Sex during Menstruation - Is it Really Safe?

Updated on 14 May 2009,
Published on 07 Feb 2009

Sex during menstruation is considered a taboo in most of the cultures. And because of certain social norms, women either feel dirty or too embarrassed indulging in such act during menstruation. However, there are some men and women who indulge in sexual activities during this period. These people claim to enjoy sex even more during this period as this is one of the unexplored part of sex life.

It is a general thumb rule that we as an individual enjoy doing things that have been forbidden. Though there is nothing unusual neither it is a new discovery about making love during these days but simply for the fact that it has been restricted, people enjoy eating the forbidden fruit.

Majority of people experimenting with sex during this time would rarely admit of having done it except for a few exceptions. Among those who have admitted doing it says they find nothing wrong in it. They have further admitted that there is nothing unusual about indulging in this amorous activity in your menses days other than being a little messy.

Apart from the cultural belief, another reason behind people considering this physical act loathsome could be because since childhood, girls have been made to believe that the menstrual blood is dirty and unclean. However, on the contrary this blood is like any other natural fluid that the body releases and thus there is nothing bad or unclean about it.

Doctors have revealed that having sex during menstruation is as healthy as having normal sex. Their revelation went a step further saying that there is no harm in indulging in oral sex even. However, gynecologists caution that the menstrual blood may contain STD virus or bacteria and other viruses, which can transmit STD and HIV. So those people who are engaged in such activities are advised to use protection for safe sex. So long one indulges in safe and protective sex, there is nothing to worry about.

Researchers have found that about 83% of those women who indulge in sexual activities during their menses bled more and 90% of those who refrained from any sexual activities during this period experienced diminished blood flow. It has also been found that women are more aroused during this period.

Sexual intercourse during menstruation has an added advantage. It has been found that it helps in relieving menstrual cramps and pains which most women experience during their days. Women who achieve orgasm when engaging in such activities these days, feel a relief in the pain as it wraps up all the pains at one go.

Another fact is that there is a high chance of not getting pregnant during sexual encounter that takes place in this period. There might be few exceptions though. During menses, all the eggs and lining that have developed preparing room for fertilization are being shed. So when there are no eggs left in the uterus, how can fertilization take place? Moreover, fertile days in menstruation are quite low. Though, it is not altogether absent. It is best to calculate your cycle to know your fertile days.

14 Response(s)
My girlfriend was never ready to try this out but after seeing this she has finally agreed on the condition that we do it just once =).
What on earth??? There are much better days you can make out rather than during these days.
Guys plsssss!!!!!!!
It could be interesting but then at the first instant it is like YUCK!!!
Not an issue but on health grounds, I personally would not want to try it.
well i have tried it, and i have found out that  it had reduced the period pains i use to have. more over i really enjoyed having sex when am on it. lol.
I recently got a girl friend.... a day before our planned make out, she had her period... i wanted to cancel the appointment but in order not to offend her, i proceeded with the appointment (date)...On that day, being the second day of her menses, we "did it" initially i felt guilty doing it but i later found out that she was indeed enjoying it... so we continued till she confessed being satisfied beyond description... During the first "round" the condom slipped and my "little brother" was immersed in menses blood which was a bit like yuck... now my worry is... have i exposed myself to any std?
if it is, then definitely there will be some reason,so everyone should stop in menstrual days.
Sir, What do I know to do intercourse during menstruation period? There are chances of disease like gunhorrea & others if not why? It is common sense that some body is is in misery & people say,we enjoy, Not possible - just selfish /cleverness/? Islam - Quaran strictly -Don't do these days. Thanks Mohammad Naeem
my boyfriend wants to have sex with me on my menstrual period but i can't allow him cuz i feel it's dirty, unhealthy and on a better note YUCK
my partner and I do not see each other often so we tend to make do if the monthly timing is unfortunate. Best advice, do it in the shower ;)
Cindy Hill
This tips are really amazing! I was searching for tips about sex on period generally and I found this amazing site with lots of useful tips
In one way its good in doing sex during this period since it is helpful for the women but to the other hand exposeing self to the diseases so i will better not indulge in doing the sex till messes stop.
never do this.i know what a painful day passing my wife during this period.
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