Pro-anorexia Tips and Tricks

Updated on 24 Jun 2011,
Published on 12 Dec 2008

Pro anorexia is one of the most common eating disorders, where the person feels that s/he is too fat and looks for easy and quick ways for weight loss though s/he maybe underweight. The individual’s desire to reduce weight goes to such an extent that the person resorts to eating less than normal and goes for extreme dieting. However, it is strictly suggested that one should not opt for pro anorexia and heavy dieting as it may have an adverse effect on the health. If you have resolved to go for it then make sure to consult your doctor prior to dieting as there have been many deaths due to starvation and malnourishment.

If you wish to follow a pro anorexic diet then there are a number of online sites from where you would find a number of tips and tricks. We won't be offering that to you as anorexia is a disorder and not a healthy condition. However, experts have strictly cautioned to think over the issue a 1000 times before you actually begin to follow it as it can take a toll over your health. There are a number of good as well as bad pro anorexia tips and tricks. And most people adopt the bad tricks in their quest for slim body over a short period of time. However, there are a number of ways to lose weight without harming the body. Instead of taking pills and following the pro-anorexia tips, it is better to exercise regularly.

The following tips and tricks are strictly a means to lose weight the healthy way and not, in any case, promoting the idea of pro anorexia as a good thing. It is rather meant to aware the teenagers and women about the healthy ways to lose weight to help them stay away from anorexia.

1) Eat your breakfast. Chew your meal properly for proper digestion. Your breakfast should have some nutrition and calories to store energy for the whole day.

2) Drink a lot of warm water as this will raise the metabolism of your body and help in burning out those excess fats from your body.

3) Always eat in small bites, and chew properly. Bring variety to your meals. Increase the number of meals per day but cut them shorter.

4) Whenever you feel that you are craving for junk food or fatty food, count upto 100 when you are tempted to eat. It is important to follow a strict principle.

5) If you have to sit for long hours, don’t sit idle. Always do something like tapping your legs or fingers, stretching your legs, etc. Remember each calorie counts.

6) Whenever you eat always focus on eating a healthy food with fewer calories. Drinking water every hour will also help you in keeping your hunger away.

7) Eat only when you have to and avoid eating alone or watching television. Best is not to have a meal after 7 at night. Instead go for fruits or salads.

8) Lemon with honey is an age old therapy which is used in various home remedies. Add one tbsp of honey and one tbsp of lemon juice in a glass of warm water and drink this early every morning on an empty stomach.

These are some of the ways to help you lose weight the healthy way. Here is a word of advice for you i.e. don’t get carried away by the temptation to lose weight at the earliest as this will not only pose threat to your health in the long run but will also make you gain weight faster then the normal once you start eating. It will increase your craving for food and this will only lead to adding more calories rather than burning it.

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Thank you for these tips!!! I was searching through the internet for tips to loose weight and kinda bumped in here. I am pretty aware of all the health effects that are associated with pro ana. I am surely going to try this out, need to lose some weight at the earliest. =(
Exercise and burn the calories that’s the easiest way out to lose some weight.
I'm 11 and I really need to lose weight so when I came along the healthy way to lose weight I as relieved tha it could be this easy. I don't wanna be a fat teen. So I can't wait to try this. =]
i have tryed dieting in the past but i didnt lose any weight, since i have started to eat very very little and do lots of exercise people are staring to notice that i have lost weight :) but i am starting to feel very dizzy, sickly, tired and angry all thu time. i dont think i could get really skinny where people could see my ribs like i have seen on thu internet but a slim size 6 would be great
im 14 and i have been sooo conscious of me weight since i was about 11 years old and now that i have found this website its soooo great i cant wait to try it out
i am hoping to loose lots of weigh before i go on holiday, i was watching the truth about online annorexia and i thought it was interseting, i dont know how i can get any thinner by just reading these. I REALLY WANT TO LOOSE WEIGHT. i am 7 and a half stone at 12 years old!! BAD I KNOW!
i was wondering on how to get some tips and find out what are the best things to do to become annorexic. i really want to be thin but my mum said you can DIE! from doing all this shit!. i am so f***** sick of the way i look. i look like a f***** whale who needs to be threw back in the ocean. i am really disappointed with myself. people have been bullying me because of my f****** weight.i say i am fat but everyone like my REAL friends say i am chubby now fat!. i would rather my friends tell me the truth and tell me i am fat but i think they know that if i hear the truth i just cry. there are a lot of lads who call me fat and ginger. i try to do everything to sort this out but it seems i am never going to loose "MY PUPPY FAT". i have a fat arse fat thighs & just fat everything especially my stomach. at school the teachers look at me as if i am shit i have been to several schools because of bullying about my weight. i have tried diets but i don't think its working i exercise like every day, i go to the gym after school with my mum. i think my mum says i am the right size because she doesn't want to hurt my feelings. i have really bad anger problems and i have been expelled from 3 schools for hitting teacher and pupils. am i am suspended so i can eat all i f****** want :P:P I HATE myself for saying that but it is the truth i comfort eat all the time. and at dinner i have to sit on my own i dont really have any friends i get called a tag along because of my weight. i have heard people in the toilets sniggering me and saying that i eat my feelings. once i was stood in the dinner line & 3 girls in the year above started to laugh but i didnt think anything of it. next thing i know i turn around and they are putting chewing-gum in my hair. another time i was eating my pasta that my mum made me for dinner. some boys came over caine, tom and nathan. they started putting shredded paper in my dinner because they knew wouldnt do anything. i think its time to go to bed now but i will be back on here tomorrow (L). NIGHT ALL :D
i have been anorexic in the past but these tips have helped be reach a healthy wait
You guys all need to stop!! ivebeen anorexic for 2 years, and its horrible! ive been hospitalized once, where they put a TUBE IN ME TO MAKE ME EAT! if u wanna loose weight then do it a more healthy way, anorexia kills, its not a lifestyle, or a choice to me you dont just wake up and say "i think im gonna be anorexic" its a disorder, thats why its called an eating disorder, there is no good reason to be anorexia, it takes over your life, when iw as 70lbs i sat down pulling atmy skins telling myself to get rid of that, get rid of this. Im warning you all, please think this over, because its almost impossible to quit once uve been diagnosed
I think genes have a lot to do about your weight. I eat a lot. I eat healthy and junk foods but I'm still skinny, not bony, just skinny. Everyone in my family is thin. Sometimes, I wish I have more meat. Boys like more meat to hug, not skeleton. If you have obesity genes, watch the content of your food. Go vegetarian...
hi guys,i am a mother to a two young girls one ten and the other six. my ten year old is aT the stage she is going to be worrying abot her weight i hear her friends at it all ready. its not nice or fair on us or anyone as parents to go through any of this, i keep talking to my girls at all times about these problems as i know from experience it causes alot of problems. at one point i was told that i wouldbe very lucky to have children if i didnt stop, my husband and my parents were worried thewhole time. i have caused alot of pain trying to make myself thin both to myself and everyone around me. i lost alot of friends lost my self confidence, i dont want to see this happening to my children. it took alot of years and support to get back on track but i got there so can you
Just me
This is just b******t!! Being an "pro-ana" is just pathetic I will say. And no, I'm not jealous or cant stop eating myself.. My problem with this b******t is that I've been suffering for about 2 years now, real anorexia. And it's not pleasurable, trust me. When I'm overfeeding myself I have a meal of about 80-100 calories - happens about 2 times in period of 30 days, just to stay alive! IF YOU HAVE A BRAIN, PLEASE THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE DOING TO YOURSELF/BODY/ORGANS! Lets say you're about 20 years old and should die around 80. Do you think someone with anorexia would reach that age? - No f****** way, that's not possible! An anoretic should be happy to reach 30!
I'm 15 going on 16 and I feel so fat and huge around Everyone. It's not just the Superskinnie's who I wish to be, it's everyone. my best friend thinks she fat and I keep telling her she's not, I know she's not but she's bigger than me and I think I'm f****** HUGE. People say I attnetion seek, but I really don't. They are the cause for my selfharm. Extremely STUPID I know, I odn't anymore lol I feel like a complete Idiot :) Family problems too don't help. Anyway i'm taking these tips and printing them off, I think I will stick to it. I'm so fat and people keep having a go at me and already calling me Anorexic. I want the bones, I like them sticking out No one understands. xxx
i hate ther way i look i'm really muscley.. girls say im a man.. i am .. my pubes are too long.. they get in the way.. i've got big feet.. nd you know wot they say bout big feet! how do i loose muscle?
ive been really concious of my weight since the age of 10. i once got bullied and got called 'fat' when one day i realised, i wasn't fat, i was extremely underweight. I've also expirienced anorexia, throughout the time i got called 'fat' i listened to them, although, i wish i hadn't! Anorexia effected my life, the way the world turned, everyone looked at me as if i was struggling, but i wasn't. Thats what i thought! Untill one sport lesson, the girls were staring at my body, no fat, just bones and skin. They all got extremely worried of my self-conciousness and my health, i told them, 'it's nothing to worry about girls! i have it under control:)'. I knew i didn't. and one day, i fell unconcious on the floor, unable to breathe because of all the stress on my hands, and the way i had to keep my fitness under control. I went into mental emergency care after i recovered in hospital after 60days. I once had 4nurses holding me down for me to be put on a drip. One year on now, and i feel just fine. Everythings back to normal, apart from one thing, the way people glare at me in the school hallways, or at dinner times, when i put my food down for a bit, and everyone crouds around me, asking if i felt ok. I just replied 'yes'. And one day, i came face to face with my past bully's, i stuck up for myself and told them everything i went through, the main bully even appologized! Now, im just slim, not anorexic, not 'fat', not curvy, slim. and i wouldn't change it for the world!
These tips are really helpful i am a recovering anorexic and am still badly bulimic but i want to stop so bad! hopefully thou these tips will help loose weight in a healthy way thank you so much!
The facts of anorexia: Your periods stop thus no children your skin becomes brittle your bones become brittle If you make yourself sick the stomach acid destroy your teeth If you make yourself sick the stomach acid destroys your throat Your organs begin to fail You become constantly cold You become weak and finally your body feeds itself by eating itself, internal organs etc STOP THE MADNESS AND BE THANKFULL YOU HAVE FOD TO SAY NO TO!
i hate my wight, i weigh 7st 9lbs and i am 14. im bigger than all my friends and when i tell them i diet they go crazy. i recently founf out another one of my friends in a diffrent group feels the same as me. so we decided to crash diet together.
i canny wait to try it out, i hope it works, because i need to lose wight really fast because am really fat but i get told am not but i think i am, so i hope this works
lady looking
hey i am 16 and i weigh 250 for me i was thinking that if i just do this for a couple of years then this will not be a problem at all. i can turn things around and get to the size i want. but not just being like this i wanted to be a compolsive exercier because i really nedd to lose weight. everyone in my family was born healthy and the only one left out was me. i still have not lost the weight at all so i am going to try this
My name is Ashleigh and Im eighteen I use to be a size 16 but now I am a size 8 because i cut down on eating and now I want to be a size 4 and I need some tricks to stop me from eating and gaining weight.
someone once told me to try oil of oregano to help ward off being sick (sort of like cold fx) by putting 3-5 drops under your tongue. I did this and instantly felt so sick to my stomach and chugged like 4 glasses of water to get the tatse out of my mouth and was uninterested in eating for a good while. now i use it to help supress my apetite! another plus...your breath will smell a bit like oregano so people wont suspect you arent eating as much!
i dont have a clue what goes through your minds....... why do you want to be so scarily thin? i am 15 and i am 5ft 8 and weigh in at 52 kiloes even i am skinny but when it comes to all you lot you dont even compair. you think that men like you for being so skinny but they dont. even all the boys that i know say to me that they like a girl with a bit of meat on their bones. LOOK YOU GUYS YOU ARE BEAUTIFULL AS YOU ARE YOU DONT NEED TO CHANGE. realy thiugh you dont have to be anorexic. just be yourself. and a SIZE FOUR???? IDE STAY AT SIZE 8 OR TEN. THE MEN DONT LIKE YOU TOO SKINNY. okies people thats my oppinion. PEACE OUT.
this will hopefully, help me, i am 12 and 120 pounds, people are mean to me for a lot of reasons well you can already see one my name -.- its a show i get made fun of a lot. used to it, and im really fat. i really hope this will help (: thanks. and you know how some people say OOOoo your not fat! well, you think that , but if you were me, oh theres a lot of people sayingg OO FATASS! or whatever.
The comments above make me sick to my stomach. I've been struggling with anorexia for six years of my life. I went from 130lbs down to 70lbs in one year. It almost killed me. I've been in and out of psychiatric hospitals, EDU's (Eating Disorder Units), been in therapy, taken medication. If I could go back in time, I would have never decided to start starving myself. IT RUINED MY WHOLE LIFE. IT RUINED THE LIVES AROUND ME. Anorexia is not a "choice" or a "life style." IT IS A MENTAL DISORDER- A DISEASE. And it's DEADLY. If you're having disordered thoughts (low self esteem, unhealthy body image, extreme fear of getting fat/gaining weight, self hatred, fear of food, etc.), FIGHT WHILE YOU STILL CAN. This is your LIFE, we're talking about! PLEASE TALK TO SOMEONE AND GET THE HELP YOU NEED BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!! And to all the people who are "trying out" anorexia so they can lose weight are extremely misguided. If you're telling yourself, "Okay, I'll only lose 10 pounds and I'll stop." or "Once I get to my goal weight, I'll start eating again." IT'S A LIE! Sorry girls, it doesn't work that way. YOU. WILL. NOT. BE. ABLE. TO. STOP. Your eating disorder will take over every part of your life. You will not be thin and glamorous. YOU WILL BE MISERABLE, WEAK, AND ANTISOCIAL. If you don't end up dying from a heart attack, suicide will most likely kill you in the end if you don't get help. THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE. RESCUE IS POSSIBLE. DON'T GIVE UP.
Hi, this is how it is.. I was thin when i started out at dance college. I gradually got FATTER i'm now like the biggest WHALE ever. I belong in the sea SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH!!! I used to be Anorexic when i was 13, i recovered and went OBESE, i'm sick of it. Everyone says i'm thin and i don't need to loose weight but eveyone is lying, i can see what i look like, i'm the BIGGEST PIECE OF S*** EVERRRRRRRR!!! I have been on my diet for a while now.. 3 diet cokes a day which equals 3 cals for the whole day, is that too many to consume in one day or should i decrease my intake to maby 1 can? I am loosing weight but i want to loose it quicker. Help me i'm too FAT i will end up KILLING the whole world by SUFFOCATING everyone :(
ohh my gosh your guys are all nutts!!! These are tips to be anorexic??? There are different ways to be thin like eating porpaly and doing exercise regulary. Doing this you will be able to loose this weight. Not starving yourselves to death!!!! iF eatting regulary and doing sports go se a doctor because there maybe something from with the inside of your body, they will be able to help you!! Looking up tips to be anorexic will make you super super skinny and you may loose control
Im 14 and i weigh about 125 .. around there. and i just really want to be skinnier like 110 or 105. i dont like my appearence right now and i feel obese. maybe anorexia isnt the right choice but im going to seriously stop eating most of the foods i eat. the most calories i will have in one day is 800 or 700. thats it. i cant afford any more... i know my friends say ohmygod your so not fat! but im my eyes thats what i see and i want to change it... fast.
seriously am 13 years old and have been in and out of hospital suffering from anorexia since i turned 11. i know its harder than it is saying it but guys we need to live and food shouldnt stop us! a normal teenager/girl/women needs at least 1800 calories without saying to look slim. i look back at pictures of me when i was underweight and its awful the bags under the eyes, the bones, the tiredness and lack of energy i remember having. it is not worth going through. i got discharged from hospital after a 8 month admittence and things are a little hard but i will always remember these things to help me to not fall back. believe me people dont let the voice in your head control you. you only live once and you all deserve to be happy :) thanks for reading x
hi guys, so i am 13 and im 108lbs. i think for my age that thats fine but some of my friends r still in the low 90s i feel happy with my body most of the time but the past two weeks i have been eating really badly and i feel like my stomach sticks out. i dont want to get any fatter and i am a pretty healthy person but i started to consider anorexia but then got really scared that i would ever think that. dont become anorexic guys. i think its horrible, i dont know what i was thinking. thank god it was only a thought and that i didnt start. i have heard too much about what it does to you.
I just want to be thin....
If you only eat hard boiled egges for a week you can loose 13lbs!!!!!
zac good guys are fudging idiots. LOL i said fudge. get it? becuase your FAT!!! GO TO THE GYM YOU SWEATY FAT F****!!
I don't quite understand some of the comments on this blog. Girls literally DYING to be skinny? Why? I'm a size 3. Some girls may think I'm lucky to be this small, but however that's definitely not the case. I was a size 7 at the beginning of the school year. I'm 18 years old and I weigh 105 lbs. I was originally 125. Anorexia is not cool, cute, or anything to be proud about. It's harmful; it WILL kill you. I didn't intentionally become anorexic myself, it was brought on by other things like my struggle with manic depression, trying to keep my spot on the cheerleading squad, and stress at school. My weight and what I ate was the one thing I felt i could actually handle. I never felt I was too fat or anything, it was just something I knew I had control over. Now, though, I feel as if I only put a bigger strain on myself. I feel weak most of the time, I'm always tired, I seem to never have any energy to do anything anymore. I don't even look the same. But I am doing things to get me back to a healthy weight and I have the support of my friends and family. Yes, some of these tips are healthy and helpful, but I would just advise young women to watch out for yourself. Not everyone was meant to be a size 0. There are beautiful women of all shapes and sizes.
danielle mcgurk
omg this website is amazing ave been tryin it out for a goood couple off days and ii can see a massive change in my body ii was a size 6 diying to be a size 0 hopefully this webite wil help x
no one understands how ii feel ii look so fat and disgusting.....i am a size 6 and 4 but wnna be skinnyer on my face everytime ii run ii feel my face goin up and down ii have a low self-esteme and ii jus hate the way ii look my weights disgusting and it dont help me thinking ii wnna be a model wen am older guys wats ur advice??xx
i hope i loose weight soon i feel really sik looking in the mirror....................................ii hope this website helps :(
just eat healthy. If you small amounts alot it will help cuz if u eat lots at once ur body stores more as fat. :) but im like a size 2 and I weigh 92 lbs and it works for me. Even I feel fat sometimes but look at the possitive things because when u look at yourself in the mirror u look at your flaws but when some one else looks at you they see your beauty. but i still hav to eat i dance classiacl ballet and I dance up to 10 hours a week so i need lots of energy so just dont over eat and lots of fruit and veggies and to tell the truth if i didnt dance or excersize i would probably be alot heavier than i am but i excersize alot so that helps alot.
If you havent been anerexic for a long period of time ur body will find it very hard to adjust to ur new eating habbits. wat i did wz i started out not eating breakfast, i then always '4got' my lunch n then i cut both out totally. i then only ate a very small, healthy meal a day. that meal was then reduced a bit down to an alpen ceral bar. at the moment thats all i eat all day but i drink loads. if you find thid hard try drinking milk aswell but only organic semi-skimmed milch (the red top if u live in england.) it is only 36kal per 100grammes. it really fills u up!!!! :)
i am 15 and i am very overweight in my personal opinion, i always look in the mirror and think i am fat, i have tried to make myself sick before but it just isnt practical. i really want to loose weight so i cant weight to try this out, they seem like good advice, thank you xx
Rebecca McAllister
i use to be 125 5feet 7 in and now i am 95 pounds
This.. is.. so.. dumb. It is beyond dumb. When I was in the eighth grade I lost 40 pounds in three months. All I did was sleep, I had no energy, I was weak, I always felt cold and I could even pick up my dachshund puppy because I was so weak. Losing control of your life and your body is not glamourous. I started out saying "When I lost fifteen I am gonna stop". But once you start there is no going back. Please do not take this lame advice from someone who made the same bad decision I did. Keep the beautiful, strong, healthy body you have right now.(:
I need help! People are saying about how I put on some weight about a year ago, especially around my face and neck- I have a double chin, it's horiffic! I weigh 119lbs and am 13 ! I can't deal with it anymore, I know I have the will power, I haven't had chocolate, sweets, cakes or yogarts in ages but the real problem is the main meals. My Mum insists on making me breakfast each morning, and it's always really high in calories- porridge, scrambled eggs on toast, pancakes,hotdogs, I can't get away from it! She makes homemade meals such as cottage pie for dinner, my Dad was bought up in the war and belives in no leftovers- I have to eat these MASSIVE portions. It's unfair- do they not know how big I get because of it? Pie crusts, mash potatoe, sausages- it's truely sickening. I went out running everynight for a while but Mum's stopped be from doing that! I would like at least some control, please?! So any ideas on how I can eat the meals to keep them happy or prevent me from practically being forcefeed! For the past few days I've claimed I've had a dreadful stomache ache (which is actually quite true) but I need something else-an exercise that would burn calories that I could do in my room without Mum and Dad hearing downstairs. Any suggestions welcome!
Ahh... I do see issues here. :) I am 25 and I weigh 200 pounds. After I had my baby, I was gaining a pound or more a week. I freaked out and my Drs thought I was crazy and didnt care. I was counting calories and working out 3+ nights at a gym. You cant tell me that is normal. I shouldnt have been gaining weight. My husband started telling me I was fat. Not in so many words, but when we look at pictures from high school, he would comment on how pretty I was back then, and how much I have changed. He recently lost alot of weight, and now its even worse. He doesnt want to have make love anymore. He says its not me, but everytime we talk about it, my weight comes up. 'You need to get in shape' It hurts. And I am tired of it. I am on day three. I dont have a scale. I dont want to weigh 90 pounds. I am not stupid. I loved being 145. I had curves and was pretty. For now, I want to weigh 160. If it takes me three months of 'sleeping and being weak' ok. I want to be at a healthier weight. Once I reach that goal, I can work on a new one. I have just been drinking Poweraid Zero for fluids and electrolytes, and also drinking a ton of water. I also eat things like a slice of apple and almonds. I feel full, but I dont really have alot of energy. I also take double Vitamns and Calcium tablets. I will trade my unhealthy weight for a few days of being tired and weak, if it means my son wont be embaressed to be seen in public with his mom, and my Husband wants to show me off to his friends.
this is sad to see how many of you are so young im only 18 and i used to be pro ana and these tips are bs it says there healthy but these types of things can cause obsession over it and soon youll be so thin and so sick you cant even eat anymore and have yo get therapyto get back to normal its not the way to go i ruined the vetter yeahrs of my life to this its a desiese and i hate sights like this
hi cami, thanks for your comment but let us make it clear that these weight loss tips are in no way misguiding. We are here to guide you to a healthy life and not to harm you guys in any case. Healthcareveda has never tried to promote anything misleading to the youth.
Flying K
Great, thanks for all the advice. Perfection is an obssesion.. oh well! it's all for a good cause in the end. I mean slim and slender. that's what we're all after right? I have lost so much in the past month.. now all I have is to lose just a little more.. Hope you all are doing great bout your weight too!!! LOL I'm like always dodging my parents when I can.
god i have not been on this for a couple off mounths well i ahve lost 2st. i am now 5 stone so am happy xxx<3 i hav'nt realli been following this tricks and tips thing i started doin it and that made me loose sum weight but now i have fruit during the day chocolate everything that i love ice-cream but i also work out alot so thats why my weight stays to 5 stone and now i get alot off attention from boys again thanks uu xxx
i've been through anorexia. it's not fun or anything you all are making it seem like. it ruined my relationship with my boyfriend, friends, and family. i was 17 and 130 lbs. i'm got down to 110. just within 2 months i lost that weight. anorexia isn't based on how much weight you lose, but how you lose the weight. i was desperate. i took diet pills and never ate, even with the pills, would go to work, and go to the gym immediately after work for 2 hours, go home and go to sleep. then do it all over the next day. it's disappointing seeing how many younger girls are considering being pro ana. and especially the mothers. take time and go to the gym, or create an "at-home gym." eat healthier. i'm 18 now, a vegetarian, and weigh about 120. it got to the point where my boyfriend told my co-workers and when i was with them they would bother me about not eating. then they just thought i was a freak. yes i still am not fully satisfied with the way i look, but i dont think any girl ever will be, but i'm atleast eating healthy and exercising. anorexia is a disease that you cannot fight. if you consider it, you need help. i'm seeing a counselor 3 times a week for it and the other problems it caused me. think twice before you put yourself, and the people you care about in harms' way.
I have lived with anorexia for a very long time. I'm not sure what's wrong with me, but I have been accustomed to maintaning a caloric intake of under 300 calories a day, the bulk of which are in the morning. For some reason it barely bothers me. Sure, my nails have become brittle and my hair unhealthy, but nail polish and a twice weekly deep conditioning have taken care of that. I sometimes feel tired too early in the afternoon, but naps and coffee are my best friends. In my quest for perfection, I play sports, am involved in outreach and fine arts at my school, and maintain a 5.0 gpa. The point of my post is this: I have anorexia, I'm not weak, I'm not angry, I'm not dying. Just because my highest weight in the past year has been 99 pounds doesn't make me some king of hapless victim of a disabling mental disease. I'm stronger than I've ever been, I have to be to live this life.
ana maria
okay first... am fat. am 14 146/7 i want to be anorica its hard for me to be that, cause i like eating alot. tomorow today am starting ... any tips?
I am going to try this out... I work out everyday, I drip sweat I work out so hard, but still, I would like to be atleast 10-20 pounds thinner... I am 5'5 and weigh 180 pounds, alteast last time I checked. I do not own a scale so that could have changed. Thank you for publishing tips.
My grandmother called me today and told me i was growing fatter, out of nowhere, i stopped intensive training to study for an important exam for about six months. She told me everyone in the family says I am fatter, and those she mention lied to me saying i did not gain any weight, and even though im 170 cm, 132 pounds, i am determined to lose at least ten pounds.
Just don't give a f*** any more.
I'm 15, male, weight just over 260 pounds, and i no longer give a f*** about anything. Everyone i know and even people on the street will comment on how fat i am whenever they feel like it, sometimes i feel like killing myself just to show them how much their "harmless little comments" actually hurt people like me. I've tried exorcizing and eating healthily and funnily enough it just adds to the torment. I've decided to starve myself until i feel like slim enough, i don't want to be really skinny as that just wouldn't suit my bone frame. I'm not going to tell anyone about what I'm doing until i finish and i plan to keep a diary on my weight over the coming months so i can track my progress and everyone can see if it really works or not and i'll also track any health scares or peaks. I'll post a link here in a few months, unless ofcourse i end it all before then. Don't bother trying to tell me not to or why it's wrong, I know the risks and unless i lose weight soon i'll just end up taking my own life and I'd rather die trying.
kay right i am 13 (14 in december), i weight 6 stone (and two dots) excatly 40 kg, i still fear that i may put on weight as i grow and i am really worried i might try a few of these tips but i think exercise will keep me healthy i try as much as i can and all this weight buisness with everyone is running are like whole lives, i saw a maniqune in a shop and it was unbeliveably thin and so demotivational i felt terrible i still feel i am not as thin as i would like to be and weight is all i can think about lately. i need a routine plan so it doesnt take over my b***** life. and yeah i probably sound really stupid but i would like to stop worrying about it.
actually, yeahh dieting can be good and keep you healthy. but serioulsly google anorexic and look at the pictures, bony is beasty and disgusting, it makes you extreamly flat chested and you look like a monster. i personally have a lot of self esteam issues and i weigh 40 kgs. i would much rather be a busty healthy size girl than a monster and no anorexic is proud to be it they have to be hospitalised and it's not there choice i can't believe people want to be like that. good luck to you all and make sure you think and dont go to the extreame xxxx
hellow , can some 1 help me___im 5ft3in and im around 210 lbs iwwww i never been this big i llove my self the way i am im purty i now but i will happier if i was skinnyer__ can somne 1 tell me how long will it take me to loose all my weight and be 120?????please_____i think i gain all this weight because i stop eating as much for like 2 or 3 yr but i eat like small amounts not the anorexic amounts _but i know i have the strength to nor eat_
My life is a mess at times. I was recently raped and the cowardly man who took all control away from me is now empowering me to be the most in control woman on earth. I have been anorexic for a while. In eighth grade I discovered this behavior . I am a twin and being constantly compared to her drove me batty. Food and seeing results directly related to my good control over it motivated me. High school I did not have any eating problems...until i reached college. Last year was my first year away and I started working out a lot more and not completely restricitng in my diet but i would never eat unhealthy foods--unless i was tipsy. I am known to cook amazing food when under the influence. Actually just in general i am a good cook yet i hate food. this summer i discovered the evil disease of bulimia. it seriously makes you very depressed and isolated, anorexia gives you control and a purpose. Bulimia gives you a reason to not want to go on anymore and inflict self pain. After being raped i realized that this is something i have control of considering the fact i can not control anything else in my life. I am getting skinnier i think but i occasionally binge and throw it up. i just want to be perfect for some odd reason. when i do good and look skinny skinny i feel so good and i hate itwhen food is in my belly unless it is cabbage, carrot sticks, almonds, or cough drops. i hate food almost as much as men. anorexia gives control and fulfillment.
Hello, I feel so fat, i am fat, i feel like a blob when im at school, and feel rly sorry for the people who have to sit behind me in essembly cause i feel tht they cnt see. I feel so self conciouse about my weight, i have enormouse thighs, and i want a flat stomach. Some people at school have changed my name to fat insted of my real name which rly hurts my feelings, i know its a joke but who knows, if i rly do become thin with thin thighs and a flat stomach thn it will prove them wrong! I am 13 years old and i weigh way to much for my age. I weigh 8 stone and i rly need to make it 6 stone. The other day a relative of mine came back from unniversity and he said, 'you have put on wieght!'. I felt so upset,but i tried to hide my feelings, i think im going to be tall when im older so it shouldnt be too hard to loose the weight right? :( .I want to be able to control my weight and not feel rly self conciouse, especially in PE. I have looked on other websites but thihs one seemed the most effective and it rly spoke to me.
Hello, I feel so big, i look so fat and i feel so self conciouse of my weight, i have massive highs and i want a flat stomach. I am 13 years old and weigh an anormouse amount for my age of 112lbs(8 stone). I hate my weight. Sometimes at school i get called fat instead of my real name and i know its just a joke but it really herts my feeling because i know i need to do something about my weight! Yesterday a relative of mine came back from university, he said 'you've put on loads of weight'.
miss smith
im hungry, im gonna go eat a kit kat. good tip i found. one meal a day (dinner prefably) and if you really really have to eat, only eat, fruit or a cracker. drink alot. chew gum all day long. keep yourself doing stuff. whatever it is, aslong as it distracts you from the thought of food. it works. its not tottaly anorexia cus your still eating, just not as much.
I weigh 106 pounds and I'm 14. I am like 5 feet three inches so it's quite a lot. I was thinking, i would only allow myself to go down to like 93 pounds or something, not so skinny that it's completely disgusting. Because guys don't like disgusting. I want to be as thin as my friends who are naturally thin. They look nice in every picture, even when they make funny faces. I want to look like them. And you know what? If you're only anorexic or bulimic until your thin, there isn't a lot of health problems in the long run. Just look at Hanna Marin from Pretty Little Liars. In the books, she is bulimic until she is thin and then eats healthy. You know? It's perfect. Just do it until your thin like Hanna Marin so you can look great in every picture and be happy. I miss the days when food was just food. Not something i had to battle with on a daily basis.
WHO the hell wants to do anything like this, My wife has anorexia and it had caused so many problems, she has now left me to go and live by herself so she can exersize and not eat as much as she wants, our chirdren are crying every night cos they miss there mum her business has finished cos she cant think straight, everything has gone wrong due to this ****ing problem even doctors and specialists cant help her now she dont want any help from anyone and she cant help herself, i guess that the next step is death, DO NOT GO DOWN THIS ROUTE AS YOU DONT KNOW WHAT IT DOES TO THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU.
does muscle weigh more than fat? because I was 75 pounds a year ago and now im like 97. I started gymnastics soo is all that weight muscle??? I'm about 5'1"
and ur stupidd u cant WANT anorexiaa! thats the stupidest thing ive ever hear
How can you publish 'tips' such as these and sleep at night? I am sure you are fully aware that young influential girls will be reading these thinking that these so called tips are appropriate for them because they "want to be anorexic". Girls, this article is not here to give you tips on "how to be anorexic". You cannot choose whether or not to have an eating disorder. The notion is ridiculous. These are simply tips for older WOMEN to help them to stop eating junk food or eating excessively. These are NOT tips for GIRLS. If you are under 16 these tips in no way apply to you. Here are some real tips for any of you girls who feel you are a little overweight or have problems with how you look: - First of all eating 3 healthy meals a day is much better for you than picking at junk food during the day. The daily calory in take a girl is recommended to have is 1800 so fruit and vegetables and healthy food is fine to eat is healthy portions. - Second of all any of you who think drinking a can is diet coke is ok because it's diet, you are wrong. This is where I will agree with one of these tips. Drinking water regularly is good for you and very good for your body. Drinking fizzy drinks, yes even if they are diet, is extremely bad for your body, teeth and skin so drink water, fruit juice and squash. - Third of all if you are serious about losing weight and feel it is necessary for you to have a healthier lifestyle, instead of sitting around the house all day go for bike rides and go swimming, generally keep active so that your body takes in all the nutrients of the good food and you are still burning off whatever you don't need. Again do NOT exercise excessively. You are still young so you need to let your body grow and develop naturally. Too much strain and your body and you can end up damaging your muscles and bones. I have to say again please do not think that you can 'choose' to be anorexic and please do not think that these 'tips' are for you young girls to help you become anorexic. If you have a problem with your body talk to someone before starting any type of diet because 'just dieting' is how eating disorders can come around. If you do need to change your diet do it in a healthy way. I know that in some situations it is hard to know who to talk to, and some times it can be much easier to speak to someone you don't know so well. Be careful and don't think extreme dieting is the only way.
And yes Madison muscle is more dense than fat and so weighs more. Many girls exercise to lose weight and notice they are thinner however they still weigh the same, this is because as you work out the fat is turning to muscle. Whether you've put on a pound or two or not, if you feel you have a healthy body then you have nothing to worry about. Hope I helped.
i can't believe this. i seriously don't. this is crazy, and sick. you're beautiful, NO MATTER WHAT THE OTHER SAY! it doesen't matter if you're a size 100 or if you're a size 1, you guys REALLY need to get you'r confidence and you're SICK mind up! this is sad reading! but if you wanna die as 20 years, ok, but it was YOU'R CHOICE. it's NOT PRETTY looking like a human centipede! get that in your ******* mind! i'm sure you guys are going to regret that ou thook this chance, stop eating, is the most stupid thing you can do. if i could, i would have get you up to a sixe 20. living like this, is sad.
and btw, if you guys think you're getting slim, or slender? NO, you're getting THIN, and by saying thin, i mean like a centipede.
I am 15, and I will be 16 in a month. I weigh 120 lbs, and I am 5 ft 1 in. I wear a size 4 in jeans. When I look at myself in the mirror, I feel sick. I am tired of being classified as "fat" or even "average". I have had 5 boyfriends so far, and each one of them have left me to be wih skinnier girls. Thank you for this website. I have been trying to lose weight for a long time. I don't want to be scarily skinny, I just want to be a healthy weight. Like 100 lbs. Maybe then guys will finally like me, and I'll finally be happy with myself. I just want to be happy with myself.
Girls. Reading this really concerns me. Some of your weights and tips are not healthy. My friend is in her 20s, brilliant and got full scholarship to college and they made her drop out so she could get help. Now she doesn't really have a life and it's killing her and her parents are so lost and don't know what to do. Please Please think about the effects on your body and your parents!!
Anorexia sucks! Starvation is not the way to go. You will just end up being miserable and spending time in a hospital. And you can gain the weight back as quickly as you lost it. Vegetarianism is the way to go. I know because I am one. I have lost a lot of weight on eating mostly vegetables, fruits, drinking water, no coffee, very small amount of milk. The problem is most women are built to gain weight easily... But this tip only works if you are already skinny and want to lose more weight. If you are overweight or obese, you have to go to the gym... Eating just vegetables won't make you gain weight, but it won't help you lose weight either (if you weigh a lot). The problem is, people here are raised to eat unhealthy things... Donuts, burgers, etc. They are nice once in a while but eating them too often will make you sick. In countries where people have less food and mostly vegetables (like India), you can hardly ever call the people there fat... I'm just saying. Cardio helps A LOT. Because it doesn't build muscle and makes you lose weight like crazy. Have you ever seen a fat, or even average weight marathon runner? No! They are all super-thin. You can be too. It takes a lot of discipline. Starvation is just a cop-out to being responsible for your body's needs. You have to discipline yourself to cutting out junk food and eating only nutritious food.
I've been struggling with Both Anorexia and bulimia for almost 6 years, and part of me still feels like I want to get better and another side I want to be 85LB. I'm 19 years old. I'm 5'8'' weigh 120(And dropping. Its a battle everyday and I fall for E.D. everytime. I've been to hosptials, treatments centers, IOP programs and I am a lost case. All i think about is every calorie, every pound, and what i want to look like. I look in models, actress and they look anazing. I would rather die before I gain any weight.
I do want to cut down a bit but most of all I just want my friends to feel horrible for calling me fat every day for the past few years. I know they're just joking but it really hurts me and I've told them over and over not to call me fat :(
i'm 15 and i weigh 117 pounds. but i'm only 5'3, so i had some extra weight on me. i tried this and it's really helpful! i'm down to 107! (:
i know how all of you guys feel. I'm not fat but i don't have that flat stomach i want. And i really wanna be a model. its been my dream forever. so i tried the whole anorexic stuff of not eating but it was hard since there was always tempting food around me. and junk food is what makes you fat. And did you see how anorexics look? all their bones sticking out! i think thats very ugly. i cant believe they used to make models look like that. im glad they don't make them have to be that skinny anymore. so my plan to have a flat stomach im just going to -eat a healthy breakfast, -try to drink 10 cups of water a day, -eat only fruit or vegges. no meat. only fish. and after breakfast i will eat only less then 500 calories or less because everytime i see my stomach and thighs i get really depressed. so i will be a healthy anorexic. so yea ima try this. and the anorexic tips they give are really good actually so ill follow those too.
i want to be thin. i'm 21 years old and i weigh 130 pounds. i want to lose 30 pounds but no matter how hard i try to diet, i'm still fat!!! I HATE MYSELF for being so carried away when it comes to fatty foods... i want to be thin so badly... i guess i'll try to use this tips to loosen up a bit... gosh! this is so shameful!!
To be Embraced
Girls and even Guys, I do understand each of your heart felt messages....each tell your own stories....but we all can be blinded by this hardcore, unfair lets all each and every one of us reflect, here and now! Elle Macpherson, the named super model the BODY, was told to put on 2 stone for the movie Sirens. Here in the eyes of a non distorted view, the sexy femme fatale roles in this rendition, where just supreme, adored for their soft, sensual feminine shape and curves. Something we all have and should embrace. Today in this modern society we forget Venus de Milo ( look all this up on google on how the female shape is meant to be, not starved to skinny. Body Dismorphia is what we all could be seeing in our mirrors.......look this up too! Sure lets be real, real human one is perfect we all can put on weight, it is just normal. When we loose too much we loose collagen and this is what makes us start to age and look scrawny and awful, haggard, aging etc. I am a beauty therapist and like all humans have my weight is part of our lives. This is the way I see it..... Yes drink lots of water to flush toxins and to move your bowel movents. Carbonated drinks rot your teeth, just like vomiting so do not do it....this causes yellow teeth and then they need to be replace by false ones, just like old people who have not flossed or used non alcohol wash mouth end up so end of story is....DO NOT DO THIS IT IS NOT THE WAY AHEAD IT IS REAL FAILURE...SO LETS TALK ABOUT THE REST...When you are under 18 your human bones, frame and reproductive organs and other essential organs are growing FACT SO DONT DEPRIVE THEM FACT SORRY BUT TRUE USE GOGGLE!!!!! WE do realise how difficult puberty and growing up is, this is part of human development and weight and spots on your skin is part of this change in your young life. This will all change with your Doctor's advice and also with you getting into your twentys, but you guys need to understand being heavier is normal, and as you developa and grow things will change.....please be kind to have the rest of your lives to develop be patient and I do realise how bullying is extreme and beyond belief sometimes so will give some tips for weight management. Eat small portions but often, eat healthy ie porridge oats with water with dried fruit and seeds for your start of the day. Lunch Tuna salad or chicken salad with mixed beans any type/ boiled egg and make your own dressing ie a little olive oil and balsamic dressing with mustard and honey, salt and peppper. Dinner (I have heard eat before 7pm and cut out carbohydate this is why you should have it for breakfast and lunch) if you dont have it you will mess up your mood swings in your brain and will mess up your metabolism for your daily life, so get used to having it in your diet at the start of the day for your energy levels. This will help you deal with life and its problems in general and also give you energy to deal with your daily chores, especially, when it comes to the working out.This is the answer, yes eat proteins like fish and chicken, but toning classes and working out is great for stress and firming the body, but you need food to fuel your body to perform and for you to look beautiful ie your nails. hair and your skin tone, food is necessary...sorry but a fact. You have to respect yourself and your body...stuff everyone else ,, the bullies the immature nasty boys, this is a pure fact so embrace this and use everything in moderation. I will be honest I am size 8 have been a 6 and looked 15 years OLDER so you need to learn about loving your curves and toning that is it. Skinny is ill, unhealthy, aging, unattractive, it fails your organs, it is a visual mental barrier how you see yourself. Ignore those bullies tone and eat a healthy diet and in your own time you will develop into a beautiful swan, starvation, binging, vomiting is the UGLY road..... I actually do not tell you lot lies....the lucky ones will actually listen to these words written before them. So lets reassess and try and save our beautiful lives, this chance to live is a are incharge of your brain, your decisions and how you choose to live it and again for how long your our allowed to live....lets make it a long time to see this earth and all it has to offer. Life has never been an easy challange/gift...we are only human, full of flaws so lets accept that now. Let go of the nasty horrible friends,keep a few kind, loving supportive ones. You can be anything you wish to be, but remember to be happy with your life choices. I believe in this life everything in moderation and also in Karma, be good to others....give out the kind right energy....what goes around comes kind to each other and life will give it back to you. Love yourself.....stuff everyone else, respect what your life and if you do not like the skin you are in dont destroy it , just make the healthy changes and believe me you will achieve goal through giving your body the right fuel to perform and look good. Like a car with an give top performance you need to give it the best of top performance fuel.... hence you getting the right healthy diet to live and glow like a healthy human. It is not a is the cold, hard, raw truth, so believe it and make the right changes.....We are only human XXX
Okay you kids really need to stop and think. A lot of you are under 13. Which is not right. And to clear it, You CANNOT 'DECIDE' to become anorexic, bulimic, etc. I've dealt with almost all the possible ED's for the past 3-4 years of my life. I never 'decided' to be like this. It is a bad lifestyle choice. I'm self-recovering slowly, and wish I had never been exposed to this shit. Change something while you can, But not that way. Eat right, exercise right, and you will get a HEALTHY body, not a stick thin self who can;t even raise her arms. Or maybe she's dead. Be careful what you do, please. You have people who care about you, and I hope non of you go through what I did/have and still am. x0xo Lindsay.
new me
im 25 i have 3 kid's i just had a baby 5 months ago i been anorexia/bulimica off and on sense i was 16 when i was in high school i was overwaight and i stoped eating.then i got sent to a in treatment program and i got even worse there.then i stoped and gained back all the waight. i stoped once again for my pregnancy i was at the higest waight ever in my life i started up again and i feel grate my pants are loose. and i all ready lost some waight i was 270 i way myself everyday and i was 249 2day im not gonna stop tell i reach my gole waight of 160and we will see how things go from there. about once or twice a month i have binge day i love the fact that i can eat what ever and not gain no waight. if u would like to know any tip for this just let me know i will update u on my waight loss in about 1 month.
omg this is gonna be so elpfull <3 im 13 and 200 pounds and i just want to get to a normal healthy weight to were i dont pass out when i go up stairs <3 ive started already with all the movement now just to start eating~wish me luck!
(Not So) eeny Emy
Hello Everybody, I'm 13 and 210 pounds. I'm sooooo fat and I can't take it anymore! Starting now i'm anorexic, and bulemic when I binge, but I AM going to stop once I lose 85 pounds. I know everybody says there going to stop once they reach a certain weight , but I'm not going to look like that. Those are people who don't have control and I do because I'm not feeling the absolute NEED to be that skinny. My mom used to be Mia and her friend died of bulemia but it just doesn't convince me Im going to. I geuss that's it..bring on the caring people in this world who don't think I should do this. But I believe people should stop whining about being fat and just stop eating. Like seriously. Just put down the fork.
I am 20years of age and 193 pouds. I was 216 but with some dieting and exersing I have lost weight. The thing is i notice that when i dont eat or throw up my food and exercise I lost about 2 to 3 pounds in one. Its sick that i can go on the internet and see these girls and still i dont care. i try to do it the healthy way but im too impatient and i want the weight off now. hopefully i wont hurt myself in the process i just want the weight off. i suffer with depression and have had body imaage issues as a child. please dont tell me it not good and you will die. you people are not the ones picked on and look at for being big. although no one would nerver guess im this size i know it and im constantly reminded each and everyday...................
why go through pain of not eating?! are you crazy!? this is so bad for you. If you want to loose weight THE HEALTHY WAY, have a good balanced diet.. always eat breakfast, dont be to tempted into fatty foods have them occaisionally, Drink plenty of water and do regular excersise atleast an hour a day. These stupid anorexia 'tips' sights are a disgrace. Girls and boys dont get sucked in!!
hi, im hayley. i am 16, im 5' 2" and i dont know but im around 160. i have tried to be anorexic since age 13. at my house i am required to eat dinner, and thats all i eat all day. i cant get out of it and because of this i havent really lost any weight. i have the determination for it, but with my parents i dont know what i can do. i am an insomniac, i sleep about 5 hours every night. i excercise for an hour every day and yet i cant lose weight. i have terrible genes for this crap and i am so thankful for these tips. i have 3 weeks to lose as much weight as i possibly can, and ive come to the decision that i am finally going to start binging after dinner. well i know the risks, hell, i want to go into medical. all i saying is, everyone, it gets easier after the 1st week. stay strong. <3 hayley
I am 27 and this is bonkers girls - annorexia kills you! You are who you are and you need to learn to love yourselves not starve yourselves!!! Why would you want your bones to poke out - it looks disgusting! You wont look attractive if ur too skinny, you will look pale and drawn in the face and your cloths wont fit you properly! Men will not think ur fit, they will think you are SKINNY! EAT but in moderation and be grateful that you have food to eat - some people are not as lucky as us!
Look, im 16 and i know with the pressure from media and society it is extremely hard to not ant to loose weight. and yeah loosing weight like ho people do when they have anorexia sounds temping but i can tell you that those feelings are wrong. Every single person on this blog is beautiful and don't let anyone tell you differently. I read these posts and it makes me sick. trust me i am self concious too, hen i was younger id where bigger shirts and would say i wasnt 'feeling well' when dinner was ready, but in my heart i new it was wrong, and all o you do too. If you won't give up this stupid obsession to be thin for yourselves, at least do it for your parents, your sisters or even your future children because yeah it may hurt you a hole hell of a lot, but you are hurting them tice as much. You are all beautiful and perfect and f**k anyone who says different!!!
hi im 9 yera old and wanna lose weight.....but i really dnt know how:L :)
this is so helpful i used to starve myself when i was 12 and i never used to aet for about 30 hours but this has helped me alot. im not fat but im fatter than all the other girls in my p.e i just want to be like them!!<3
Know what this is really sickening to see yong girls ask for helo in how to be anorexic , yous should be stuffing your faces at McDonalds with your friends not on sites like this looking for tips on how to loose weight , why care what other people thing of you , you are the way you are if you were ment to be different you would have been born that way.. i've benn there done that and wore the t-shirt and know what you dont realise how selfish your being , fo your family to sit by and watch a pearson they loved being eaten away because they wont eat ? Who cares if your over weigh be happy that your even here , i lost my best mate to Lukemia ( Type of Cancer ) , She had her whole life ahead of her and yous are temping fate to look good ? its pathetic it really is wise up and realise do you really want to live your whole life on how someone else looks at you or do you want to forget the haters because they are prb jealous anyway or why else would they be doing it , never ever let anyone put you down smile and laugh because your the bigger pearson out of all of this so prove you can do it , yous know yous can .. talk to anyone talk to me if yous want i'll help you through it every step of the way and help you through it , i done is so why cant you .. lets start living life like theres no tomorrow Anyone get in touch and i'll be glad to help !!
Growing up i had always been over weight. Listening to the rude jokes and the crude humor, it wasn't fun. I had tried diets and tons of exercise, but it never seemed to work. My obsession with food just always takes over. I could be on a diet and be good all day but when 8 pm roles around i was on the prowl looking for something to do to fill my time. So to fill my boredom i would eat. It's depressing to now be in college and have roommates who are naturally skinny who don't even have to try to do anything at the gym, while your there busting your hump and not seeing any results. It all comes down to self control and having the power over your body to say no. All i want is to feel comfortable with my body, see myself as a beautiful person inside and out.
I hate my weight i am 11st exactly and i am 13 i have a load of muscle in my legs from swimming and horse riding but i feel like i am too fat around my belly :/ i really want to loose weight help me and fast!
Thank you for these tips! i cant wait to loose weight! i'm 16 and i feel i've put on a lot of weight, the last time i got weight i was 6 and a half stone! feel so depressed, hope these tips work
overweight :(
follow this be skinny
checked today and my hair grew another 3" !!!
hidden emotions
just written these notes down to place on full view on my whiteboard. i used to be an 'elite styled gymnast' and would train over 14hours a week. we would get secretly weighed once a week and knew nothing else but to eat healthily and keep up all the hard training and conditioning. at the time i didnt realise how much of a great body i had. i'm now 16 and retired from gymnastics over a year ago to concentrate on studying and now life outside of the gym. over this time i have put on an excessive amount of weight without fully realising. it's so upsetting to see how much my body has changed. i put on a front and 'eat my emotions' away which is clearly making me put on more weight. recently my mum has mentioned about my bottom and thighs looking huge and if i dont start hitting the gym regulary and watching what i eat i will end up becoming the dreaded word: obese. my boyfriend will joke around with her, taking her side. but inside i know it's not a joke, he's driven by appearence and completely influenced by the media so that's another thing to worry about. then i look at my friends that i used to train with (who are still in training) and just cuts me really deep. browsing through there fb pages and showing images of how slender they are but comments saying 'how huge they look etc. basically i need to loose fat and tone my body. get back on track with my self confidence as i rarely feel attractive. thanks for the tips. i WILL take them on board
The thing about Ana, is that she lives withhin you and all these tips are helpful. But you will never understand what it feels like until she starts to stir inside of you controlling everything. I believe she is inside me controlling everything I do. I start to say things like "we cannot eat that" and "we need to run" or workout. I feel insanely sick and crazy half of the time. I have all sorts of anxiety now and its painful. Take what I say into severve account before you try and want to become one with Ana, its control that is outside of you.
all i can say is wtf anorexia is a mental health disorder, it is not a way of life. and no i am not jelous of people i would not like to be able to see all my bones and think wow im great! obesity isnt great either. ive been on both ends i was over weight as a child and anorexic as a teen having to be hospilised a number of times and almost dying isnt great either.. unfortunatly i am still living with the affects of anorexia and i cannot have children. i think people should stop before they start, instead a groupd like slimming world, weight watchers? just eating healthy and ensureing you portion your foods instead of having masses, also exersicing it doesnt even have to be hard, in the summer a nice walk along the beach, walking the dog, going out with friends. any one is STUPID to want to be anorexic....
I'm a size 3 and I seriously want to lose some weight. I feel fat, and I just want to lose a little bit more. My stomach is so gross and flabby. I'm gonna try and follow these tips so I can finally be the size I want. :)
Ms. Ray
This website has a few tricks that are helpful, it also is really scary to see all of you, very young children, worrying about your weight. Just be children and your weight will come off. Go outside, be explores in the back yard, jump on the trampoline, run around, ride your bikes, climb trees, and enjoy life at your young age. The world now is full of negativity and contradiction. You just have to be you to be beautiful, not look like Miley Cirus or Rihanna. Your beauty comes from within and not what your peers think of you. I know most people would say that is what ugly people say...I'm me. I will say that everyone has insecurities and problem areas that only they see. Everyone wants to improve themselves in one way or another. I am very worried about how you are veiwing yourselves at such a young age. And there was a lady that wanted to keep her husband. Sweetie...If he loves you he will help you and workout with you...he will be there for you and support your changes in eating habits...please do not let your husband's actions determine your self worth...please be strong for your children...they really mimic what they should try entising him in other ways...try counseling...but don't give up you for him...the worse thing you can do is loose yourself in a man...even if that man is your husband...try church...I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!
That 'mental' girl, huh?
Alright, with all of you Ana bashers above me, I just have to say something. Hear me out. I have that voice in my head constantly telling me not to eat this. I fight it, yeah. I think I'm fat when I'm a normal weight too. But you're there calling people stupid for wanting to be anorexic? It's their life, for one, and secondly, how do you know they don't also have that evil little voice in their head? Maybe they think if they put that out there that they'll get bashed and called mental. You have to understand that the more you fight them on it the more they'll try. I let Ana win a few times and barely ate anything. But that's because it's a voice in your head that TAKES CONTROL of your thoughts sometimes. I know this because she's there constantly in my brain. Call me mental, I don't give a shit. You want to bash us? How about bashing the voices in our heads instead that's leading us to this. Or maybe just don't post at all. Because you know this was Pro-Ana and you knew that people would be commenting on how much they want to change. So leave us ALONE!
I am 13. 5'6 and weigh 175 pounds. People think that I eat fine. I eat about an apple and half a juicebox a day. I have developing anorexia, even though I am already chubby. This is from all those people who made me feel like a piece of garbage since grade 2. I am tired of feeling the way I do.
Pro work out
you want to feel good about your self well get your lazy a** up and work out being anorexic isnt all flowers and fu**** rose buds i was anorexic for 8 years and i am 22 when i was 19 and pregnant with my son i reallized i needed help and got it and now i finally see that its a disorder you dont just say oh i am fat i want to be anorexic it just happens on its own like with me i didnt even think i had a problem until everyone pushed me and pushed me and then i was told i would lose my baby so i decided to get help and now i use more healthy ways of losing weight like exercise and eating right i look good feel great and best of all i dont hate my self anymore. dont do this because you want to people that have anorexia 9 times out of 10 cant help the way they are it just happened
If u really want to loose weight seriously, cut out high fruticose corn syrup, and don't eat any junk food. It's very important to eat breakfast and dinner. But eat only healthy foods and just excersise! Don't kill your body!
Bahaha. :D
guys seriously this is sick. I have wanted to lose weight for ages now and i cant even bring my self to starve for 2 days! people that want to be thinner join netball or basketball or swimming! eat 5 fruit and 5 veg a day and dont eat junk! you guys are perfectly fine if your size 12 14 but when you are size 36+ then you have a problem! when you play sport you lose weight or go for a run every night or take your dogs for a walk. Im size 12 14 and im 178cm tall. i hate my weight but im trying to be healthy by not having maccas every week or whatever. seriously girls im 15 and im probably one fo the "bigger girls" but im okay with that. because then i know my health wont take a risk for it. If you girls are having a hard time with your weight then talk to your parents. Im sure you girls arnt fat like you say you are. so please no one more needs to suffer from this. ta xx
guys my sister died of anorexia so i wouldnt try it, i have seen it first hand of what it can do to your body even if you need to lose weight i would just get outdoors more and join a sporting team. my sister was my inspiration and this is what she would have wanted
i am 12 and i feel fat all the time! people say im not but i just recently started to gain weight and cellulite!!! i hate it!
I understand u Daisy. I feel the exact same way. BTW Where do u live? jw
Wow. I did not know that there was such a thing as being pro-anorexic. That's like saying I'm pro-suicide, or pro-cancer. ANOREXIA IS NOT A CHOICE, IT'S A HARMFUL DISEASE. You can't just wake up one day and decide to stop eating, it's a lot harder than you think. Besides, chances are, if you got heavy by eating lots of junk food, if you were to try going even a day without eating, by the end of the day you'll be so hungry that you'll end up bingeing on junk food, thus making you gain even more weight, and making you feel worse about your appearance. If you're really that disgusted with your weight, eat fruits and veggies, cut out the junk food, and get off the couch and go for a run, or get a personal trainer. Maybe the results won't happen as quickly this way, but it's more likely that you'll keep the weight off. Besides, as so many of you have already mentioned, guys don't usually go for model-skinny girls. I'm a runner, so I have toned legs and a flat belly, but still have some curves, and I go on more dates than my super-skinny roommate, who, btw, HATES the fact that she doesn't have curves. Anorexia kills. If you're going to waste all sorts of time trying to get skinny, you might as well do it the healthy way. That way, once you reach your goal weight, you'll actually be alive to show off your sexy body.
Guys, this is horrible to read. . ive been anorexic for the past 4 years and to find 12 year olds on here is just so upsetting :( . I would do anything to go back and re live my childhood because i lost mine due to anorexia. im nearly 17 and i look like a little girl. Anorexia is not the life and even if you manage to reach your ' goal weight' as soon as you start eating again you'll just gain the weight and more. Im actually begging you to do it the healthy weight...
Obviously all you girls who want to be anorexic have issues... i'm extremely offended because my sister died of anorexia and you girls want to find out how to become anorexic? what the f*** is wrong with you.. if you want the easy way out than it's suicide, not anorexia you girls are PATHETIC and should be ashamed of yourselves i'm glad you look like a whale needed to be thrown back into the ocean. I'd rather look like that than a skeleton and i bet so would my sister now that she IS a skeleton.
Listen if i can save just one person from anorexia that would be amazing everyone is supposed to have a bit of fat of fat on them it helps you live.everyone is perfect in their own way you shape and size dont matter its your personality that people like.The way you are is the way you are supposed to be. live your life to the full and dont let anorexia ruin your life do you really want to end up in a hospital bed? x
I am 20 years old and reading all your storys makes me very sad, my sister died just 3 years ago after battling anorexia. She too hated her wait and starved herself because of this it torn are whole family up , my childhood was wacthing my sister killing herself after 4 years she didnt want to do it anymore , she hated her body i hated her body she wasn't pretty at all . By this time it was too late she could eat the disease she wish to have to make her thin had now turned her into a monster. She died is sever pain you can timagine the pain anorexia puts your body through she was being eaten alive inside. I watched my sister die in pain and you know what hurt the most is in the end she wish she looked like she did before she started this having fun being normal ,,,, she never got her dream of a perfect body because it doesn't exist it never did ....... Life is worth living not starving to be a vogul creature to be happy you need to be happy and enjoy life because my sister never did she was 14 when she died still a baby .... say no to anorexia it will led you to pain sadnes and death ............
I just starting to go anorexic. And they're right...I'm already always cold people ask me all the time why I am wearing a jacket when 90 degrees outside. My friend tells me I'm not fat, but if only she saw the real me. I wear really tight camies under all my clothes to make me look thinner. I eat maybe a piece of bread for lunch everyday and I eat very little at home. I eat what I have to so my parents ask. My friends were joking around one time and they were all telling me I was fat and needed to loose weight and stop eating but they didn't know I actually listened to what they said. I am becoming depressed I know I'm fat, people don't have to keep telling me, one day I'll reach everyone's expectations hopefully I don't like to know that people look at me as the fat girl. Or If someone asks who I am I don't want them to say you know the fat one? Watch what you say to people...because you might just say something strong enough to change them, or make them want to starve themselves or city themselves or even kill themselves. Just watch what you say.
Hi, I've seen all the comments and everything but I'm 14 years young and weigh in at an average of 180 and I'm 5'8. Literally school is the toughest thing, I am the tallest AND biggest girl in my school. I always get made fun of for being big and tall. And I'm not trying to become anorexic or anything but I have literally try'd everything i can think of I've worked out in my basement(my dad loves to work out), went on a compeletly healthy and ne diet and everything. But so far I've gained weight instead of lost it. I still look the same I haven't gotten any smaller. The only reason I'm trying out those tips is because in MY mind it's the last option. I'm not doing this to say," Ohhh I'm anorexic look at me," and I'm not saying everyione does that but I guess I can understand why some of these girl want to do it. But if your like 117 why would you want to lose weight? Your tiny!!!!!!!!!!!!! If somebody tells you your fat and your that small then something's wrong with THEM not you. Your goegeous in every way. They can just go f*** themselves.
Guys i've stopped eating for 2 weeks, sometimes i loose control and eat like crazy everything i find and then i feel bad and sometimes i throw up.. Today was my period and is not normal.. i'm not even bleeding that much and it's brownish. I know this isn't healthy, i know is not good for me.. and i find out that the best way is to BECOME A VEGGIE and eat a LOT of water, vegetables don't make you gain weight, it's safe and you will loose weight for sure!! I will better go for this option and see how it goes. If you become anorexic you can loose control, plus i just wanna loose 15 pounds i just wanna nice curvy figure, not totally slim/
im 12 and im not huge but i would love to lose weight, this website has given me a few ideas i have also been bullied at school by my weight so hopefully if i lose some weight then that will stop.
I look at other people around me, on TV, on the internet, and their so skinny, i envy them. I judge everyone i meet, by their faces and bodies. I know im much fatter than most my friends, they deny it and say its not true but it obviously is. Im so unhappy with the way i look that i cut myself once, but it didnt help. i need to do something about this to repair my self esteem. its all very well all these anorexics saying its terrible and dont do it, but if it is so terrible, why are they still doing it, or why did they even start? To me, its not about being skinny, but its about self confidence, and being skinny brings people self confidence.
I'm 16. I've heard the experiences that people have had with ED's. I've done research and I know the risks. But I'm 5'11 and nearly 300lbs. Death doesn't scare me nearly as much as living my entire life this size.
One piece of advice- DON'T DO IT!! Take it from me, I've been living with anorexia for over 3 years. They have been the worst 3 years of my life. I would not wish this disease on ANYONE!!! I think this website is sick and the people running it should be institutionalized. If this comment is even posted (which I doubt, but I will come back to check), then I hope it will save at least one person from going through all of the pain which I am going through.
ok Nat, you think what we are doing is sick... fine, you just tell us if there is any tip of the above mentioned, that promotes anorexia (an eating disorder).. it seems by just reading the title and the comments, you have given your own opinion. bt thats not the case, dear. we have used this title because it is the most searched query on internet and we wanted to give people the right direction. if we used the title condemning anorexia then nobody would have gone through our article. So, we used the title tips and tricks, so that people might be informed with the right thing and saved from being the victims of this deadly disorder. we recommend you to first read the article carefully, and then comment on it. all the tips are here to promote the healthy way of losing weight those who want to remain fit and healthy throughout their lives and who want to fight obesity. we are here to help you guys, and not to mislead you. our efforts are to make this world a healthier place free from all diseases and disorders... hope this helps you change your opinion about our website :) take care. regards, Healthcareveda Team.
okay so, i know im fat. and i know everyone else knows im big too. but they deny it. they lie to me trying to make me feel good and not sound nasty, but.. id rather them tell me im fat and i need to lose weight. that would give me the pressure i need to help me get to the size i want. i am 168cm tall.. and weigh 60.. no offence to the people who are bigger than me. i absoloutely hate myself. i hate the way i look, my thighs, my rear, my tummy, my face... i just want to be skinny. like i said i weigh 60. id like to get into the 40.. or even thirtys... i havent yet tried these tips but i really hope they work. im sorry if i have offended anyone. i fit into my mums clothes. my little sisters and brother even call me fat. i have even set alarms on my phone for ever 45 minutes to remind me not to eat. hoper this site works..x <3
i am 12 nd i feel fat around all my friends when im wif them but they all say im 2 skinny but im not !! this site has gives me some ideas 2 lose weight :) x
Kitty Katt
Some may not know my story, but it is a little different than most of these girls. Most girls are like "I was 15 and 120 and fat", that's not me! I'd die to be 120 lbs. I've always struggled with my weight. By the time I was 14, I weighed 211 lbs! That's huge! I used to eat my feelings away. Even my own family thought I was fat and they didn't spare my feelings on telling me. Imagine everytime you walk down the street someone comments on your body. Being that big caused me to have a lot of self-esteem issues and I couldn't even walk up the school stairs without getting out of breath. Of course my classmates laughed. They laughed because they had small heights and frames while I was 211 lb, 14 yrs-old and only 5"4! Yes, I was stubby. Now, I'm 176 lbs and got a LONG way to go. I can now exercise longer without breathing so hard. I've lost the weight in about 2 months! I exercise constantly and it feels good to have so much control! I look at all my friends eating Mcdonalds and laugh. They won't be skinny for long. I believe that you can not BECOME anorexic like it as a lifestyle choice. I am NOT anorexic, I am a CRASH-DIETER! If I were to develop anorexia, I'd be happy. Death doesn't scare me. If i were to die, I wouldn't care. I know that may sound crazy, but it's true. I'm happy now. I want to be skinny, not because of boys (I'm a l*****n anyways) or because of just the teasing of peers and family members. I did this for me. If I were to become a skeleton, oh well. If someone doesn't like it, they don't have to look. I'm not as ignorant as some people on this site is. I know the risks and I'm accepting them. Girls beware, get the facts straight before you start going on an extreme diet. Half of you aren't even overweight!!! PEACE, Katt
With a Heavy Heart
It make me so sad to read these comments. I wish I could reach out to you all, espeacially ME! and hug you and point out how BEAUTIFUL you are inside and OUT. Please reach out. Don't let others bring you down. I am not perfect, I just learned to love me for me and that others will bring you down for self-satisfying reasons. don't give in. Please seek help or talk to someone that can help. I don't know you, but if I did you could lean on me just like friends do. :)
I want to loose so much weight but I find it almost impossible! I have tried several diets, nothing worked! I've tried not eating anything at all but people became protective and forced me to eat when they found out. I can't wait to try out your tips hopefully they will work
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