Some Negative Effects of Alcohol Use

Updated on 27 May 2009,
Published on 21 Apr 2008

Negative effects of alcohol are almost ignored by most of us but is it healthy? No, not at all, after reading the following negative alcohol effects you will come to know what you have now and what you will lose if you won't quit this fatal addiction of yours!

Alcoholism and alcohol abuse are the major cause for social, economic and public health problems. Due to alcohol, every year, more than 100,000 people face death. The losses that we have to face is shocking and unbelievable! Every year, the total cost of lost productivity and health expenses related to alcoholism is more than $100 billion!

Even more shocking for America is that out of the 15.1 million alcohol-abusing or alcohol-dependent individuals in the United States, approximately 4.6 million (nearly one-third) are women only .

Effects of Alcohol on the Body

The form of alcohol that we drink in the beverages is ethyl alcohol (ethanol), a colorless liquid that in its pure form has a burning taste. This ethanol is produced by the fermentation of sugars, which is found naturally in fruits and grains like barley and grapes. It acts as a sedative depressing your central nervous system whenever you drink alcohol. In some alcohol users, the initial reaction may be stimulation, but as they continue drinking, sedating or calming effects occur. Also, it relaxes you and minimizes your inhibitions by depressing the control centres of your brain. The intensity of sedation depends on the quantity.

1. Initially, alcohol leaves a deep impact on your areas of thought, emotion and judgement. You are unable to think, emote and judge the things happening around you.

2. It impairs your speech and muscle co-ordination

3. It induces you to sleep

4. If taken in large quantities, then alcohol is deadly poisonous- it can cause life-threatening coma by severely depressing the pivotal centres of your brain.

5. Excessive alcohol consumption can severely damage your liver, pancreas and cardiovascular system.

6. In pregnant woman, alcohol can damage the fetus also.

Read on how to stop alcohol addiction for the best guidance. Also, share your views and comments as they are quite valuable to us.

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10 Response(s)
Ben, Judie
Simply fantastic!!!
I am aware of the effects of alcohol but I fail every time I try to quit. Can anyone help me?
Alcohol is also easily absorbed in an empty stomach which leads to formation of gas. It is responsible for causing mouth, esophagus and stomach cancer.
Doctors prescribe it as a medicine but more than 2 drinks would be harmful
Alright..!! So should we altogether avoid alcohol despite its useful medicinal properties?
Anoop Joy
Interesting article and comments on this page, i must say. The drug and alcohol abuse has affected our society so much that drug rehab centers and others similar to this makes sense. .and i think this could be quite similar to many of us.
Shelby Lynn Bradley
Honest Raj
What about taking beer in limits...??? does it also have the same effects..?? I don't drink hot drinks, completely stopped...but take around 2 bottles of beer once a week to cool down..I have heard it is not as harmful as hot drinks, just it will bring out your tummy out...plz correct me if am wrong...
hi honest Raj, now here you are absolutely right in drinking beer in moderation, as this leads to longevity. But it would be better to inform you that anything in excess has its own share of side effects. and beer is no exception. If you drink beer after 1-2 days gap, then it will never harm you, indeed, will protect you from heart problems as well as age-related diseases like Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, some cancers, Parkinson's disease, etc. So, chill man!!! you are already playing it safe! Never overdo anything, nothing can harm you this way!!! TC Regards, Healthcareveda Team.
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