Scalp Cancer - Is Your Life At A Risk

Updated on 19 Jun 2009,
Published on 01 Nov 2007

Scalp cancer is an unusual type of squamous cell skin cancer (SCC) found mainly in men who are at the balding stage. But how?

Before we discuss what is scalp cancer, we would like you to know what is skin cancer.

Skin Cancer is the abnormal growth of keratinocytes or the skin cells that gets stimulated with the sun exposure. Different types of skin cancer are namely-

1. Basal cell cancers: This is the most common and most frequently occuring type of skin cancer. It is caused due to excessive sun exposure. Basal cell cancers are generally slowly growing. This can spread to the surrounding areas of the body.

2. Squamous cell cancers: This type of cancer can also spread to other body parts. And it can prove fatal, if left untreated.

3. Malignant melanoma skin cancers: Once you discover it in your body, it starts spreading at superficial surface further breaking to lower structures of the skin approximately 1-2 mm below the surface. Malignant Melanomas normally have black surfaceand this can take your life from you.

The reason being the direct exposure of their bald scalp to the sun's harmful radiation. But do not remain in the illusion that this disease cannot occur to those with full head of hair. It can make anybody its victim.

It is said to be the most dangerous form of Squamous Cell Cancers (SCC). But the good news is that scalp cancer if diagnosed at the very initial stage, can be treated successfully. The symptoms of scalp cancer are:

1. scalp irritation

2. formation of red nodules over the scalp or fat scalp lesions

3. bleeding from these lesions

To diagnose it, these lesions are observed for a routine biopsy but the permanent or appropriate treatment for this is the surgical removal of the cancer.

Its not that there is no prevention to this disease. There are many ways to prevent yourself from scalp cancer like you can apply sunscreen lotions, wear hats when outdoors and try to avoid midday sun as much as possible.

To review the most widely used product to treat hair loss, go for the Toppik review. See yourself whether it plays any role in causing scalp cancer.

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larry jones
Hair loss is not only the problem for men. About 30 million of women in the US are also found to be suffering from it.
With the number of people stepping forward to shave off their head for the cause of cancer research I believe researchers will sooner than later make a breakthrough.
This is the first time I am hearing of the application on the scalp. I would like to give it a try.
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