depression which further wdens the gap between husband-wife. The risk taking tendencies also increase in a depressed man and the chances of having an extra-marital affair adds petrol in the fire.

Emotional intimacy decreases as the person prefers staying alone, which gradually builds up a bridge of differences as well as misunderstandings in a couple. Many men take up alcohol or any other substance abuse as an antidepressant but the results of these abuses are anti-marriage. Instead of reducing the stress, alcohol and drugs give way to further tensions as well as often results in the much condemned domestic violence. Divorces are bound to happen because no wife wants to live a depressed and sexless life with a frustrated man, who is a loner, hopeless, as well as a wife batter..

Marriage is a relationship, the foundation of which is based on sharing despair as well as celebrating joys but when depression craves in then the person remains isolated and lack of communication results in Divorce.

However, as there is a solution to every problem, similarly this problem can also be sorted out. Do consult the professional health care doctor, a psychologist as well as a marriage counselor and help yourself as well as your man in leading a happy life. Also check out the articles Male depression symptoms as well as Male impotency and depression and feel absolutely free to share your precious views and experiences.

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