Neem Remedy for Healing a Yeast Infection

Updated on 26 Apr 2013,
Published on 04 Feb 2013

neemYeast infection is caused by candida fungus. It can affect anyone at any place. In fact, an ear infection or severe headache can also be the signs of this infection. Even the nail beds of your fingers and toes can become the prey of this disease. However, yeast organisms can infect any part of your body. They are present in your body all the time, like bacteria and viruses. But if a person suffers from a weak immunity then these organisms become unbalanced and start multiplying. This process causes a severe infection in your body. For treating this disorder, neem herb works like a wonder. Scientific name for Neem is Azadirachta Indica. It contains some fine anti-fungal properties which help to remove a yeast infection. So read about its main values and the way to use it for curing this problem right here..

How Neem helps to Treat a Yeast Infection??

Neem forms an effective, organic, safe and natural solution for treating the problem of a yeast infection. Its one of the oldest and widely used medicinal plants across the whole globe. Historically, some of the common ‘health benefiting’ uses of this antiseptic plant are,

1. brushing teeth with its bark or twigs,

2. drinking the tea of neem leaves for healing oral infections,

3. taking bath with its leaves for curing malaria and

4. burning them for cleaning the air of the atmosphere.

This natural remedy works the best for treating the problem of a yeast infection in comparison to other chemical and inorganic pharmaceuticals. In addition to this, your body’s immune system does not show any rejection to neem as it does to the use of various artificial market antibiotics.

In the treatment of a fungal infection, a neem solution acts like a fine medicine when used both internally as a tea and externally as a paste or pack. Together, these two ways help to destroy a yeast infection.

Neem Tea for Yeast Infection Cure

For making its tea, just boil around 10 neem leaves in a cup of water and then strain them. Drink this tea for around two times in a day. It will kill the infection of yeast from your body.

Neem Pack / Paste

For this, take some leaves and grind them properly until a thick paste is formed. Now apply it over the affected parts and let it dry for some time. After that, clean this application by using a wet cloth. You can use this remedy for around two times a day.

Another Remedy

Simply boil some neem leaves in a glass of water and let this solution cool down a bit. Now soak a cotton cloth in it and wring it well. Clean your affected parts with this cloth. It will kill the colonies of yeast from your external body areas. You can also add these leaves into your bath tub and take bath with it. This method is really easy and effective for controlling this infectious disease. Washing your infected clothes in neem water helps to clean them properly.

However, keep the golden word ‘moderation’ as the key while using this natural remedy as everything works well only in certain limits.

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