Merits and Demerits of Microwave Cooking

Updated on 06 Aug 2012,
Published on 06 Aug 2012

Microwave cooking has become a sign of modern and modular kitchens of the new age. Its considered as a boon and efficient tool for the people who are too busy in their professions. However, its also used in many restaurants, cafeterias, lounges and snack bars. It helps to prepare anything from a small cup of coffee to large dinner menus.

Basically, microwave ovens generate a form of electrical energy which is absorbed by the food particles. This makes their water content to vibrate. As a result, the food components rub against each other and cause heat. But is this method really safe?? Is your health safe while using it?? Here are some merits and demerits of this cooking method which will help you to judge its real picture!!

Important Merits of Using Microwave Cooking Method

Microwave CookingInstant cooking- If you want to have a fast meal then microwave oven is the best option for this purpose. It prepares your food in few minutes. The time required here depends on the portion of food and the type of cooking you want. When your meal is done then it rings an alarm and switches-off automatically.

Cooking portions only- With this device, you need not worry about cooking the whole portions of foods, especially the frozen ones. You can use only the amount you wish and leave the rest one for further use. This helps you to get a fresh and warm serving at any time.

Saves time and energy- This benefit works best for the working professionals. You get a meal done in just few minutes with limited energy consumption. This helps to save your precious hours and fuels, like gas.

Main Demerits of Using Microwave Cooking Method

Dehydration- This method makes the water molecules of a food to vibrate, dry and cause heat. So its more suitable for the items which have a good moisture content in them. But when it comes to foods like meats and eggs, then they get tough or hard after a microwave cooking.

Uneven cooking- If you are using large amounts of foods at one go, then there are chances of an uneven cooking. This is because the upper parts will heat instantly while the lower portions will often get neglected.

Health hazards- When the electric waves from this appliance come out then they react with your body's immunity. This side effect can also occur when you eat the foods cooked by this method as they absorb these dangerous waves. So here are some of the main harmful outcomes of this option:

- A regular use of microwave processed foods for a long time can cause damage to the healthy brain functions. So it may result in the problems of memory loss, poor concentration, emotional instability, stress and weak senses.

- It reduces or alters the vitamins, minerals and other nutrient content in the food. So your body may suffer from severe hormonal imbalances in the lack of energy.

- When the food nutrients mix with the electrical energy of a microwave oven, then they often break into certain carcinogenic components. Some studies have shown that consuming these foods can mainly cause stomach, intestine and colon cancer.

Besides this, its important to understand that every appliance in your home helps to save your efforts, only if its used in moderation. But if you totally avoid using natural methods then you are going to be trapped with some negative health issues. So listen to this rising alarm!! and use this tool in moderation or only in the hour of an utmost necessity.

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