Negative Effects of Teenage Pregnancy

Updated on 12 Mar 2009,
Published on 12 Mar 2009

Though teenage pregnancy has reduced considerably as compared to earlier statistics but it still remains one of the primary concerns of the world with the rate still high. Most of the pregnancies that occur are generally unplanned. The teenagers who end up getting pregnant fear from telling about it to their parents and so they end up hiding it till the eleventh hour. This results into improper prenatal care risking the health of the teenager. It is necessary to make the teenager realize that pre natal care is of utmost importance or it could lead to a number of effects and complications in the later life of the individual.

Because of the stressful situation they rather resort to taking drugs, alcohols and smoking without realizing the effects of it on their health. The frustrations could lead them to depression.

There are a number of negative effects of teenage pregnancy. About 85% of the teenage pregnancies are unplanned and the health risk associated with is also increased. About 7.5% of teenagers do not get any prenatal care at all. And in most of the cases teenage mothers are less likely to gain weight due to pure nutrition which results into low birth weight. This increases the baby's chance to develop childhood disorders and the rate of infant mortality is also quite high.

As far as the effects of it in the life of the teenager is concerned, there are no limited effects. Right from the decision making process to giving birth to the baby and bringing up the baby, a number of effects accompany it. The first that is visibly noticeable is the physical structure of the teenager as the baby begins to grow inside. It greatly affects their lifestyle as well.

Effects of teenage pregnancy can be broadly classified into physical effects and emotional effects. The physical effects or the physical changes in a teenage are visible. Her uterus would expand as the fetus begins to grow. It is going to bring about some major changes in the lifestyle of the teenager. Her dressing style and her eating habits etc. will be greatly affected.

Coming to the emotional effects of teenage pregnancy, it can drive one to depression and cause a great amount of stress. Frustrations, resentment, initial excitement, confusion, fear etc are some of the emotional feelings that the teenager might experience. All these feelings are quite natural as you would be torn in between the desire to protect the baby and the fear of an unplanned pregnancy.

There are also other effects which may greatly impact the teenager’s future. It would lead to unemployment, education failure, low self esteem etc. Also, it is unacceptable to the society which will further add to the already existing fear of the teenagers. The situation is somewhat similar to that of the, ‘which came first, the egg or the chicken’, dilemma.

Also read on to know more about early symptoms of teenage pregnancy. Your views and comments are valuable to us, so please feel free to share it with us.

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georgia levitt
im 14 and pregga's bbz.
Joey Mata
Deion Jenkins is pregnat. (:
Im Different
Wowwwwwww.. o_o I'm NEVUH having kiddies
Scarlet _-
The effect are really dangerous ,and can cause alot of deaths ,and the are 1,000,000 teen pregnanacies per year ,image in 4 years thats 4 million . The child can all so be born with a disorder if it's born form a teen mother ,they also suffer alot ,if your a teen mother your bascially throw your life away
I feel that teenage pregnancy is wrong. It can ruin both the teen's life and the child to be borns life. Who is going to pay for these children to be brought up? People paying taxes? It is not right to bring a life into the world when you can barley look after/pay for your own life. Children should not be having children.
Yan doing an research for my i.a on negative effects of teenage pregnancy within an single parent family..can you help me?
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