Epsom Salt vs. Sea Salt - Uses and Differences

Updated on 13 Apr 2012,
Published on 26 Mar 2012

Both Epsom salt (Magnesium Sulfate) and Sea salt (Bay or Solar salt) are used for various health purposes. But there is a lot of difference between the two.

Epsom salt contains only magnesium sulfate and Bay salt contains minerals like iodine, magnesium and potassium. This salt is also rich in sodium chloride. The percentage of this mineral compound in sea salt is more than 95 percent. It helps in curing the problem of rickets and fulfills others mineral deficiencies in your body. Some more differences?? Check them right here!!

Differences between Sea Salt and Epsom Salt

epsom saltA lot of variations are there between Sea and Epsom salt. They are different in their appearance, purpose and use. Here is the description of some of these points. It will help you understand their differences in functioning and use.

Appearance- Both these salts have different consistencies. Epsom salt is colorless and clear. And Sea salt has a cloudy appearance.

Composition- The main component of Sea salt is magnesium sulfate, also known by the name of Epsom salt. So it can be described as a form of Sea salt only. However, this one is made of many other mineral compounds like sodium chloride.

Taste- Many people like the taste of Sea salt and often use it in cooking, baking and sprinkling on food. But Epsom salt is not used to flavor foods as it has an unpleasant taste and works as a strong laxative.

Purpose- Solar salt is mainly used in cosmetics and food preparation. Epsom salt is not used in culinary arts as it is bitter in taste. Because of this quality, its also known as ‘Bitter salt’. Its widely used for medical purposes, to boost fertility in soil and for dyeing purposes.

Epsom salt is beneficial for curing many skin problems. Its used in bathing water to open the clogged pores of the skin and relieving dirt particles. These are the main differences between Sea and Epsom salt. They will help you understand the nature and formation of the both these salts before you try their use.

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