Enlarged Mesenteric Lymph Nodes - Often Misdiagnosed

Updated on 17 Jun 2009,
Published on 17 Jun 2009

Swollen mesenteric lymph nodes can be a source of abdominal pain and may sometimes be misdiagnosed as appendicitis. There have been a number of cases where patients had gone in to get their appendicitis out only to discover that it is not the appendix but the mesenteric lymph nodes that is causing the problem. It can be a source of abdominal pain as that is the only indicator of an underlying inflammation or infectious process.

The main function of this lymph is all the same with that of the other lymph nodes of the body. The mysenteric lymph nodes which lie in between the layers of the mysentery, may vary from 100-150 in numbers and can be divided into three sets, namely

1) One set close to the walls of the small intestine between the twigs of the superior mesentery walls,

2) A second to the loops and primary branches of the vessels.

3) And the third one along the trunk of the artery.

Also it has been discovered that Mesenteric lymph node cavitation is also a feature of celiac disease though it may be rare.

Today with the advancement in technology, routine evaluation of mesenteric lymph node is now possible. Though the lymph node may be detected as normal but there are a large number of diseases that could lead to mesenteric lymphadenopathy.

Neoplastic, inflammatory, and infectious processes etc. are some of the most common causes. These causes can also lead to lymphadenopathy in other parts of the body. Lymphadenopathy may affect the staging of the disease thereby affecting further management, thus it is important to recognize it in patients suffering from primary carcinoma.

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22 Response(s)
Hi Sir/Madam, My 7 yrs old Daughter has been diagnised infections on RIGHT LUMBAR MESENTRIC Lymphadenopathy - Lymph NOdes are swollen to 6 -16 mm what should be the diet Please Suggest ? Please Suggest any Precautions if nessecarry ? Regards, Pravin Bhandari.
My daughter is 11 years old and complaining about stomach pains and nauseous. Took her to the doctor. they had ultra sound done and blood tests. the bloods were clear but the ultra sound said mesentric nodes enlarged. they have put her onto antibiotics. Please help and tel me is there a special diet she should follow to help. She does sport and not sure if she should keep on with the practice as she complains it hurts even with dancing. Regards sharon Louw
Hi Sharon, Here is the solution to your query: You can add vegetable soups to her diet like that of carrot (mixed with spinach, kale , broccoli, onion), but, make sure that you boil water on low flame for at least one hour. While on this broth and liquid diet she should take clear sodas, sports drinks, fruit juices (without pulp), popsicles, jello and water. After 2-3 days of this diet she can move to soft food diet. Then after a week she can go for raw vegetables, fruits, meat, and other types of food. Though this diet recommendation has benefited in most of the cases, yet you should consult her physician before trying anything new. Healthcareveda Team wishes your daughter all the very best!!!
Muhammad Siddiq
Sir/Madam, My son aged 2 1/2 years has been suffering from stomachache since two weeks. His weight is 10 kg only. Though he is not continuously informing about the pain in stomach but often he is reporting the same. We consulted the doctor he prescribed some antibiotic syrups. After a week to 10 days he suffered with nausia one time and motions some time. After explaining the situation to the doctor he suggested for blood and urine test and ultra scanning of abdomen. Blood tests are normal just the Himoglobin percentage is less compare to actual. He has Himoglobin as 10.4 only while actual normal has to be between 13.5-18.5 as per their report. But in the matter of T.W.B.C. he has 12900 cells/cu mm while actual should be between 4000-11000. It seems much than actual. Regarding ultra scanning report all the report is normal. But at the end of the report they mentioned "Few enlarged mescentric lymph nodes are noted in epigastrium and umbillical regions, largest one measuring 15x8 mm. They givne the impression as: Feature suggestive of mescentric lymphadenopathy. *Suggested clinical correlation and further evaluation. After going through the report our regular doctor prescribed cyclopam for pain, zifi for cough/cold or as antibiotic. As we are not satisfied with the treatment of the doctor, I brought my son to another doctor where he given us lot of courage saying that this is the normal problem in children and it will be cured. He prescribed OFSIVITA, ENTEROGERMINA, Z & D, JUNIOR LANZOL, D-TUS FOR FIVE DAYS AND ADVISED TO STOP THE MEDICINE AFTER THE SAID PERIOD AND THE DISEASE WILL CURE ITS OWN. There is no fever, continous motions, vomitings, night swet are noted in my son. But he is looking like too weak and not active than the previous days. He is playing but not with previous excitement. For the past few days we are trying to give liquid food to him. That may be one of the cause for his weakness. But his digestive power is too low since his birth. In this regard, some people are scaring us that if we not take good treatment, this is may be leads to different diseases. Sir, We are in too much tension. WE are also not eating our food properly. We hope that you will help us in this regard for advicing us as well as giving courage. Kindy suggest best cautions to be taken, medicine to be used, and the food to be given. We are in need of early reply sir. Thanking you, God may bless you. Muhammad Siddiq Bhimavaram W.G. Dist., Andhra Pradesh 9848677137
I urge you to ask your doctors about the possibilty of Crohns Disease. I had the same symptoms as a child that went undiagnosed for 20 years. Englarged messentric lymph nodes with abdominal pain, naseau and vomitting that does not improve can be GI related. Get a referral and see a gastroenterologist.
rohail jawed
my brother is 21 year old,he has severe abdominal problem with continuos pain,in ultrasound report there is few enlargement of mesenteric lymoh nodes.he is on medicines but he has continuos severe pain.kindly give me instruction for curing his disease.i shall be very thankful to you.
dear sir/mam, Since your brother is suffering from this severe problem and continuous pain. So, we would suggest that the need of the hour is to get him properly treated. As you have mentioned that he is taking medicines but if still his pain is not reducing, then there is some loophole. The drawback may be in the pattern of treatment or on its application. Therefore, we would say that before going for any further option, it would be better for you get this missing analysis and cure done. For the informative knowledge regarding this problem, here is a link from our website:- http://www.healthcareveda.com/post/Mesenteric-Lymph-Nodes.aspx Besides this, you can try an immediate remedy for your brother's pain by giving him hot compressions (which is often given in the case of swelling or pain). Apart from it, we would say to get your brother an imminent treatment for easing his pain first. Consequently, we will keep guiding you about other good home remedies and therapies. Stay in touch and take care. regards, Healthcareveda Team.
mast gaurav pawar
my child 2 yrs old had diagnosed as intussuception and usg showed enlarged mesentric lymphn nodes 20 and histo pathology after biopsy of mezsentric lymph node shows chronic typhilitis and post viral infection .no evidence of kochs or malignancy .what furher care and diet advices can be suggested and what important signs and symptoms to be noticed to prevent complications of typhilitis.
Hi Sir/Madam, My 7 yrs old Daughter has been diagnised few prominent RIGHT LUMBAR MESENTRIC nodes are seen - Largest 18x9mm in size.minimal interperitonal fluid is seen in RIF. what should be the diet Please Suggest ? Please Suggest any Precautions if nessecarry ? Regards, Sanjay
Dear sir, The basic preventive measure for curing your daughter's Mesentric lymph nodes is that she should take proper rest. Apart from this, you can apply warm, wet compress to your ward. You can do so by dipping a cloth in hot water then squeeze it and pat on the problematic area of your child. As for the diet matter, you can add mix vegetables soup in this pattern. It should be made with carrot, spinach, kale and broccoli. Along with it she can also try out some fruit juices. And after some days of improvement, you can move her to a bit soft food diet. Thereafter, taking normal meals like meat or other dishes will be fine but in minimal amount. Do not forget to consult her doctor before starting with anything new in her diet or daily care regime at home. The reason is every individual is different and so is the condition. Doctor knows better how to deal with the present situation. Rest the tips we have provided you are quite general but still doctor's advice is essential. Thus, we hope that your daughter recovers soon. Try these precautions and stay in touch as we are really concerned about the health of your daughter. So, take care and good luck!!! regards, Healthcareveda.com team
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D.Charan Kumar
Dear Sir/Madam My Son is 3 years old and now a days from a weeks times he is complaining about stomach pain so we immed have taken him to the children specialist so he reffered some suspensions ( Cyclopam/Zenflox/Anafortan)hoping for things to control but hasn't given good results so for further daiognsis he reffered for an complete abdominal scan , so in the scan everything was found normal with a comment on "A Few prominent lymphnodes measuring 9-10mm are seen in mesentery " . SO now the doctor says he needs to be treated with some antibiotics , so is it preferrable using antibiotics at 3 years of age , also please suggest if for any alternates as well . Thanks in advance ....
Dear sir/mam, I am 17 years and my abdomen pains a lot it started about 6 months ago . it doesnot pain continuously but also sometimes i feel burn and indigestion when i take oily or heavy food such as meat, fish. so recently i consult doctor he test my blood and said that i am suffering from jaundice . As the range was very low so he said not to afraid and just take light food and drink a lot of water . i follow him 3 weeks but then also my abdomen pains a lot . After ultrasound it was noted that my mesentric lymphnodes was noted 8mm-10mm. he suggest not to take medicine during jaundice. i was not satisfy with him. So i am very much confused . plz tell me my abdomen pain is due to jaundice or due to enlargement of mesentric lymphnodes. does there is pain of abdomen during jaundice? . I am not suffer from other factors like vomitting, fever, headache, . my abodomen just pains nothing other. plz suggest and conveince me. THANKS
Dear Anup, We are really concerned about your problem. You may be suffering from dual attack of the diseases of jaundice and lymph nodes. In both these conditions, the symptom of abdominal pain is seen. In the first distress, the pain in the stomach arises due to an increased level of bilirubin which blocks the proper flow of bile. On the other hand, since you are also a patient of lymph nodes, so you are suffering from a severe pain in your abdomen even after you have been diagnosed with a mild jaundice. However, there is a form of jaundice called obstructive jaundice. It is caused due to the enlargement of the lymph nodes. In this problem, enlarged lymph nodes are found around the common bile duct. So do not get confused when it comes to noticing about the symptom of abdominal pain. Your pain is not removing because of this illness. So get yourself checked properly again. And your doctor is right that if you will take any hard medication during jaundice then you may suffer form any other severe distress. So take care of yourself and do not worry. Also, if you are not satisfied with your present treatment then you can get yourself checked with a better medical practitioner. Get a diet chart from him and follow it. Regards, Healthcareveda.com Team
dear sir, I have experiencing random reoccurring pain in my stomach. It hurts that it affects my right leg and right testicles. It was found out in my abdominal ultrasound that three of my mesentric lymph nodes are enlarged as big as 5x5cm. While I had my biopsy to check out whether my enlarged lymph nodes are malignant or not I experienced an intense pain in my right leg. The procedure used by the doctor is ultrasound guided biopsy. The results of the procedure shows that there is no atypical cells seen but amorphous eosinophilic materials present. the results for me is vage. Is it ruled-out that i am safe from lymphoma or is it just an ordinary case of lymph enlargement? I'm just wondering because I have had experience my stomach ace for more than 10 years. the doctor just prescribed me for some expensive pain killers that only relieves pain at a time. but must i carry the burden of this annoying pain for the rest of my life without finding permanent cure?
Dear Arc, We are very much concerned about your distress. You are suffering from mesenteric lymph nodes. This is a problem in which there occurs an inflammation on lymph nodes of the wall of the mesentery (the covering of the intestines). Mainly this illness arises due to a viral attack on your abdomen. This may arise if you are taking a poor diet or exposing your body to an unhealthy atmosphere. It results in the stretching of the walls of the intestines, so you are facing a continuous abdominal pain. And since mesenteric lymph nodes are located above your legs and testicles, so you are suffering from a severe pain in these areas. The permanent cure for this problem is that get your diseased portion removed through a surgical operation. You should also keep a check on the type of diet you are taking and the general cleanliness around you. This is because you may again face this illness if you follow a filthy living and a poor diet. So, change the way you live and take care of your well-being. We are always there to help you.. do ask if still u find any confusion!!! Regards, Healthcareveda.com
sir, my 6 year old daughter have stomach pain for the last two months. we met a doctor and after abdominal USG and blood&urine test he suggested the following medicines 1) CYCLOPAM 2) ROSCILLIN 250 MG DT 3) METROGYL 200. Today she didn't said about the pain. Is this medicine is suitable for my daughter? What may be the causes of this desease? is it completely curable? does she face any health problems in future?
Dear Jayadevan SK, Thanks for trusting in us! Your daughter's health is really a matter of concern, but we can help her only if you provide the needed details about her present health condition - proper diagnosis and the symptoms in details. Waiting for ur reply. Regards, Healthcareveda Team.
jane nunag
my mother was diagnose with signet ring carcinoma after her biopsy and after the CT scan with contrast , this is the impression: CONSIDER APPENDICITIS WITH SURROUNDING INFLAMMATORY CHANGES INCLUDING SMALL BOWEL ILEUS/PARTIAL OBSTRUCTION, MESENTERIC EDEMA AND SMALL AND ENLARGED MESENTERIC NODES measuring up to 2 cm. she is scheduled for surgery but will be evaluated first if she is physically fit. Please help me
After a week of looking around for helpful information, yours has been the most informative. I'm a 35 yr old male. I have had sporadic stomach pain for 9 days - beginning in the LLQ but eventually spasms spread throughout my abdomen and through my urethra. My doc did a general exam, and did not seem too concerned as we both figured I may be passing a kidney stone. I ended up in the ER a few nights later because the Doc's diagnosis seemed to vague and the pain was severe. Following a CT scan, it was determined that there was no kidney stone, my appendix was in fine shape, and I did not have diverticulitis. The ER Doc 'believed' I have Mesentric Lymphadenitis. Its been 7 days since the diagnosis and while I am comforted somewhat by the CT scan, I still experience the spasmodic pain 3-5 times per day, all throughout the abdominal region, lasting for 2 - 7 min. I'd like to know if this is a viral or bacterial infection. Also, I'd like to be certain that this is not a food related allergic reaction. Can you provide any additional insights or suggestions for addressing this issue? Thanks ~
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